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24/7 LIVE Roulette


24/7 Roulette at a Glance

Authentic Gaming’s 24/7 live roulette game has all of the excitement of live casino roulette without the need to leave home. The game takes place in a live studio, which is open 24/7, that looks great, is well-lit, and is operated by real, professional croupiers. In fact, everything that you’d expect to find in one of Europe’s leading casinos is present and correct.

No matter whether you’re from an online slots background and are completely new to this casino classic or have had your fair share of spinning action at roulette tables in the past, 24/7 Roulette is an ideal choice for a few casual spins or for longer sessions of live casino gaming. Play responsibly and bet within your means and you’ll be sure to appreciate this popular game.

How to Play Roulette 24/7

For those that are new to roulette, it’s important to have a basic grasp on how the game is played before placing bets. Quite simply, a ball is dropped by the croupier onto a spinning wheel and finally comes to rest in one of 37 numbered pockets. 36 pockets are eligible for winning bets and one is a zero pocket, which results in no winner. Winners take their bets according to a payout table and the round finishes.

Although roulette strategies may appear numerous and sometimes complex, it is ultimately a game of chance. That means playing by instinct is just fine since skill is not required at all. The ball lands where it wants to, and that’s that. Beware of gambler’s fallacy in roulette: just because a number hasn’t won in many rounds doesn’t mean that it’s going to come up soon. Statistics and mathematical betting methods may help you, but they won’t guarantee winning numbers in this casino game.

24/7 Roulette Game Rules

The only rules you need to know for roulette revolve around placing bets within the allocated betting time window, then watching the ball drop. Do act respectfully in the live chat with croupiers and other players and note that any malfunctions whilst playing do not make you eligible for rewards.

The payout table is similar to that of a standard roulette game’s payout table. Straight up bets return 35:1, while odd/even, low/high, or red/black return much less as you would expect. More complex bets such as racetrack or Voisins du Zero are possible and are made much easier with the game’s interactive UI betting options.

The minimum bet is 0.20, which makes the game an attractive choice for new players or for those that prefer playing with smaller bankrolls. Maximum bets are 250 per round, which keeps the game interesting and potentially yields very high returns for those who are less risk-averse with bigger bankrolls.

Spin With 24/7 Roulette

24/7 Roulette combines a gorgeous casino environment with slick player interface and lets players focus on the game itself without being distracted any unnecessary gimmicks. If you like you roulette experience to be real, high quality and engaging to play, this game will be right up your street. So get spinning for some potential wins with 24/7 Roulette.

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