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About Slingo Xxxtreme

First, we had Slingo Riches and then our games heated up as the game evolved into Slingo Extreme and now we have the hottest of our Slingo slots - Slingo Xxxtreme. The main question that our players will ask regarding this game is what is the difference between ‘Slingo Extreme’ and ‘Slingo Xxxtreme’ the most subtle difference comes from the graphics behind the slot. In Slingo Xxxtreme the scene has shifted dramatically and players find themselves surrounded by lava in contrast to a plain red background that is seen is Slingo Extreme. The main difference between the two is the potential wins, in this rendition players receive nothing for collecting between one and three Slingo lines on the reels but receive more substantial winnings if they land six or more on the reels. Find a comparison between the two paytables below:

Slingo Xxxtreme Paytable

Number of LinesExtreme ValueXxxtreme Value
Full House500x stake1,000x stake
10 Lines100x stake100x stake
9 Lines20x stake25x stake
8 Lines10x stake10x stake
7 Lines5x stake6x stake
6 Lines3x stake4x stake
5 Lines2x stake2x stake
4 Lines1x stake1x stake
3 Lines0.3x stakeNo wins
2 Lines0.2x stakeNo wins
1 Line0.1x stakeNo wins

Slingo Xxxtreme Best Features

1. - The theme: There aren’t many differences between Slingo Extreme and Slingo Xxxtreme but one of the significant changes is that Slingo Originals have gone all-in with the theme. If you weren’t convinced about Slingo Extreme bringing fiery hot action to the table, you might be satisfied with the Xxxtreme results.

2. - The Jackpot: Starting with Slingo Riches and finally culminating with Xxxtreme, the final Jackpot for landing a Slingo has increased from 250x to 500x and now we’ve reached a scorching total of 1,000x for a full house jackpot.

Slingo Xxxtreme Review

Slingo Xxxtreme provides players with a unique experience unlike anything we’ve seen before on Slot Boss, the transition and differences between Slingo Riches, Slingo Extreme and Slingo Xxxtreme have created a series of fantastic games that we absolutely adore here at Slot Boss. However, the main negative of all three games is that there isn’t a bonus round to enjoy, if you’re looking for bonus Slingo games we recommend Slingo Rainbow Riches and Slingo Centurion.

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