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Super Sic Bo


About Super Bic Bo

Evolution Super Sic Bo is a classic dice game with a unique twist with its possibility of random multipliers up to 1000x. Here you will aim to predict the outcome of the shake of three standard dice. Whilst this sounds rather simple, there is a huge number of bet types that can be made. Before every roll, random multipliers are applied to between zero and several bet spots. If the players bet is placed on a bet spot that has a multiplier active, the payout is multiplied accordingly. When playing there will be a statistics and easy-to-read winning number displays for both beginners and experienced players alike.

How to Play Super Bic Bo

Bet types

Small/BigPlace your bet on the total of three dice being Small (4-10) or Big (11-17). Please note these bets lose to any triple.
Odd/EvenPlace your bet on the total of three dice being Odd or Even. Please note these bets lose to any triple
TotalPlace your bet on any of the 14 betting areas labelled 4-17. Total is the total of the three dice and excludes 3 and 18. You win if the total of the three dice adds up to the Total number on which you placed your bet.
SinglePlace your bet on any of the six betting areas labelled from one to six. These represent the six face values of a dice.You win if one of three dice, two of three dice or all three dice show the number you bet on. The more dice that show your number, the higher the payout.
DoublePlace your bet on any of the six Double-labelled betting areas. To win, two of three dice must show the same number.
TriplePlace your bet on any of the six Triple-labelled betting areas. To win, all three dice must match the number chosen.
Any TriplePlace your bet on this box to cover all six different Triple bets at once. To win, all three dice must show the same number.
CombinationPlace your bet on any or all 15 possible two-dice combinations.

Payout Odds

4 or 1750-499:1
5 or 1620-249:1
6 or 1515-87:1
7 or 1412-29:1
8 or 138-24:1
9 or 126-49:1
10 or 116-24:1
Single: Double2-19:1
Single: Triple3-87:1
Triple (specific)150-999:1
Any Triple30-87:1

Super Bic Bo Features

Random Multipliers

Every game round has the possibility of exciting random multipliers. When betting expires a number of bet spots can be selected to have multipliers as high as 1000x on them. After this the live video feed will switch focus to show the best view of the dice roll and result. If the player’s bet is placed on the spot that has a selected multiplier active, and this is a winning combination, the payout will be multiplied accordingly.

Slot Boss Says

Super Sic Bo is a great new twist on the ancient Chinese dice game. Whilst the game may seem confusing we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Our live dealers will ensure the game runs smoothly whilst explaining the dice rolls. Don’t worry if you’re playing on a variety of devices as all features and bet types are available on desktop, tablet and smartphone. The game presentation will be expertly optimised for your device, ensuring the operating system and screen size is the best possible. The game really stands out with the possibility of a huge 1000x multiplier on your bets. If you like the live casino experience here at Slot Boss you may also want to check out Live Lightning Roulette where numbers can have multipliers of up to 500x.

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