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Valley of the Gods

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About Valley of the Gods

Valley of the Gods is a slots game that takes inspiration from ancient Egypt. This slot takes place outside a mysterious pyramid and is guarded by Gods Anubis and Horus.

When embarking on the journey to discover the hidden treasures within this pyramid, players can expect both Anubis and Horus to help unlock the secrets within, leading to potential large win bonuses and an action-fueled experience that leaves players full of adrenaline.

This action-packed slot is a 5 reel slot that offers players 45 to 3125 ways to win. Forming winning combinations will destroy the blockers, expand the playing grid, and activate free spins. Collect red and blue scarabs to feed Anubis and Horus to gain extra lives and a win multiplier bonus once all obstacles are cleared.

Valley of the Gods Information

Players can expect the following statistical data when playing Valley of the Gods.

Reels: 5 Slot Provider: Yggdrasil Paylines: 45 to 3125 Slot Theme: Ancient Egypt Main Bonus Round: Respins, Destroying Blockers, Win Multipliers, Lives. Free Spins: Yes

How to Play Valley of the Gods

Set Your Stake

The Valley of the Gods layout is both classic and straightforward, with the spin button in a central position within the command bar at the bottom of the screen. Players can set a stake between minimum of £0.10 to a maximum of £100.

How to Spin the Reels

After setting your stakes, the right of the spin button.

Valley of the Gods Bonus Features

Valley of the Gods Main Bonus Round

The main bonus round can be reached once all of the Scarab blockers have been removed, any winning spin is rewarded with a free spin, and the winning tiles act as food for Horus and Anubis.

When the blue Scarabs feed Anubis in the bonus round, five Scarabs result in an additional +1 multiplier being added to Anubis’s column. We experienced excellent results when the multiplier went above +3.

Red Scarabs feed Horus, and after five Scarabs, Horus rewards players with an additional +1 Life point. These life points get used when the free spins run out, increasing the odds of winning.

Valley of the Gods Additional Features

The re-spins feature gets triggered after every winning spin. The symbols from three adjacent columns must match to receive a winning spin.

Once any Scarab blockers have been removed, the re-spin feature will be activated until there are no more winning spins.

Valley of the Gods Review

The Valley of the Gods provides players with a unique and mysterious gaming experience. Set deep within the forgotten sands of the Egyptian desert, the amazing graphics and relaxing and dramatic soundtrack add to the overall gaming experience. The bonus features make this slot exciting as once the Scarab blockers are removed, players can expect an increased chance and big and super win jackpots.

Valley of the Gods FAQs

What is the maximum win in Valley of the Gods?

The maximum win in Valley of the Gods is £580000. Players can achieve this total by clearing all the Scarab Blockers, feeding both the Anubis multiplier and Horus live bonuses, and winning big within the main bonus area.

How many paylines are in Valley of the Gods?

The base game has 45 paylines, and as the Scarab Blockers are removed, the number of paylines increases to a massive 3125 paylines in the main bonus round.

What games are similar to Valley of the Gods?

Players who enjoy the Egyptian deities and themes will enjoy Book of Dead or Wings of Ra.

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