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Slingo Fire and Ice

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About Slingo Fire and Ice

The Slingo Fire and Ice variant is based on the popular slot machine Fire & Ice. In Slingo Fire and Ice, it is both hot and freezing cold. The Slingo grids in this variant are divided into two instead of just one. One grid is fire red, and one is icy blue. Blue, red, or mixed symbols appear on the reels, and each removes a corresponding number. When mixed symbols appear, both cards are stripped of numbers. In Slingo games, completing the blue grid levels up a payout bonus ladder, whereas completing the red grid levels up a multiplier bonus ladder. In addition, there are some incredible fixed jackpots to be won.

Slingo Fire and Ice Information

Reels: 5

Slot Provider: Slingo Originals

Paylines: 12

Slot Theme: Fire & Ice

Volatility: High

Main Bonus Round: Extra Spin Choice

Free Spins: Yes

How to Play Slingo Fire and Ice

Matching the numbers that appear on the reels with those that appear on the fiery or icy grid is the goal of Slingo Fire and Ice. Blue symbols will result in a prize value, while Red symbols will increase a multiplier value.

Two grids share a single reel in Slingo Fire and Ice. Blue or red will appear depending on which numbers land on the reels. Red numbers will be used for the fire grid, and blue numbers will be used for the ice grid. Numbers that are relevant to each grid will be marked off simultaneously. Set Your Stake It is easy to play the Slingo Fire and Ice game online since it can be played from any device. To start playing, you'll need to set your bet amount. Once you're happy with your bet, simply click the spin button to play the game.

Slingo Fire and Ice Bonus Features

Jackpot Reel If you complete two horizontal or vertical Slingos in a row between both grids, you will win a jackpot. Fire gems, ice gems, or blocker symbols are the only symbols included in the Jackpot Reel. In terms of jackpots, the Fire Gem awards 250x your stake, while the Ice Gem awards 1,000x your stake. Until a jackpot is won, the Jackpot Reel is active for the remaining spins of the round and during extra spins.

Slingo Fire and Ice: Review

Slingo Fire and Ice takes the game to the next level by combining cash wins with multipliers.One of the game's best features is that it uses a reel that is ordinarily redundant compared to the average Slingo game. Once the double Slingos rounds are completed, the reel triggers the jackpot. A miraculous game round can award up to five jackpot prizes, making Slingo a game with more potential than ever.

Slingo Fire and Ice FAQs

What is the maximum win in Slingo Fire and Ice? Slingo Fire and Ice has a number of bonus features, plus large jackpot values that are won when both grids of a vertical Slingo are filled up. You can win up to 6,000x your stake by spinning one-to-five jackpot reels.

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