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Last Updated: 12/06/2020

Mobile Casino

In the modern-day, players play slots via their mobile or tablet devices, which means that the need for fantastic mobile casino providers is on the rise. At Slot Boss, we have slots that are specifically designed for our mobile users and specific mobile devices. Our first-class gaming providers ensure that our games give players the premium slots experience that they are expecting on our site. So whether you’re playing via safari or through the best casino app on your phone, you can be assured that you’re getting the very best slot games on Slot Boss.

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Growth of Casino: Mobile Slots

As the world’s technology progresses, the quality of our best casino games also progresses. In 2020, we have seen a number of games released purely for mobile gaming, with slots such as Royal Mint Megaways combining the excellence of graphics and gameplay and blending them into a near-perfect game for mobile casino. That being said, as the rise of technology increases, it is almost certain that old fashioned slot games are going to improve in worth as well. There used to be a time where two games were released and you could see the comparisons straight away, however, with there being such a massive divide between retro slots and those of the modern-day, it is rare to see two similar games released back-to-back. Of course, when it comes to the likes of Egyptian themed slots, it is fairly difficult to maintain originality due to the sheer extent and quality of slots being released every month. However, the games that you can find in the Slot Boss library definitely hit that criteria.

One question that is constantly on the lips of our mobile players is do we get the same casino bonus as desktop players? The answer is yes, we would not alter bonuses depending on how players can play games unless we believed that it would significantly increase the players experience on both Desktop and Mobile.

What’s next for Mobile Casino?

Future of Casino

The future of gaming is upon us and in our opinion, it is going to take the shape of Virtual Reality, soon enough we’ll have the next generation of slots gaming in the form of VR Slots. There have been a number of rumours that providers are beginning to test the waters with Virtual Reality and with the Live Casino experience that is already offered by Evolution Gaming, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were tempted to revolutionize casino gaming with Virtual Reality. The future of Mobile Casino may well lie among a Slingo game as many of our Slingo games have taken new features and combined them wonderfully with old-school features that players enjoy.

Best Casino App

Of course, Virtual Reality might still be years away so, for now, we’re focusing on casino apps. Naturally our players can use Slot Boss via Safari or Google Chrome, but the Slot Boss App allows our players to play at the click of a button and it still allows players to do anything they could have wanted to via a desktop or web browser. Fact is, features such as the Progressive Jackpot and the Jackpot King - features which you will find in our online jackpot slots tend to look and perform better on mobile than they do desktop. You can also Play Live Casino Online with games such as the Monopoly Live Casino game which takes all of the greatest elements of Live Casino and blends them fantastically into one game. Or you can even read about it in our How to Play Blackjack and How to Play Roulette blogs. The blog also contains all of our new megaways slots and our New Online Casino slots.

They can check out our How to Play guides where the likes of Blackjack and Roulette will take centre stage or they can even check out our Megaways slots. These slots contain one of the newest engines in casino and its creation has led to some of the best casino games on Slot Boss becoming even better.