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About 20p Roulette

Here at Slot Boss, we have many different variations of Roulette, one of which is the brilliant 20p Roulette by Inspired Gaming, who also provided Lucky Ways Multiplier. As you may suspect, not a lot has changed from the likes of Grand Roulette as the gameplay is very similar. However, there are several changes in the layout and formatting of the game and there is one significant change that you may have guessed from the title of the game. 20p Roulette allows players to put smaller amounts on specific numbers, corners and more. You can not place 20p bets on evens bets such as Black or Red, or Odd or Even however. Another aspect that has changed is the inclusion of Neighbour Bets, which you can read about in-depth below. Firstly, if you’re unaware of how to play the fantastic game of Roulette, be sure to check out our How to Play Roulette blog.

How to Play Roulette Guide

Differences between 20p Roulette and Standard Roulette


This game has a very simplistic layout which in our opinion, majorly benefits our casino games as if a player enters a game and sees far too much going on at once, they are more than right to simply play a different game. Those players may end up playing 20p Roulette, as this game is as simple as a standard grid with a section of buttons underneath. If players are looking to set their bets, they can simply click a position on the grid to set a stake.

Neighbour Bets

If you click the Neighbour Bets button at the bottom of the screen, the grid will change. It will look a little more complicated but it is relatively easy to navigate after your first look. Here you will set a £1 stake on a number, the £1 stake will be separated into five 20p bets, one for the selected number and then another for the two closest red and black values. For example, if you placed a £1 bet on Red 18, you would be putting a 20p bet on Red 18, Red 7, Red 9, Black 22 and Black 29.

20p Roulette Review

Inspired Gaming have provided us with a back to basics rendition of one of the most popular casino games in history. Our personal opinion is that the game brings a lot to Slot Boss as it is a rendition of Roulette that suits inexperienced players who are playing Roulette for the first or second time. You can find more games like 20p Roulette in our Live Casino or alternatively, you can check out our Slingo Slots if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

Help with Roulette

If you would like to learn more about the rules of Roulette or how to play Roulette then look no further than our How To Play Roulette Blog. Learn everything you need to know and enjoythe vast array of Roulette games at Slot Boss today.

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