Legendary artist, inventor, and scientist Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most influential people of the Renaissance era. Although he is now little more than a historical figure of the past, his spirit lives on in Da Vinci Diamonds slot. This Renaissance world makes an elegant online slot game that offers a beautiful visual presentation along with plenty of ways to win, including a tumbling reels feature.



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How to Play Da Vinci Diamonds

Da Vinci Diamonds® is a 5-reel, 20-pay line game with a range of online uk slots elements and a number of great features that ensure there is rarely a dull session. In addition to standard play, you will also enjoy the well-known Tumbling Reels™ feature and a Free Spins bonus that can multiply your winnings by giving you hundreds of extra free spins. The key to winning big is Renaissance portraits. Keep your eye out for Mona Lisa and Da Vinci himself.

It's also important to pay attention to the paytable as you go. The paytable is where you will find information including your total winnings and the value of your awards during bonus play. This information can be valuable when you are determining the wagers you want to place for each standard spin, we definitely recommend checking this out if you wish to play online slots.


Betting in Da Vinci Diamonds is straightforward. All paylines are active for each standard spin; you need only determine the value of your wagers by choosing a credit value. Clicking the '1 Per Line' button wagers one credit on each line. Clicking the '2 Per Line' button wagers two credits, and so on. You can quickly place a wager of five credits on each payline by clicking the BET MAX button, for a total of 100 credits wagered across the 20 active paylines. All wagers are limited to the total number of credits you have remaining.

Wagers are placed by clicking on the left and right arrow buttons to raise and lower wagers. Each click adjusts your wager by 0.01, as displayed in the appropriate currency. Once your bets are set, you simply click the PLAY button to begin. The reels will spin, eventually stopping one by one to reveal your symbols. The Tumbling Reels feature will automatically be played at the conclusion of each spin.



Tumbling Reels is an exciting feature that can multiply your winnings tremendously on any given spin. It is active throughout both standard and bonus play, so you always have a chance to earn more with every winning combination. The feature is activated whenever you achieve a winning combination on a spin.

All of the symbols in that combination disappear and are replaced by new symbols tumbling down from the top of the screen. All of the reels are then re-evaluated for additional winning combinations. Any such combinations are added to your total winnings, and then disappear and are again replaced with new symbols. The process continues until no more winning combinations are achieved. Your total winnings for that round are tallied and added to the total displayed in the paytable.


The Free Spins bonus feature is one that is very popular in our brand new slots and Da Vinci Diamonds gives you the opportunity to win even more by way of the Free Spins bonus round. This round is triggered whenever three Bonus symbols appear on active paylines during standard play. You can trigger the bonus round only once per standard spin regardless of how many Bonus symbols appear across the five reels. Every bonus round begins with six free spins to start.

During the bonus round, the Tumbling Reels feature remains in play. You also have the opportunity to retrigger the bonus multiple times throughout the round. This is done by achieving three or more Bonus symbols in any positions across the five reels.

Three Bonus symbols awards up to 4 free spins, 4 Bonus symbols awards of up to 10 free spins, and 5 Bonus symbols awards up to 15 free spins. You can earn a maximum of 300 free spins per bonus round. The round continues until all free spins have been exhausted.

All 20 paylines are active during the Free Spins bonus round. Wagers during the round are identical to those of the spins in standard play that triggered the bonus. As an extra bonus, the round offers an additional way to win by way of Scatter symbols. You need only achieve three or more of these symbols in any position to earn additional winnings.


If you're looking to play casino games online these are some of the aspects that you should know. Players have the option of adjusting audio and video during gameplay. Audio can be turned on or off while graphics quality can be set to Low, Medium, High, or Best. The default graphics setting is Best. Please note that graphics settings affect game performance the higher you go.

For a winning combination to be achieved in Da Vinci Diamonds, it must include three or more matching symbols in consecutive positions, beginning with the real on the far left.

Wild symbols can be used to complete winning combinations, but they cannot substitute for Scatter symbols during bonus play. Wins can only occur on single paylines. Should a payline produce multiple winning combinations, only the combination with the highest value pays. Awards are determined by multiplying the value of winning symbols by the number of credits wagered on that line.

Scatter wins during bonus play is separate from standard wins and are added to the total award for that round. Awards are based on the same wagers placed during the standard spin that triggered the bonus.

Da Vinci Diamonds has a maximum award that can be turned. Should you reach this maximum at any point, the game will automatically stop – even if you still have free spins remaining in the bonus round. Should the game malfunction in any way, all pays and plays will be voided.

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The Boss Believes

The slot is fitting of the man, that's all we need to say really. One of the most influential figures in history backed with one of the most influential video slots in Slot Boss history, this slot has made its way into our top 20 with ease and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. If you're looking to try out some of our other influential slots. We would recommend checking out either the Cleopatra slot or Rainbow Riches and utilising one a casino bonus uk.