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Slingo Games, otherwise known as Slingo Bingo, Slingo Originals, or Slingo Slots, are the cornerstone of the best online slots on Slot Boss due to their fantastic gameplay and graphics. Combining the traditional gameplay of slots with the familiarity of Bingo games, Slingo is an ideal style of game for a variety of players. Looking for a single player bingo experience? Slingo fits the bill. Looking for a slot game where you have more control? Slingo fits the bill. We could go on forever but any description provided would fail to capture the brilliance of Slingo, the best way for players to find out about Slingo is by playing some of the greatest Slingo games down below.

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These are the top Slingo slots on Slot Boss! So if you're looking to play some of the best slingo games on Slot Boss, we recommend picking one of the slots above.

How to Play Slingo

How to Play Slingo

Slingo games are some of the simplest casino games on Slot Boss which means it doesn’t matter how experienced you are in slots, these games will be incredibly easy to learn. Players will see a set of numbers when the spinning reel stops and can match those numbers to their cards. If you receive a joker symbol, you can click on the numbers on your cards to tally them off. Tally off a row, column or diagonal line, and you will claim a ‘Slingo’ which will provide players with a win. Once you’ve completed your card by covering the shaded sections, you will win up 250x your stake from the Full House win. You can also win Free Spins by landing the Free Spins symbols on the bottom reel. The main difference between Bingo and Slingo is that players don’t merely need to cross off all their numbers like in Bingo but in-fact have to land numbers on a reel to be able to tick a number off.

This is an example of the types of prizes you can find while playing Slingo games.

Type of Win Return
Clearing 1 line 1/10 stake
Clearing a 2nd line 2/10 stake
Clearing a 3rd line ½ stake
Clearing a 4th Line 1x stake
Clearing a 5th Line 2x stake
Clearing a 6th Line 4x stake
Clearing a 7th Line 7x stake
Clearing a 8th Line 10x stake
Clearing a 9th Line 25x stake
Clearing a 10th Line 50x Stake
Getting a Full House 250x stake

Did you Know: - Slingo originated in the 1990s but was nowhere near as popular as it is now. The game had a revamp in 2015 which has turned Slingo into the popular game we know today.

What are Slingo Games

What are Slingo Games?

Much like our online slot games, the majority of Slingo games have a similar format and are quite easy to play and follow. Players begin with a 5x5 card and a 1x5 reel underneath, where the aim of the game is similar to that of a traditional bingo game. Match up the numbers on the reel with the numbers on your card and cross off lines with the aim of landing a full house. Depending on which game you play, you will have a designated number of spins to play to fill up your card, if players finish their card with four or more lines completed they will win either a cash prize or be sent through to a bonus round. Slingo games are some of our finest simply because of the brilliant mixture of slots and bingo which fascinates both slot and bingo enthusiasts.

If you’re looking to play a Slingo slot, then you’ll need to first set your stake by using either the directional buttons or the - and + symbols (depending on the game). Click on the spin button to begin and if you land a number on the reel, tick it off to continue. However, there are exceptions, and these come in the form of Joker symbols. Unfamiliar with Joker and Free Spins symbols? Joker symbols can allow players to select any symbol from the designated line, Super Jokers allow players to pick one from any section of the card and Free Spins provide players with an additional spin at the end of the game. However, at the end of the game players can also purchase additional spins if they are close to landing an additional line.

Additional Slingo Symbols

Super Jokers are more valuable and can be used to tick off a number anywhere on your grid.

Three or more Jokers wins players an instant money prize.

Free Spin icon allows players one free spin at the end of the round.

Coin awards an instant money prize.

Playing Slingo Bingo

Slingo is a rendition of bingo and after becoming popular after it’s 2015 revamp, a lot of bingo players switched over to Slingo easily as the games are very similar and very easy to learn. However, there are some differences, for example, the addition of a slot and its symbols creates a new style of slot that was previously unseen on Slot Boss. Like our new slots, bingo is consistently evolving and this evolution is Slingo. Plus, In a traditional bingo game, there are just five ways to win and you often have to be the first to find that way to win, to win a prize but in a game of Slingo, if you find any of the 12 ways to win at any time during the game, you’ll move up on the prize board. Slingo Slots are some of the biggest casino games in history alongside our Jackpot slots and those of Live Casino.

