Live Roulette

Be transported to a casino brimming with possibilities and to a Roulette wheel and betting table just waiting for you to play.




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About Live Roulette

In the Live Roulette online game enjoy an authentic experience and watch and hear your ball click and clack as it bounces around the wheel. As you instruct and watch your roulette operative go through the motions sit back and relax with a stiff drink or a hot chocolate - all the choices are yours.

How to play Live Roulette

You've seen James Bond do it in the movies - now it's your turn to be bold and brave. Correctly predict where the ball will land after a spin and watch those chips mount up. Perhaps you'll choose a favourite number, a section of the wheel, red or black. With the Live Roulette online game you'll feel as if you're in the room with the wheel and with different viewing possibilities whether you're using a desktop pc or laptop you'll see every second of the action.

How to win at Live Roulette

Make your decision, stick to it and then cross those fingers. While many believe there is a way to beat the Roulette wheel, analyzing historical results etc., often the only person who can predict where the ball will land is Lady Luck herself. There are ways to increase your chances of winning of course - opting for a group of numbers or a section of the wheel. One thing that is a certainty though is the level of authenticity in playing Live Roulette. When you win big through remember you can't actually give the casino staff a hug!