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Most Popular Slots at Slot Boss

Most Popular Games at Slot Boss


So people love slots online, we have established that. We have also established that they come in many different shapes and forms. They can have many reels or just a few, they can be packed with bonus features or have many paylines, they can be themed after a tv show, cartoon character or action figure. Bottom line: there’s loads of different slots online to choose from. But which are the most popular ones? Which of these many slot games do people love the most? We have obviously done some digging for you guys and found out the most popular slots on the market.

Not only will we be listing the most popular slot games, we have also gathered some general information about each game and we will give you our opinion to why these games are so very popular.

If you find yourself rather swimming against the stream and you want to do what other people don’t. Then why don’t you head over to our featured slot games page where we have over 350 different types of slot games online available and pick your very own favourite. We won’t take offence, we promise!

Cleopatra Slot

The Game

Cleopatra slot is based around the super famous woman with the same name. The whole game have a ancient Egyptian theme with golden symbols, pharaohs and well known Egyptian icons. The game is played over five reels and three lines. The amount of paylines are not set, you can chose to have up to 20 active on each spin. The Sphinx symbol is your scatter and can generate payouts if you land two or more. The free spins bonus is the most rewarding bonus feature and can generate up to 180 free spins to play!

Why it’s popular

With a RTP (return to player) of 95.02% we understand why so many players choose to play this game! 20 paylines gives you a great chance to land a winning slots combination and you decide how much you wish to bet on each line. Free spins bonuses are quite common in the online casino industry but the fact that you can win up to 180 free spins from one bonus in Cleopatra slot is absolutely remarkable!

Starburst Slot

The Game

Starburst slot gives you shining colorful gems to spin over a 5x3 slot reel. The game features 10 paylines, a max stake option, wild symbols and a feedback feature where every single win you land will be celebrated by a blinding explosion over your slots reel! The amount of paylines and the coin value can be adjusted by the player and the game is played with an RTP of 96.1%!

Why it’s popular

The Starburst slot game is the golden goose in all online casinos over the world! It’s simplicity draws both novice and experienced players. The game doesn’t hold any normal wild symbols, the wilds in Starburst slot game will not only expand over your reel they will also be locked into your reels for an unlimited amount of spins, as long as you continue to collect wild symbols your reels will spin for more wins! A super generous bonus feature that off course will be celebrated with a colorful explosion over your reel.


The Game

Ted, the super famous but crazy teddy bear from the movie with the same name. The movie with Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane was such a big success they decided to do a follow up Ted movie as well! You must have heard of the movie right? Well Ted slot is based on the very famous movie and Ted himself is the main character in your slots online game. Enjoy six modifiers and five bonus features while spinning the reels with 20 paylines.

Why it’s popular

Even though Ted is a bit bonkers and naughty we can’t help but like him. As mentioned above the movies was a huge success all over the world and the fact that you can play a rewarding slots online game with your favourite teddy bear in charge makes this game a huge attraction. Not only will Ted reward you with six random modifiers, the five different bonus rounds can easily be triggered by collecting three or more bonus symbols over your reel.

Rainbow Riches

The Game

It’s all about finding the pot of gold when you play Rainbow Riches slot. The old Irish tale about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is very much alive in this Irish game. This slot game will give you wild symbols and three super rich and rewarding bonus features. With an RTP at 95% and 20 paylines active to land a win the magical pot of gold is finally within reach!

Why it’s popular

Who doesn’t like Irish leprechauns, lucky clover, exciting bonus features and a beautiful Irish scenery? Remember the excitement as a kid when you saw the rainbow in the sky? That’s what you get when spinning the reels in Rainbow Riches slot. This happy and hopeful slots online game will make you start believe in magic again! Can the road to riches lead you to your fortune?

Wish Upon A Jackpot

The Game

Meet all your famous fairy tale characters when entering the world of Wish Upon A Jackpot Slot. This game will offer you five different modifiers that can be triggered on every spin. You will also play for the rewarding fairy tale bonus where you have to pick between four books to reveal your special bonus. This game has 20 active paylines and holds a RTP of 92.45%-95.26%.

Why it’s popular

Why is it popular? I think it goes without saying, we all find fairy tales and stories a little bit comforting and it’s something that reminds of our childhood or they will bring out some happy memories. 3 little pigs, Jack and the beanstalk and the fairy Godmother are examples of characters you will meet in this popular slots online game. The theme of this slot is a big part of why this game is at the top of all lists but the fact that you can win both free spins, cash prizes and multipliers makes this game keep its place on the top of the list!

Pixies of the Forest

The Game

Pixies Of The Forest holds an impressive 99 paylines which you can play for only 33 coins. This slot game is based on a fairy tale theme with magical pixies that sparkle and shine. The whole game gives you a mystical feeling and the characters are very intriguing. Enjoy both tumbling reels with chances to win consecutively and free spins where you can bag big wins for free!

Why it’s popular

99 paylines means that you have 99 winning slots combinations that will generate a payout! With so many active paylines on each spin there’s no question to why this game is so popular. We all like to win, often, right? As the paylines wasn’t enough this game have two super generous bonus features, tumbling reels and free spins. Both bonus features are known to generate high cash prizes!

Genie Jackpots

The Game

Don’t put the genie back in the bottle, let him out and he will award you big wins! Genie Jackpots is played over 5x3 reel with 20 active paylines which is quite common. But this game has something other games doesn’t, a progressive jackpot! A progressive jackpot on top of the three already very rewarding bonus features gives you a chance to grab a life changing cash prize!

Why it’s popular

As a slots online game packed with magic and rewarding bonus features there’s no doubt why this game is so popular. The progressive jackpot will obviously add to its popularity as big wins is something we all want right? Other than the super rewarding bonuses it’s the well known genie theme and all the shiny golden features in Genie Jackpot that attracts so many people to play this game.

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