For every difference between Slingo and Bingo, there are also similarities between the two. There has to be, otherwise, It wouldn’t be recognisable as a bingo-style game and it wouldn’t be as easy to play as it is. For example, the way you win, in Slingo players can win by filling up their Slingo card, like in a traditional game of bingo you can’t win unless you have filled a line. However, the gameplay isn’t the only similarity, you’ll notice that those who play Slingo on Slot Boss are the same people that you may find playing Bingo online, so if you’re traditionally a bingo player and you’re looking to perhaps try out Slingo for the first time, you likely won’t be the only one. Why not check out our promotions to see if you could win a casino bonus.

Why Play Slingo Bingo games?

There are many reasons why players who usually partake in slot games have turned their attention to Slingo. Here are our top four reasons why you should play Slingo.

1. Unique gameplay

Whether you’re a fan of Slingo or not you will likely recognise that this is a style of game that is unique to Slingo Originals. The combination of slots and bingo is unparalleled to this day, and we believe that it is this unique style of gameplay that has made Slingo one of the best and fastest-growing types of casino gaming.

2. The variety of games available

At Slot Boss, we have hundreds of games across dozens of styles and themes. The Slingo style has just 12 games in its library but the variation available is already fantastic, as each of our games is incredibly unique and offers players a different style of gameplay. With standard slots, there is a chance that you get the same vibes from entirely different games, and unless you’re playing the games where that is intentional (Slingo Riches and Slingo Xxxtreme), then you won’t find this the case with Slingo. Instead of spending tonnes of time picking and choosing from hundreds of slots, you can pick one of our Slingo games and get a unique experience.

3. Best suited for mobile

Did you know that, 77% of Slot Boss players play on mobile? This is why we here at Slot Boss pride ourselves on being one of the best mobile casinos available. One of the benefits of Slingo is that there are no expanded reels which means that every game has fixed graphics for the majority and any games with bonus rounds are also optimised to suit mobile gaming. However, don’t be put off if you play on desktop as all Slingo games also work fantastically on all devices.

**You can play Slot Boss games on mobile by using the online casino app which is now available on Apple and Android devices.

4. An improved gaming experience?

One thing we’ve noticed about Slingo games since they were released on Slot Boss is that, on average, Slingo games are played for approximately 20% longer than the average slot game. Our top five Slingo games are played roughly 32% longer than the average slot game which is, in our opinion, down to the brilliant longevity of a Slingo game. If you spin with £1 on an online slot, what do you get? One spin and hopefully a bonus feature which could go by very quickly, but if you put £1 into a Slingo game you’re guaranteed at least seven spins! When you consider these games usually have very similar Return to Player percentages as slot games, there is an argument that you get an extended and possibly better gaming experience for your money with Slingo.

The Slingo Bingo Calendar

First Slingo Games on Slot Boss.

The first-ever Slingo game to arrive on Slot Boss was Deal or No Deal Slingo which brought the brilliant TV show to our screens once again. This was the seventh Deal or No Deal game brought to Slot Boss, but our players have shown the popularity of Slingo by making it one of our best. Then we saw the two bonus round orientated Slingo games arrive in Slingo Centurion and Slingo Rainbow Riches. These games were immensely popular as they took two of the most popular casino games and reinvented them, providing a fresh outlook on both games.

After these games, we saw the introduction of Slingo Monopoly which once again provided a fresh spin on the popular board game. Online Monopoly slots were already popular before the release of Slingo, but since the release of Slingo Monopoly, these games are some of the most popular on-site.

The Slingo Double

One attribute to Slingo that we admire greatly is that even though the basis of each game is the same and there is only one reel, the volatility of each is different. This gives providers the potential to create other games that aren’t just a reskin of the original Slingo game. An example of this comes from two games called Slingo Riches and Slingo Xxxtreme which are two of the classic Slingo games available on site. The gameplay is almost the same but the payout potential is different, with Slingo Riches offering wins for one payline but containing a jackpot win and Slingo Xxxtreme offering wins at four paylines or higher with a higher jackpot win. So, you can select which game to play based on your gameplay preference.

