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We have a constantly growing list of Megaways games here at Slot Boss due to providers continually pushing the boundaries of mechanics and gameplay. There are over 70 Megaways casino games available to play, all with various themes and unique features, ensuring there is something to offer for everyone. If you would like to learn about our best Megaways games please click the link below.

8 Best Megaways Slots


What are Megaways Casino Slots?

Megaways slot games work on the premise that each reel in a slot contains a random number of different symbols on each spin. The size of the symbols determines the number of paylines the player is awarded. This goes against the convention of traditional slots, which typically have a set amount of paylines throughout the game.

With Megaways titles, each casino game has a maximum number of ways to win. Most games with the Megaways engine offer 117,649 different opportunities to win. It is not uncommon to see some titles which feature thousands of different paylines.

A Megaways slot is a game where the reels change on every spin, meaning there aren't many ways to win on all spins. These games are incredibly diverse, but typically, the size of reels can vary between three and seven symbols. For example, a 5-reel slot could result in the following:

Reel 1 - Four Symbols

Reel 2 - Six Symbols

Reel 3 - Four Symbols

Reel 4 - Six Symbols

Reel 5 - Seven Symbols

This would give 4,032 different ways to win across a game. In most Megaways games, the maximum that players can land is 117,649, and the minimum number is 243.

Megaways Slots: Big Time Gaming

Online Megaways slots were initially developed by the Australian software company Big Time Gaming as a new slots mechanic. Megaways slots involve a random reel modifier that changes how many symbols can appear on a reel after every given spin. The Megaways mechanic is now featured across several successful online slots and games providers and is a stable part of the online casino industry.

How To Play Megaways Slot Games

In a Megaways slot game you will play with 2 to 7 symbols on each reel and the maximum spin of the reels is 7x5 and there are more ways to win, the winning potential of each symbol is smaller. You will play a Megaways game the same way you play a traditional slot game: setting the stake and clicking the spin button. From here, the Megaways mechanic will take care of the rest.

Megaways Casino Slots Mechanics

An example of how Megaways casino slots mechanics work:

1 X 7 = 7

7 X 7 = 49

49 X 7 = 343

343 X 7 = 2,401

2,401 X 7 = 16,807

16,807 X 7 = 117,649

As the reel's maximum size is 7x6, this is a total number of paylines which is 117,649.

Megaways Slots Features

There are various game developers that incorporate Megaways technology into their slots. Many of these features are unique to individual developers, while others are implemented across various games by a variety of different software houses. Some of these features include mystery symbols, cascading reels, bonus reels, and feature gambles alongside wilds, free spins, and scatters.

Megaways Slots FAQs

Q. What was the first Megaways game?

The very first Megaways casino game was Dragon Born Megaways, also brought to you by Big Time Gaming. However, the game that brought popularity to the mechanic was Bonanza Megaways.

Q. How many Megaways are there?

There are roughly 185 Megaways games now available, with more than 70 of those available to play here at Slot Boss.

Q. How Has Megaways Changed?

The Megaways slot that saw the mechanic rise to fame is Bonanza Megaways, which was only the second game to contain the mechanic. This game includes three features that would be synonymous with these slots for years to come:

  • 117,649 different ways to win.
  • Cascading Reels.
  • Free Spins bonus round with additional multiplier.

Q. How do I win on Megaways slots?

Land three symbols in a payline to activate a winning combination. Many of our Megaways slots will remove the winning symbols from the reels and replace them with new symbols, causing more potential wins.

Q. Who were the original creators of Megaways Slots?

The original creators of the Megaways engine are Big Time Gaming. However, they have licensed their creation and allowed a number of different providers to use it, meaning a number of providers can create Megaways slots.

Q. Who was the first provider to use Big Time Gaming's Megaways engine?

Blueprint Gaming was the first provider to utilise Big Time Gaming's Megaways engine when they released the fantastic Irish Riches Megaways. This game also included the brilliant progressive Jackpots feature that no other Megaways slot had at the time.

Q. What does the term Megaways mean?

Megaways is the term used to describe the number of active paylines for each spin. This can be different with every spin of the reels, and the amount of Megaways to win for each spin is displayed for the player to see.

Megaways is also used as the name for the modified reel mechanism, which Big Time Gaming developed.

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