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About King Kong Cash

King Kong Cash is played on a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines. Big wins are possible in King Kong Cash, which is one of our most popular slots. Unlike many casino games this has 5 Bonus Features and the Big Monkey, which allows you to win up to 1000x your Total Bet. Have you arrived here looking for the popular Megaways sequel Return of Kong Megaways? You can play both right here at Slot Boss!

Slot Buttons


The Bet window shows you the amount that will be wagered on the next spin, you can change this to your preferred amount by using the arrows either side.


To start the reels in motion and to place your bet, click the Spin button.


In King Kong Cash, the Wild symbols include; Banana Cannon Wilds, Empire Spin Roaming Wilds and standard Wilds. Like most other online slots, the Wild symbols substitute for any symbol other than the Scatter symbol, to help create winning lines.

Bonus Rounds

Sleepy Kong

During any spin, if King Kong wakes from his sleep then there is a chance that the Sleepy Kong could be triggered. He will leap up off of his throne and then he will award you with one of the following Features:

Banana Cannon Wilds

If Kong leaps from his throne and fires a sticky banana bomb at you, using his banana cannon, the bomb will explode, turning other positions into Wilds. King Kong will then jump up and land on the reels, causing them to spin and Wilds are held in position.

Golden Barrel Super Spin

This feature will be triggered when Kong wakes from his slumber and throws a Golden Barrel at the reels, causing an explosion across the reels which increases the number of Golden Barrels on the reels. After the wheels have been spun, the Golden Barrels will explode, revealing another symbol.

King Kong Spin Streak

Kong will jump from his throne and begin beating the reels with a wooden mallet in this feature. The beating will cause the reels to respin, but the trigger symbols will be held in place. The respin will continue to happen until the win has no longer improved.

Bonus Boost

The bonus boost feature is similar to the Golden Barrel one, however the explosion will result in adding additional bonus symbols, rather than Golden Barrels. This will hugely increase the chance of triggering the bonus on that spin.

Barrel Blast Bonus

Landing on the Barrel Blast wedge on the reel triggers this Bonus Feature, which is played on a different screen that has several Barrels on it. In this Bonus Feature you select Barrels to reveal items. Each of the items matches up to a total bet multiplier and if you reveal three of the same item then you will receive a payout. Furthermore, revealing a special icon will result in the total bet multipliers being upgraded.

King Kong Trail Bonus

The King Kong Bonus Trail is played on a separate bonus screen, which has a retro style platform game theme. There are positive and negative outcomes that the barrels can have. The negative actions in this game include; advancing 1, 2, 3,4 or 5 which will cause Kong will move along the trail by the corresponding amount and if you reveal a Golden Monkey then you will advance onto the Big Monkey Bonus Feature. Alternatively, a negative outcome is that if you reveal a Bomb then the Bonus Feature will come to an end, paying the current total bet multiplier. If you reach the Big Monkey Bonus end game, then you will be presented with Kong surrounded by a carousel of barrels in the middle of the screen, as well as rows of bananas down the left and right sides of the screen. The Barrels will begin to spin and once they stop, you will be awarded with a corresponding total bet multiplier and you will be instructed to pick a banana. If the Banana reveals a Golden Monkey then the barrels will respin and the Bonus Feature will continue, whereas if you reveal a Bomb then the feature will come to an end.

Empire Free Spins

This Bonus Feature will begin if you land on the Empire Spins segment of the wheel. Ironically, this Bonus Feature is played on the top of the Empire State Building, where there are multiple reels in view. The screen begins at the top of the Empire State Building before panning down the other reel sets, with each set of reels detailing the upgrade needed for that set of reels. The game will begin at the bottom level and you will advance up the Empire State Building, depending on the amount of Golden Monkeys you collect in the Free Spins round. The further up you go, the more powerful the upgrade you are awarded. Free Spins will continue until you run out of Free Spins.

Golden Kong Free Spins

The Golden Kong Free Spins is played on a 5x4 slot reel and has 40 paylines. You are awarded a fixed amount of Free Spins and if any Special Wild Symbols appear on a spin then the corresponding number of wilds will be added to the wild bank on the right-hand side of the screen. After you have completed the initial Free Spins, you will be awarded a series of Wild Spins, which you will play on the same slot. During each of the Spins the accumulated number of wilds will be randomly added to the reels. Once your spins come to an end you will have the choice of three Barrels. If the Barrel of your choice reveals a Golden Monkey then the reels will spin again, but if it reveal a Bomb then the Bonus Feature will come to an end.

Bonus Activation

If three or more Bonus symbols appear on the reels then you will enter the Bonus. There are 5 different Bonus Features which will be determined by the King Kong Bonus. You will have to spin the reel and it will stop on one of the five features, revealing which Bonus you have been awarded.

Feature Gamble

Whenever you have a Feature Win in this slot game, you are given two options, you can either Collect the feature or you can Gamble it to win a different Feature, with possibly a higher payout.

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