Deadwood is one of the biggest creations from the minds at No Limit City. If you’re unfamiliar with No Limit City they are one of the newest providers of Slot Boss games and if all of their games are released with the same quality as Deadwood, they may well be one of the best!




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Bonus: Shoot Out, Hunters Free Spins, Gunslinger Free Spins

About the Deadwood slot

The Deadwood slot is a fantastic game created by No Limit City, as the first of soon to be many No Limit City online UK slots on Slot Boss, it is evident how highly Deadwood is regarded by those in the industry. The remaining question is, why? Deadwood comes from a slot theme that has been used in the past but it hadn’t quite been mastered and to do so, a provider needed to expertly combine multiple fantastic bonus rounds with brilliant graphics and gameplay and that is what we have in Deadwood. Graphically, the slot is as smooth and aesthetically pleasing as any other while the gameplay is amongst our best online slots, whether that would be from the popular Rainbow Riches slots or our brand new slots - Deadwood has some of the best gameplay available on Slot Boss.

Deadwood Slot - 5 FAQs

What is the theme of the Deadwood online slot?

The Deadwood slot has a western theme and is based around train robberies that were common in the 19th and 20th centuries. The last notable train robbery took place in 1993 in Russia but in the United Kingdom, the most notable train robbery was The Great Train Robbery of 1963. If you’re particularly interested in the train robbery, The Greatest Train Robbery slot might be one you’re interested in after taking a look at the Deadwood slot game.

Why is Deadwood Slot Boss’ first No Limit City slot?

No Limit City have created some fantastic casino games in the past but we feel like Deadwood shines above and beyond as a truly fantastic slot game. The visuals are very impressive and the gameplay is on par with some of the best online slots on Slot Boss.

How do I set my stake on the Deadwood slot?

If you’re looking to play the Deadwood slot, it is absolutely essential that you choose a stake that matches your designated budget. To set a stake, players must click the £ button in the bottom corner of the reels which will bring up a pop-up with multiple options for players to choose from. After setting your stake, you can click the large spin button to begin your spins.

Is there an autoplay feature in the Deadwood slot?

Yes, there is an autoplay option in Deadwood. This feature allows players to set a select number of spins to play out with a selection of restrictions set by the player, such as loss limits, a singular win limit and a win limit.

*Win limits do not prevent players from winning over the selected amount, it simply stops the autoplay feature from continuing after the limits have been met.

What are the bonus features in the Deadwood UK slot?

There are three bonus features in the Deadwood slot, the first of these features is the Shoot-Out bonus which is activated by landing Sheriff symbols on the 1st and 5th reel of the slot. This will change all low-paying symbols on the 3rd reel into wild symbols which can provide players with many winning paylines in a singular spin.

The second and third bonus features in this game are the Free Spins bonus rounds which are very popular in our UK casino games, the first bonus round is the Gunslinger Spins which is the more volatile of the two Free Spins rounds. This provides players with an unlimited multiplier that remains for the entire bonus round.

The third bonus round is the Hunters Free Spins which adds Hunter Wilds to the reels, at least one is guaranteed to land on every spin, but that’s not all. When wild symbols land on the reels, they may nudge across the reels which subsequently increases the multiplier attached to the Hunter Wild.