New Slingo Slots

In the future we can expect to see more Slingo games. You can also expect to see a new Slingo slot in the near future, as Slingo Fluffy Favourites is set to be released on October 28th.

Playing Slingo Slots

Slingo Slots

Slingo is a style of game that is very much like a series of our Live Casino games. For example, with Live Casino, we have Roulette and it’s eleven variations all with slight changes, some of which are just visual. That is the same here, most Slingo games with have a standard basis of game and then we also have additions for games such as Deal or no Deal and Monopoly which make them brilliant and unique. Some of the best features in Slingo comes from the bonus symbols that can appear in their objectives, they are:

Jokers - Slingo games provide players with joker symbols which can take any of the five totals off the line they land on. This is especially useful when you’re just one square away from landing a line.

Free Spins - If players land the Free Spins symbol on the reel, they will be given a free spin at the end of the game in order to fill their board. These spins can often be the difference between a losing card and a winning card.

Coins - This counts as a little boost towards the player. Instead of landing a number that isn’t on your card, sometimes you will be provided with a selection of coins which reward you with a bonus of 0.2x your stake.

Slingo Strategy Guide

Original Slingo Slots Guide

If you’re looking to play one of the traditional Slingo slots such as Slingo Riches or Slingo Reel Extreme then understanding our Slingo strategy guide will be relatively straightforward, as the aim of each original game is to complete as many lines on your bingo card as possible. However, some games have other elements to them which we will touch on more later in the blog. Here are our top tips for playing an original Slingo game.

1. Set Your Bankroll

If you’re a regular reader of the Slot Boss blog, you’ll know this is rule number one. Setting up a bankroll allows you to structure your gaming experience and reduces the potential of players chasing losses. If you know what you can spend and how to spend it effectively, your online slots experience is improved. How would you do this with this style of game? It’s reasonably simple. Decide how many rounds of the game you wish to play or alternatively, allocate a set time for gaming and divide your bankroll by that number. This helps you establish a suitable stake for the first game.

2. Read Up About the Game You’re Playing

By reading a game page or the information section of a game, you learn about the game and know what to expect. In Slingo, sometimes set win amounts are replaced by bonus rounds and are a little harder to predict. Learning about the game you’re playing is vital to a great gaming experience.

3. Begin Playing

That’s right, we’re only just starting to play the game at stage three. Be prepared and spin the reel for the first time.

4. How to Use Your Jokers

During the game, you’ll notice that a joker symbol may land on the reels during a spin. When this happens, players should look to do two things. Firstly, check if you can cross off any lines by using the joker symbol. If not, nine symbols feature in three lines, and if players are struggling to figure out where they should put their joker, we recommend placing it in one of the positions below.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Slingo Gameplay

It isn’t easy to discuss everything that you may come across in our traditional Slingo games. However, there are some elements that players may have questions regarding. Including the following:

Q. What is the purpose of ‘coins’ and ‘devils’ during the game? Coins are created to provide players with an additional bonus. For each coin symbol that lands on the reels, players will be given an additional win on top of your original prize. In the picture above, you can see that coins provide a win of £0.40 from a £2.00 stake, but this win will vary depending on the stake.

Devils, on the other hand, are developed to be a burden. Land this dastardly character on the reels, and you will be unable to cross a symbol off of that line, even if you land a super joker symbol on the reel.

Q. How do Free Spins work in Slingo games?

During the spins, players may land Free Spins symbols on the reels and what this means is that at the end of the allocated spins, another spin will be awarded to players in an attempt to boost the number of lines players land.

Q. What is the maximum win available to players in Slingo Games?

The biggest win available in this brand of game comes from the Jackpot slot of Slingo which is the fantastic Slingo Advance which can provide players with a brilliant 10,000x their stake. However, this game has a different format to the traditional Slingo game.

Q. What Slingo games offer the most unique experiences?

This is something we’ll touch on in more detail further down the blog, but the most unique Slingo games are Who wants to be a Millionaire Slingo and Slingo Monopoly. Both of these games take elements from popular entertainment sectors and perfectly combine their best features with the typical conventions of a Slingo slot.

