About Cop the Lot: Safegrabber

Cop the Lot: Safegrabber is a 5x3, 5 winline slot that builds on the fantastic cops and robbers theme of the original Cop the Lot. This video slot contains 16 unique features and has a range of cash prizes to be won, the more substantial prizes can be found in the Cops and Robbers Millionaire’s Row round.

The classic slot maintains the typical land casino theme with the bottom section of the reels which are a well-designed fruit machine. However, the top half of the slot is where players can look to if they’re looking to win the bigger prizes that this slot has to offer. With sixteen options in both the cash prizes and in the bonus section, there are tonnes of different ways players can win despite the game only having five paylines.

How to Play Cop the Lot: Safegrabber


Players can set their stake using the stake button on the left side of the blue bar on the bottom of the reels. Players can click on the button to be given a selection of set stakes for them to choose from.


Once you are content with your total bet, players should click the stat button at the bottom of the reels

Cop the Lot: Safegrabber Bonus Features

Cop the Lot Safegrabber has several different ways of opening up the bonus rounds. However, the centrepiece of the game is the Trail Bonus which can be increased by collecting any numbers on the reels. Any more than 8 triggers the Super Board while if players collect 4 on the trail it triggers a bonus.

Trail Bonuses

There are six different bonuses that can be won during the Trail bonus round. They are:


This highlights different locations around the board and wherever the ‘stopper’ lands is what is awarded to the player.


This is the feature that sends players on their way to the Super Board with an almighty boost!

Win Spin

Players can spin the reels to reveal a prize.


Players have an extra chance to win as the reels are respun.

Shot Climb

Players will be given 3 shots to climb the trail ladder.

Add Again

The numbers that landed in during this spin are repeated then a repeat YES/NO is provided.

Trail Bonus Awards

If players trigger the super board Trail the top game will be initiated. This is where players can win cash and feature prizes and exactly how far the feature goes is determined by the number in the middle of the board.

Feature+ & Cash+

This allows players to activate one of the two options. Feature activates the board on the left, Cash activates the board on the right.

Free Spin

Awards an additional Free Spin. Winnings go into the cashpot.


The player will be moved to the inside of the board.


If players collect three or more of the safe they will enter the Safegrabber Bonus.


If players collect the heart they receive an extra life.

Cash Out

Players will leave the Trail Bonus with either a prize or a loss.


A multiplier of the player’s stake will be added to the cashpot.

Bonus & Mystery

Bonus simply awards a bonus and the Mystery can either award the player a Stopper, Cash Out or Heart.

Trail Bonus Features

The features available on the left-hand side of the slot are as follows:

Millionaire’s Row This is how players will transition into the big money round of this online slot.

Powerplay The base reels spin with a repeat YES/NO option, if yes, spin the reels to another win.

Bullion Blitz Players pick to reveal a cash prize. The feature stops when a COLLECT is revealed.

Bank on it One out of the top 7 values of the cash ladder are chosen. A repeat YES/NO is once again offered.

Cash Combo One out of all the cash prizes available are chosen. A repeat YES/NO is once again offered.

Go For Gold One of the Gold Safes is chosen for a random prize.

Safecracker Brings up 3 Gold Safes and the player will pick one to reveal a prize.

Reel Rush The main reels spin and once the player stops the reels any winning payline is awarded.

Easy Money The player Hi-lo gambles up the cash ladder until they lose.

Crazy Cash The player is given 3 shots to climb up the cash ladder.

Cash Code Standard reels spin and the player climbs the cash ladder with the number of segments.

Money Bank Brings up 3 silver safes as players pick one prize.

Turbo Cash Gamble up or down the cash ladder.

Hot Shot A random silver safe is chosen. Repeat YES/NO is once again offered.

Win Spin Basic reels spin to a winning combination.

The Boss Believes

The original Cop the Lot slot set the bar high for this sequel and Cop the Lot Safegrabber does not disappoint. This game has tonnes to offer players from unique bonus features to cash prizes. This online slot definitely has the potential to be one of the best on Slot Boss for some time to come. We would definitely recommend trying out this slot or if the Cops and Robbers theme isn’t for you, we suggest trying out Rainbow Riches or Cleopatra.

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