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How to Play Slingo

How to Play Slingo

Slingo games are some of the simplest casino games on Slot Boss which means it doesn’t matter how experienced you are in slots, these games will be incredibly easy to learn. Players will see a set of numbers when the spinning reel stops and can match those numbers to their cards. If you receive a joker symbol, you can click on the numbers on your cards to tally them off. Tally off a row, column or diagonal line, and you will claim a ‘Slingo’ which will provide players with a win. Once you’ve completed your card by covering the shaded sections, you will win up 250x your stake from the Full House win. You can also win Free Spins by landing the Free Spins symbols on the bottom reel. The main difference between Bingo and Slingo is that players don’t merely need to cross off all their numbers like in Bingo but in-fact have to land numbers on a reel to be able to tick a number off.

This is an example of the types of prizes you can find while playing Slingo games.

Type of Win Return
Clearing 1 line 1/10 stake
Clearing a 2nd line 2/10 stake
Clearing a 3rd line ½ stake
Clearing a 4th Line 1x stake
Clearing a 5th Line 2x stake
Clearing a 6th Line 4x stake
Clearing a 7th Line 7x stake
Clearing a 8th Line 10x stake
Clearing a 9th Line 25x stake
Clearing a 10th Line 50x Stake
Getting a Full House 250x stake

Did you Know: - Slingo originated in the 1990s but was nowhere near as popular as it is now. The game had a revamp in 2015 which has turned Slingo into the popular game we know today.

Slingo Bingo

Slingo is a rendition of bingo and after becoming popular after it’s 2015 revamp, a lot of bingo players switched over to Slingo easily as the games are very similar and very easy to learn. However, there are some differences, for example, the addition of a slot and its symbols creates a new style of slot that was previously unseen on Slot Boss. Like our best online slots, bingo is consistently evolving and this evolution is Slingo. Plus, In a traditional bingo game, there are just five ways to win and you often have to be the first to find that way to win, to win a prize but in a game of Slingo, if you find any of the 12 ways to win at any time during the game, you’ll move up on the prize board. Slingo Slots are some of the biggest casino games in history alongside our Jackpot slots and those of Live Casino.

For every difference between Slingo and Bingo, there are also similarities between the two. There has to be, otherwise, It wouldn’t be recognisable as a bingo-style game and it wouldn’t be as easy to play as it is. For example, the way you win, in Slingo players can win by filling up their Slingo card, like in a traditional game of bingo you can’t win unless you have filled a line. However, the gameplay isn’t the only similarity, you’ll notice that those who play Slingo on Slot Boss are the same people that you may find playing Bingo online, so if you’re traditionally a bingo player and you’re looking to perhaps try out Slingo for the first time, you likely won’t be the only one. Why not check out our promotions to see if you could win a casino bonus

Slingo Slots

Slingo Slots

Slingo is a style of game that is very much like a series of our Live Casino games. For example, with Live Casino, we have Roulette and it’s eleven variations all with slight changes, some of which are just visual. That is the same here, most Slingo games with have a standard basis of game and then we also have additions for games such as Deal or no Deal and Monopoly which make them brilliant and unique. Some of the best features in Slingo comes from the bonus symbols that can appear in their objectives, they are:

Jokers - Slingo games provide players with joker symbols which can take any of the five totals off the line they land on. This is especially useful when you’re just one square away from landing a line.

Free Spins - If players land the Free Spins symbol on the reel, they will be given a free spin at the end of the game in order to fill their board. These spins can often be the difference between a losing card and a winning card.

Coins - This counts as a little boost towards the player. Instead of landing a number that isn’t on your card, sometimes you will be provided with a selection of coins which reward you with a bonus of 0.2x your stake.

Best Slingo Games Ranked

  1. Rainbow Riches Slingo - Take one of the best slot games of all time and combine the theme and the bonus features with Slingo, what do you get? Only the greatest Slingo game of all time. Don't believe us, be sure to check it out and see how popular it is!

  2. Deal Or No Deal Slingo - So you're telling us that you haven't played the Slingo slot that is based on one of the best TV shows of all time. That's down to you but we would definitely recommend checking out this fantastic variation of Slingo slots.

  3. Slingo Centurion - Join the battle in Slingo Centurion, where Romes finest warriors have gone head to head in a battle of not strength, not speed, not intelligence but Slingo! Which warrior was titled the greatest Slingo warrior in the land? Find out in this awesome Slingo game.

The Slingo Triplet

There are three Slingo games that are almost identical to each other in regards to gameplay and their only difference is the volatility and the graphical design. These three games are:

Slingo Riches - Low volatility, this means that players receive wins more often but the value of these wins is significantly reduced.

Slingo Extreme - Medium volatility, you would perhaps expect Extreme to be extremely volatile but it provides an even playing field in regards to these three games.

Slingo Xxxtreme - The most volatile slingo slot, wins are less common as more lines are needed for wins but if players manage to land enough lines to win, they are a lot more profitable.

Slingo Online

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