Cleopatra is one of the most well-known figures in ancient Egypt. Now the Queen's legend lives on in the Cleopatra slot game! Search for the legendary wealth of Egypt as you spin the reels.




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About Cleopatra Online Slot Game

This game is a somewhat unique slot featuring 5-reels and 20-paylines along with wilds, scatters, and a free spins bonus that can be re-triggered multiple times. Cleopatra has remained one of the top online slots on Slot Boss due to the timeless graphics and dynamic gameplay.


Unlike some other slots, the paylines in Cleopatra slot are non-set. Before spinning, the player chooses the number of active paylines by using the + and - symbols in the 'Line' window to adjust up or down. There are five choices; the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 20. Next, the player uses the + and - symbols in the 'Line Bet' window to determine the bet for each active payline. That bet is multiplied by the number of active paylines for the total wager on that spin. Clicking the 'Spin' button starts play. Experienced users who want to allow the game to spin for them can do so by clicking the 'Auto Spin' button instead. They can then choose a predetermined number of automatic spins and click the 'Spin' button to get them started. If the player wants to stop automatic spinning before the predetermined number of spins is complete, clicking the 'Stop' button will do the trick.


Scatter symbols are helpful in Cleopatra in two ways. First, they can trigger the Free Spins bonus when three or more of them appear in any position on the reels during a standard spin. For the record, the Sphinx is the scatter symbol here. The second way to benefit is through an extra prize awarded whenever you achieve two or more scatter symbols on a standard spin. The award is determined by the number of symbols and the line bet for that spin. Cleopatra herself is the wild symbol. Any time the wild is used to complete a winning combination the prize is multiplied accordingly. For example, one Cleopatra symbol will double the prize when paired with two other symbols to create a winning combination. Should the player achieve five Cleopatra symbols on consecutive reels, the 'Big Win' will be awarded.


Cleopatra's Free Spins bonus round starts with 15 free spins triggered by achieving three or more scatter symbols on a standard spin. The Free Spins bonus can be re-triggered within the bonus round up to five times, making it possible to earn a total of 180 free spins. Scatter and wild symbols work the same in the bonus round as they do during standard play. Furthermore, all winnings in the bonus round are multiplied three times, with the exception of the 'Big Win'. It stays the same in the bonus round.


Winning combinations generate awards based on line bet and the value of the symbols; they must originate from the far left position. Wins across all active paylines on a single spin are combined for total winnings; only the highest value win is registered when multiple wins occur on the same payline. Cleopatra includes a maximum award for a single transaction. Should that award be reached, the game will automatically stop and no further winnings will be awarded. Game malfunction or misuse will immediately end the game and void all plays.

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Slot Game Review: The Boss Believes

Cleopatra is one of the most popular online slots at Slot Boss for good reason. The Egyptian style slot is like nothing we have ever seen before and has some fantastic bonus features throughout. A true icon of the Egyptian Slots industry. If our players are looking for other slots of the same calibre of Cleopatra, we would recommend checking out either the Starburst slot or the Oliver Twist slot