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Monopoly is one of the most popular games in the world. So, it comes as no surprise that casino providers have converted the brilliant Hasbro classic into a fantastic series of online casino games UK. There are three Monopoly games on Slot Boss; however, we are expecting more soon. If you’re a fan of playing online slots and casino table games or you love the classic Hasbro board game, then this guide is for you.

What is Monopoly?

The origins of Monopoly can be traced back to 1903 where Lizzie Magie wanted to create a method of easily describing the single tax theory of Henry George. This game was initially called the Landlord’s Game, and it was officially released in 1906. A variety of versions of the game were created before Esther Jones and Charles Darrow recreated the game as Monopoly in 1935. The Parker Brothers would go on to buy the game and produce several variations before Hasbro got involved in 1991 and developed the game into what we see today.

How did Monopoly transition to casinos?

In 1994, Hasbro sold hundreds of licenses for the Monopoly game, which meant that there were a plethora of opportunities for new companies to create new games in collaboration with the popular brand. However, Monopoly’s transition to casino would take 21 years, when Monopoly Casino was born and the rise of Monopoly Casino began. Since then, we have seen Scientific Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Slingo, and more put their spins on the brand. These games can be found across online table games, UK live casino and online slots.

How to Play Monopoly Casino on Slot Boss

If you’re looking to play online Monopoly casino games, then you should follow this five-step guide to beginning your Monopoly experience on Slot Boss.

  1. Register to create an account on Slot Boss and input the details required.
  2. Once you have registered at Slot Boss, check out our online casino bonuses page to discover the bonuses available to you.
  3. Once you’ve signed up for the bonuses, check out the “My Promotions” section in your account to claim your bonus.
  4. Once you have done this, head to our homepage and type ‘Monopoly’ into the search bar.
  5. Click on the game that interests you the most and read the game page for more information.
  6. Click the ‘PLAY’ button to play for real money.

Why Play Monopoly Slots

The Nostalgia factor

Several online UK slot games are created with nostalgia in mind. Most people played Monopoly in their youth, and many play the game in their older years with family members. The memories of playing such games can provide an additional good feeling when playing different variations of the game they remember.

For example, several slots contain a TV show theme. This means we are consistently finding new online slots that have unique features and Monopoly branded games are no different!

  1. Variation of Monopoly Games

Each of the three Monopoly games on Slot Boss have a unique style of gameplay and remove the standard conventions from mechanics like Megaways, Slingo and live casino. When most players look at a brand of game, there are slight variations between them. However, when you look at our live casino Monopoly and compare it to our Monopoly slots, there is a massive difference.

You can find out more about each game with our top three Monopoly slot games below.

Monopoly Casino Games

Playing Live Casino Monopoly

Play Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is one of the most popular Monopoly video games available to play online. It is also the only Monopoly entry from our live casino games. The game utilises the brilliant Dream Catcher engine, features a multiplier grid and the most unique bonus game in live casino.

You can activate the Monopoly Live bonus round when players bet on the two rolls or four rolls, and it appears on the wheel. This has the lowest chance of arising out of all the options but is the most rewarding.

During the bonus, the dice will roll and Mr Monopoly will move around the board to collect multipliers. If a double lands then the dice will roll an additional time. At the end of the spins, an accumulative multiplier will be added to your stake to provide you with your final total.

Playing Slingo Monopoly

Play Slingo Monopoly

Our final Monopoly game leads the way in online Slingo slots, but this game doesn’t play like a typical Slingo game as the reel is completely removed and replaced with a Monopoly board. The aim of the game is to roll the dice and tick off properties from the card. In seven spins, players must tick off 25 properties. This sounds complicated, but you only need to land on one property to remove all of that colour from the card, meaning you can remove up to four cards in a single spin!

To begin, you can pick the Dog, Car, Battleship and T-Rex game pieces. However, unlike in the board game, these pieces impact the gameplay with various prizes and multipliers available to players - this also affects the number of spins players begin with as well as the number of extra rolls, top prizes, volatility and multipliers. You can find the information required for each game piece below.

Segment Dog Car Battleship T-Rex
Rolls Eight Seven Seven Seven
Extra Rolls Four Six Eight Unlimited
Top Prize 500x 1,500x 2,500x 4,000x
Volatility Low Low-Medium Medium-High High
Multipliers 2x-10x 2x-10x 2x-25x 2x-20x

These options are what make Slingo Monopoly the best Monopoly slot. In our opinion, there are very few slots in the world that offer variants like Monopoly Slingo and very few that provide a variety of styles in the gameplay. This is a genuinely outstanding slot that has become one of the most popular games on Slot Boss in recent years.

All three games combine different casino and slot styles with the beloved world of Monopoly, so choose one and start building up your empire now!

Volatility of Monopoly Casino Games

Monopoly games also offer a fantastic variety of volatility, as in Monopoly Slingo, players have four volatility options to choose from and free reign to choose what suits them. The other two Monopoly games have high volatility. Still, Monopoly Live offers a variety as players have six options to choose from, and each of the six options has a different payout and appearance rate. You won’t find more versatility than in Monopoly casino games.

Monopoly Megaways

This Monopoly casino game comes from our list of Megaways slots and contains one of the most unique bonus rounds but also contains some of the typical conventions of a Megaways slot.

The first bonus round is the Reel Adventure feature, where players move Mr Monopoly across the board using winning symbols from the reels, which act as a dice roll. When he lands on ‘Go’, players will receive the maximum number of Megaways for the following turn, meaning an additional chance of moving. However, different spaces represent the typical spaces on a Monopoly board. These can provide players with houses, free spins and more!

The second bonus round is the Free Spins bonus round which provides a unique twist to the standard spins version of the game. Players can activate the Free Spins round by landing on chance or placing five houses on a property. Players will receive 8 Free Spins which increases depending on the number of train stations owned by the player. Meanwhile, owning utilities will increase the multiplier. Make your way around the board and add new multipliers and at the end of the Free Spins, your multiplier will be added to your winnings.

What does Monopoly bring to Mobile Casino?

Our mobile casino has a wonderful selection of casino games. However, when it comes to our Monopoly games, there is nothing like the experience of these games, as each brings a different experience and something truly unique. The Slot Boss online casino app has a wide range of casino options. Still, the implementation of Monopoly games has taken our Android and iPhone app to another level with fantastic gameplay and graphics.

Monopoly Slots FAQs

Q. Where can you always find new Monopoly Slots in 2022?

If you’re looking for somewhere to keep up to date with all the most recent releases on Slot Boss check out our social media platforms.

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Q. How do I use promotions on Monopoly Slots in 2022?

It couldn’t be easier to claim online casino bonuses at Slot Boss. The only difficulty comes in choosing which of our new player offers you wish to use first! Our most popular bonus is the fantastic 100% Deposit Match in which players simply need to register and add their card information, make a deposit and wager this 35x to receive a matched cash reward from the ‘My Promotions’ page. T&Cs apply.

Q. What is the best Monopoly Casino Game?

In our opinion, the best Monopoly game is Monopoly Live because it has perfectly captured what made the Live Dream Catcher game a success and blended it with the Monopoly theme.

Q. Can you win real money on Monopoly Slots?

Yes. As long as players play with real money, the cash prizes will always be available in real money.