Q. I’ve reached the end of the game, do I pay for additional spins?

This is a question that is purely based on judgement. In our opinion, paying for additional spins is the wrong move. That said, we’ve seen games where players have quadrupled the extra payment in a single spin, but there are countless examples of players that continue spinning chasing the loss. Take a look at what you can potentially win as well as the cost of the additional spin and judge it for yourself. If you’re unsure, play it safe.

Q. I’ve reached the end of my spins and I’ve activated a bonus round instead of a cash prize, what do I do?

Again, this will depend on the game you’re playing. The specifics can be found down below, but in most cases, you will be able to find all the information you need regarding all bonus features in the slot in two places. These are the Slot Boss game information page or on the information page provided by the provider in-game.

Q. What is Slingo Bingo?

A. Slingo is a combination of the original 75-ball bingo game and a standard slot machine. Upon entering the game, players will receive a 5x5 bingo card and a 1x5 slot reel. Complete lines with your slot reel to collect Slingos and mark numbers off your bingo ticket. If you’re a fan of slots or bingo, we recommend checking out this style of game.

Q. What is the best Slingo game?

Our favourite Slingo slot is Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and we honestly believe that this game is one of the Slingo games, if not the best. We say this as it contains an unpredictability that can’t be found in other Slingo slots. As players win tokens for every Slingo and players need three tokens to win, it is possible to get a jackpot win with three lines or fail to land a single win with 12 lines.

Q. What is the average RTP of Slingo Games?

The average RTP of a Slingo slot is 95.3%. Out of the Slingo games on Slot Boss, Slingo Rainbow Riches has an RTP of 55.6%.

Q. How do I win at Slingo Bingo?

You can win at Slingo by collecting lines on your bingo card.

In most cases, players will be required to land four Slingos or more on their card to activate a win. Slingo Riches is the exception to this where one line gives you a small victory of 10% of your stake.

Q. Can I win real money playing Slingo?

Yes, if players stake real money on a Slingo game, they will be playing to win real money.

Alternative Slingo Experiences

Here at Slot Boss, several Slingo games provide an experience unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Some of these games we’ve already mentioned above and some will be mentioned for the first time below. However, all of these games have a unique experience that can not be found elsewhere; our first game is:

Slingo Monopoly

If you’re familiar with the Monopoly board game or online Monopoly slots then you’ll have a good idea of what to expect here. Players begin by choosing from four game pieces, each with different benefits and volatilities. Once selected, players will move around the board looking to land on one space of each colour. When players land on a colour, the cards of that colour are removed from the board, so for example, if you land on Bond Street (Green), it will remove the three Green cards from the 25 on screen. If players land a double on the dice, they will receive another turn while chance and community chest offer players exciting twists and turns that can make or break a gaming experience.

Our Tip: When you begin, play on a low volatility and try to collect smaller wins before using the winnings to play for the biggest prizes available.

Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

This is a game that, for the most part, plays like a traditional Slingo game except when it comes to prizes. This game provides an unpredictable element that could lead to players winning 10,000x their stake with three lines or absolutely nothing with 14 lines! When a player successfully removes a line from the card they will receive one of seven themed symbols. Win three of one symbol to win the associated prize. One unique element of this slot is that the game plays out automatically and jokers fill in the spaces automatically, meaning that this is the quickest Slingo game and requires the least amount of strategy. Totals also add up at the end, so multiple prizes mean bigger wins!

Our Tip: If you have two of the same symbol and an additional line, why not spin again? Unless you’re already winning on that game, in which case why not end the round and go again?

Slingo Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is a fantastic game that has been loved for generations and it was only a matter of time before Slingo implemented their style onto the popular brand. Begin the game by selecting your “lucky box” out of the 25 options. Pick carefully as this will be your box at the end of the game. From here, continue spinning until you land four Slingos. You will notice that every box removed from the card contains an amount. The numbers you choose, win and lose are entirely out of your control and then when you land four Slingos the banker will give you an offer. If you continue afterwards, each Slingo will add an additional multiplier to your final total.

Our Tip: There is a big difference in the prices available for four Slingos and five Slingos. If the price is small, why not give it a go?

