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Crazy Coin Flip Live

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About Crazy Coin Flip Live

If you’re looking for a live casino experience that features a top live game show experience, look no further than Crazy Coin Flip Live. Collect the scatter symbols from across the slot reels to qualify before entering the live bonus game, where the live dealer will pull a lever to flip the coin. Whichever side it lands on, players will be paid out with that multiplier on their initial stake.

Crazy Coin Flip Information

Game Provider: Evolution

Game Theme: Live Casino Game Show

Main Features: Multiplier Top Up Phase, Coin Flip Bonus

How To Play Crazy Coin Flip Live

The objective of this live casino game is to qualify for the bonus round. Set your stake by clicking the (+) and (-) on either side of the total bet amount. Once happy with the chosen bet amount, click the bright green spin button to set the reels of this combination slot and game show game in motion. It’s worth noting this game contains three different spin modes in the base game, normal spin, XXXtreme Spin, and Super XXXtreme Spin, both of these game modes can help you potentially qualify the bonus round faster.

*XXXtreme Spin Mode This game mode will guarantee players one scatter symbol on the reels in each spin, but it will cost players 5x your base bet per spin.

Super XXXtreme Spin Mode This additional spin mode will cost players a huge 50x their base bet stake. However, it does guarantee that two scatter symbols will appear on the reels for each spin.

The bonus spin modes listed above also offer more multipliers during the slot game.

Crazy Coin Flip Live Features

Top Up Phase

After qualifying for the bonus round, players will be directed to the top-up phase, where they can boost the multipliers on offer. Here they’ll see another slot machine featuring the red and blue coin symbols across the reels, and if you wish to increase the multipliers in the game, players can increase the top-up amount before spinning the reels.

To win the multipliers shown in this game, match three across the middle row of the reels, and these multipliers will be added together at the top of the game reels and shown in each coin colour.

Crazy Coin Flip Bonus Round

After the allotted time in the top-up phase, players will be transferred to the Coin Flip bonus round. This is the end game of this live casino game, and here the live host will generate the multipliers for both sides of the coin. Before the coin flip, the other additional multipliers will also be added to his base amount.

The host will then pull the lever to flip the coin and the side that lands face-up is considered the winning side. Players will then be paid according to the multiplier on that side of the coin.

Crazy Coin Flip Review

Offering something a little different from the usual live casino games we have on offer, Crazy Coin Flip combines both online slots with an online game show, something we’ve not seen within our collection. This slick game from Evolution is set with an immersive studio and offers players huge winning potential with an extensive amount of multipliers on offer.

Crazy Coin Flip FAQS

How do you play Crazy Coin Flip? To play this live casino game, sign up at Slot Boss, deposit, load up the game and place your bets.

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