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Prison Escape

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About Prison Escape

Knuckles and Fingers are two heathens who wish to put their criminal past behind them and start fresh. However, to do so, they need to escape from prison and build up enough money in the process. Unfortunately, Knuckles and Fingers can’t do this alone and they need a helping hand to escape.

One of the main reasons that we were excited about adding this game to our online casino slots library is because of the fantastic bonus rounds, which you can read about in more depth down below. Another is just how unique the general gameplay is, out of all of our casino games we would argue that only Cop the Lot can provide players with an in-depth jailbreak theme that could compare to Prison Escape. The standard game is incredibly easy to play but the bonus features may be harder to get used to. We recommend keeping this page open in a separate tab if you’re looking to play Prison Escape for the first time.

Prison Escape Bonus Features

Landing three of the bonus scatter symbols on the reels will take you through to the bonus section of the game. Here you will see a board with Knuckles and Fingers at one end and police officers stationed around the board, your aim is to avoid the police officers and land on the Warden’s Office, Workshop or Control Room spaces, which will upgrade the bonuses.

You will see a walkie talkie on the left-hand side which will inform players on what the game believes is the best form of action. You don’t have to listen to it but it can be useful. Spin the dice on the right-hand side to progress, if you land on a police officer, you will lose a life and Knuckles will be taken to solitary.

Warden’s Office - The first area you will come to is the Warden’s Office where players must open lockers to find the biggest multiplier prizes and more importantly - keys. You can click “take bonus” to enter this bonus feature or continue spinning to try and progress beyond this bonus. Landing on the door symbol will allow you to leave the office. You can still take the bonus after leaving the room.

Workshop - The second area you will arrive at is the workshop where you will receive offers for the workshop tools. If you have upgraded this bonus to a higher level, you will have more opportunities to reject smaller offers. The values of each tool will be visible on the screen.

Control Room - The final area in the prison is the Control Room, where players will receive a set number of Casino Free Spins and locked wilds for those spins.

Escape to Paradise - If you successfully leave the prison, you will enter the Escape to Paradise feature where Knuckles and Fingers will be shown on a beach with a spinning tiki wheel. Multipliers on this reel range from x40 to x250 with one life and can rise as high as 1,000x if you have both lives remaining. Click the spin button to determine your win.

Why Play Prison Escape?

Prison Escape is one of the most unique slot games on Slot Boss and we believe that it will become one of our most popular alongside the likes of the Starburst slot and Rainbow Riches, but if you’re not convinced yet, here are two reasons why we recommend playing Prison Escape:

The Theme - When you combine the brilliantly comical graphics of Prison Escape along with the jailbreak theme, the result is magnificent in our opinion. It might not be a slot that you’re wanting to spend money on and if that is the case, that’s fine.

The Bonus Rounds - It’s incredibly rare to see a slot that contains four brilliant bonus rounds with each bonus round being significant for different reasons. Our favourite is the Workshop bonus which is unlike any casino bonuses we’ve seen in our casino games.

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