Kindgom Of Wealth is a 30 payline 5x3 slot that features 5 huge bonus rounds so you can increase your chances of winning big!

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Pay Table

The paytable displays how much each symbol is worth in the game. It also displays general information on the game.

Total Bet

Change the stake for the next round in the total bet window.

Total Win

The total win window displays how much you have won after every spin.


When you have set your stake and you are ready to spin press the spin button.

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Wild Symbols

In Kingdom of wealth wilds help complete winning lines by substituting for the rest of the games symbols.

Royal Re-Spin

On the reels, you'll see 3 Throne symbols, one on the first reel, one on the centre reel and one on the final reel. When 3 matching symbols land in the Thrones, a Royal Re-Spin will be triggered. You'll have to pick a shield, with 3 different options available to be revealed: Spin, Collect or a reel symbol. Revealing Spin will keep all matching symbols in place, and re-spin the reels. A reel symbol will change the matching symbol to a new symbol. Choose different shields until the Collect shield is revealed. At this point, all wins will be awarded.

Queen Reel

If the Queen symbol lands on the 1st reels Throne, then the Queen Bonus is triggered. The reels will spin again and a random number of magic hearts will be added to the reels. Any hearts that remain on the reels when they stop will all be changed into the same symbol to help create winning lines. Any Queen symbols that land on the final reel will also act as a Wild for all symbols.

Monk Reel

Landing the Monk symbol in the Throne on the centre reel will start the Monk Bonus. The reels will start to spin, and before they stop, a number of Monk Wilds will be added to the reels. Anytime a Wild lands on the final reels, it will expand to cover the whole of its reel.

Barbarian Reel

When the Barbarian symbols lands on the Throne in the final reel, then you'll be rewarded with the Barbarian bonus. The reels with start spinning, and Barbarian Colossal WIlds will be randomly placed at different points on the reel. Each Collosal Wild will then act as a normal Wild and will help to complete winning lines for you.

Battle Bonus

If all of the Queen, Monk and Barbarian land in their respective Thrones at the same time, then the Battle Bonus will start. You'll be given a choice of choosing different shields, which will reveal different things. Some will feature the Queen, Monk, Barbarian or any combination of the 3, which will then spin the character reels. Others will reveal a multilpier, and one will reveal a Surrender sign. Picking Surrender will end the Bonus and award any wins.

Ranking Badges

The Ranking Badges are a way to track your progress in Kingdom Of Wealth. Keep earning badges for performing different tasks, and they will remain each time you come back to the game. You'll even get your first badge just for starting the game! Collect all the badges to truly claim the Kingdom Of Wealth as yours.

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