Slingo Centurion and Slingo Rainbow Riches

What makes these two games unique is that they feature bonus rounds instead of set wins. These bonus rounds are based on the features from the original slot games which means if you’re a fan of the Centurion slot or Rainbow Riches then it’s likely you’ll be a fan of these games. Check out the game information pages to find out more about all of the bonus rounds that are accessible during gameplay.

Our Tip: Don’t chase the biggest bonus rounds, you could win more in a smaller bonus, thus is the unpredictability of Slingo.

Best Slingo Games

Since our first Slingo release, we have brought tonnes of fantastic Slingo games to our players’ screens. With the truly unique gameplay a number of fantastic slot providers have worked with Slingo Originals to create even more fantastic casino games. That being said, it was incredibly hard to narrow our games down to a top three but here are the Slot Boss top three Slingo Games.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Take one of the best slot games of all time and combine the theme and the bonus features with Slingo, what do you get? Only the greatest Slingo game of all time. Don't believe us, be sure to check it out and see how popular it is! Following the traditional format of the original Rainbow Riches slot, Slingo Rainbow Riches has a lot of features that our players will be familiar with, which makes it a fantastic choice for our players if they’re new to Slingo games. Can you make it through to the Pots of Gold bonus round (achieved with a full house) which can offer players a massive win of up to 1,000x their stake? Here is the full paytable for the Rainbow Riches Slingo slot.

Number of Lines Bonus Description
One to Four Nothing Nothing
Five Wishing Well Pick out of three wells to unveil a multiplier
Six Cash Crop Catch the coins for multipliers up to 10x
Seven Magic Toadstool Collect Toadstools or Fairies for wins
Eight Red Toadstool Same as seven but upgraded
Nine Road to Riches Spin wheel with up to 500x available
Ten Red Road to Riches Same as nine but upgraded
Full House Pots of Gold Pick a pot to win up to 1,000x

Deal Or No Deal Slingo

So you're telling us that you haven't played the Slingo slot that is based on one of the best TV shows of all time? That's down to you, but we would definitely recommend checking out this fantastic variation of Slingo slots. We have a number of casino games that have taken the brilliant themes of TV shows and turned them into fantastic slot games. However, Slingo Deal or No Deal was one of the first Slingo games of its kind. This slot is different from most Slingo slots due to the box opening feature and the banker’s phone call giving players offers based on how many Slingos they may still claim. Here is the paytable for Slingo Deal or No Deal.

Number of Lines Win
One to Three Nothing
Four Banker’s Call
Five X2 Multiplier
Six X3 Multiplier
Seven X4 Multiplier
Eight X5 Multiplier
Nine X6 Multiplier
Ten X7 Multiplier
Full House X20 Multiplier

Slingo Centurion

Join the battle in Slingo Centurion, where Rome's finest warriors have gone head to head in a battle of not strength, not speed, not intelligence, but Slingo! Which warrior was titled the greatest Slingo warrior in the land? Find out in this awesome Slingo game. Slingo Centurion is another example of how a fantastic slot has been adapted to the ways of Slingo. Similar to Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Centurion has taken all of the fantastic bonus rounds from the original slot and turned them into rewards for landing a certain number of lines on the reels at any one time. Here are all the bonus rounds and how to activate them.

Number of Lines Bonus Description
One to Four Nothing Nothing
Five Reelus Maximus Spin reels with super-sized symbols
Six Prizes on Parade Take cash prizes from Shields
Seven Caesar’s Free Spins Free Spins round with multiplier
Eight Road to Rome Trail Bonus with cash prizes
Nine Caesar’s Red Spins Upgraded Free Spins
Ten Red Road to Rome Upgraded Trail Bonus
Full House Wild Power Spins 3 Spins with Stacked Wilds

The Slingo Triplet

There are three Slingo games that are almost identical to each other in regards to gameplay and their only difference is the volatility and the graphical design. These three games are:

Slingo Riches - Low volatility, this means that players receive wins more often but the value of these wins is significantly reduced.

Slingo Extreme - Medium volatility, you would perhaps expect Extreme to be extremely volatile but it provides an even playing field in regards to these three games.

Slingo Xxxtreme - The most volatile slingo slot, wins are less common as more lines are needed for wins but if players manage to land enough lines to win, they are a lot more profitable.