Cleopatra PLUS

As though Cleopatra wasn’t already good enough, IGT have came up with an even better version, Cleopatra Plus. This online slot has a similar base game to its predecessor, however it has improved Bonus Features, creating even more winning combinations




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Stacked 2x Wilds, Diety Symbols, Free Spins Bonus, Level Up Plus Feature

Cleopatra Plus is played on a 5x3 slot, consisting of 40 paylines and holds a host of new and innovative features that unlock the impressive Level Up Plus feature.



The Line Bet window shows you how much you will bet per line on the next spin, however you can alter this by using the ‘+’ to increase the bet per line and ‘-’ to decrease the bet per line.


The Total Bet identifies the amount that you will wager on the next spin by multiplying the bet per line by the fixed payline of 40.


After deciding the amount that you wish to bet, click on the red spin button. This will place your bet and cause the reels to spin.


The Win window indicates the amount that you have won on the previous spin.


The Balance Window shows you the amount of money left in your account to play with.


Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols, except for the scatter symbols. Cleopatra Plus also has stacked 2x Wild symbols, which vary from spin to spin, with up to 10-high stacks.


The Free Spins Bonus is triggered if you have 3 or more Bonus symbols on your reels. You will be given the option of 3 different Bonus realms: Alexandria, Nile River Valley and Pyramids of Giza. After you have chosen your realm, place your followers in 5-7 locations and you can receive between 3 and 7 followers by revealing triggering Bonus Symbols. You will begin with 5 Free Spins. Each of the locations have the same expected paybacks and each reveals an award. The awards include; Free Spins, cash award, Free Spins multiplier, Last Spin multiplier, Super Spins.


To level up you have to reach certain levels of followers, which allows you to unlock new realms and features. These realms and features are; the Nile River Bonus realm, the new Bonus Symbol with 2 followers, 3 new Deity symbols, the new Bonus symbol with 3 followers, the Last Spin Multiplier feature, the Pyramids of Giza Bonus realm and the Super Spins feature.