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Facts & Myths of Online Roulette

Online Roulette is just one of the many fantastic online casino games in the Slot Boss Live Casino section. There are over 13 different variations of the game and a link to the different variations of Roulette and a blog piece on the differences between all thirteen can be found at the very bottom of this article. But before you scroll down, we’ve had many questions regarding Online Roulette, some which were absolutely bizarre and some that were brilliant questions based on a series of events and some good user logic. So without further ado, let’s get into some facts and myths of Online Roulette.

Statement 1: It is Impossible to Win Big on Online Roulette

You often find players who make these kinds of statements have ended up on the unfortunate side of the Roulette Wheel. However, part of this statement is true. In comparison to our online slots, the maximum payouts in Online Roulette are considerably smaller as the max payout possible is 36x the player’s stake. Meanwhile, some of our slots have a maximum payout of up to 2000x the player’s stake.

The main difference is player strategy. What that strategy is can impact your game more than anything else. For example, which of these two options is a better strategy if you have a total of £500 in your account?

5 spins of £100 on a singular number? Odds = 36/1 50 spins of £10 on a six-line? Odds = 5/1

Now, you’d have to be extraordinarily fortunate to pick up the 36/1, so our players have a much better chance of picking up a win with the 50 - 5/1 odds spins. There is nothing that will impact how the wheel spins but, in regards to staying within your limits, there are definitely smarter strategies for playing.


Statement 2: If You Wager on Evens Bets, There isn’t Actually a 50/50 Chance of Winning.

This statement is actually correct. The majority of Roulette tables have green sections with either 0 or 00 on them, which means under half of the sections on a Roulette table are of the same colour. Unfortunately, if players bet on odd or even, red or black, or 1-18 or 19-36, none of these options actually provide players with a 50/50 chance of victory. This is called the house edge. If you’ve attended a land casino, you’ll have noticed that most casinos play the American rendition which actually provides a 5.2% house edge for any American Roulette game.

The best way around the house edge is to try the European and French variations of this popular game, as the European version has only one 0 and the French version has the “La Partage” rule which gives players half their stake back if the ball lands on 0 meaning that the house edge is down to just 1.3%. This statement is indeed a:


Statement 3: The Dealer Can Stop the Ball Wherever They Want

Imagine if this was actually a thing? We can tell you if this was true, they wouldn’t be dealing in casinos, they’d be on a yacht in the middle of the pacific ocean sipping on a mojito or pina colada. Fortunately for all players, dealers have very little say over what position the ball lands on, they simply do their job and allow the game to flow as well as they can and believe it or not, that doesn’t change when you play casino online.

If you suspect that your online casino dealer has magical fingers or powers of telekinesis, we recommend checking out

VERDICT: Do we really need to say it? MYTH!

Statement 4: Regulated Roulette Games Can be Rigged.

See, there are a few issues with this query in our opinion, because it is possible that you could go to an unlicensed casino and find a rigged Roulette wheel, that is a fact. However, if you’re in a licenced land casino or at a trusted online casino provider like Slot Boss and the LeoVegas Gaming Group, then you have nothing to fear as these licenced casinos are regularly checked and would actually lose more by breaking codes of conduct than they would gain from rigging Roulette wheels.

So all in all, this depends on where you play casino. If you see a website that states they are regulated and licenced by the UK Gambling Commission with an up to date licence number, they are a regulated casino like Slot Boss.


Statement 5: The Numbers on a Roulette Wheel Add Up to 666.

Somebody did their research before making this statement and in-fact they are correct as you have the numbers 1 through to 36, we can figure this out by putting these into pairs, for example, if you add the lowest and highest number available you’ll receive 37, this can be done 18 times until you reach 18+19. This means that to determine the number of all the totals on the wheel, we can simply do the equation 18 X 37 which equals 666!

Now, there are many different theories around why the numbers add up as so, one theory is that the Devil himself is the originator of the Roulette game. However, a much more likely theory is that of coincidence.


Five Things You Might Not Know About Roulette

1. The record for one number appearing consecutively is the number 19, which appeared 7 times in a row during a game at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, what are the odds!? 3 billion to 1.

2. The biggest win on record for a single spin, came when Ashley Revell bet slightly over £100,000 on red at a casino in 2004. Fortunately for Revell, this came in but the majority of players who have tried to replicate the Brit, end up on the wrong side of the Roulette Wheel.

3. The most common number that is played on the Roulette Wheel is number 17. This is presumably because the number is in the centre of the board, or people are mimicking James Bond which we don’t recommend. Get your martinis stirred.

4. Unless you’re actually playing Roulette that is! It is actually considered rude to place your drink on the Roulette table.

5. The odds of the same colour hitting 10 times in a row is over 1000/1. However, the record for the same colour hitting consistently came at a casino in Bristol where the wheel landed on red a record number of 36 times in a row!

An Alternative to Roulette

Now we absolutely love the Live Roulette games at Slot Boss but we’ve accepted that they’re not for everyone. If you’re looking to stick to slots then there are two games that we would suggest to any of our players, the first of which is the Starburst slot which takes the conventional gem style slot and boosts the quality of gaming dramatically. Starburst is a slot that revolutionised the industry and has remained as the top of the slots for a number of years.

The second is Book of Dead which is one of our favourite Egyptian themed slots. Why? Because the fantastic bonus rounds and the dynamic feel of the slot give an experience that you can only find from the very best Egyptian slots. Now, if you’re still unsure about Roulette we recommend looking at one of our previous casino blogs on the Different Variations of Roulette

If you’re looking to play slots online at Slot Boss, please make sure you gamble responsibly. 18+

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