How to Play 3 Card Poker

How To Play 3 Card Poker

How To Play Three Card Poker

Popular casino games and slots company IGT are bringing 3 Card Poker to Slot Boss and we want to make sure all our players know exactly what to expect and how to play before the release of the game. Now if you are a regular poker player then you’ll know a few of the things we’re about the mention here but we recommend having a look underneath because you still may learn a thing or two about this rendition of the popular card game.

Ante Bet & Pair Plus

Ante Bet

There are two different ways to play 3 Card Poker which are the Ante-Bet and Play-Plus methods. In the Ante Bet players must beat the dealer in a playoff with an evens bet. Players “Ante-up” by making an initial bet before the cards are played dealt out. Once the cards are dealt face down, the player can either Fold or double their Ante. If the player folds, the dealer takes the ante and clears the cards, if players bet the dealer will show their cards. For the player to win the dealers ante and their bet, the dealer must have a hand of Queen-High or better. Otherwise, players will only win the ante.

EXAMPLE: If a player makes an original ante bet of £5, then bets an extra £5 and goes on to beat the dealer who has a Pair, you win £10 plus your £10.

If a player makes an original ante bet of £5, then bets an extra £5 and goes on to beat the dealer who has a Jack-High hand - players will win £5 plus their £5 because the dealer's hand did not rank higher than Queen high and we wouldn’t suggest making a bet if the best you have is a high-card.

Pair Plus

Now if the Ante Bet confused you don’t fret, Pair Plus is the more simplistic version of the game. Players don’t need to beat the dealer or worry about qualifying hands. Instead, the players wins are determined by a set pay-table. Players simply make a wager before the hands are dealt and if they possess a winning combination they are awarded a win from the paytable.

How to win?

Straight Flush: Three cards of the same suite and next to each other in numerical order E.G 2,3,4

Three Of A Kind: Players must get three of the same numbers on all three of their cards.

Straight: The player must have three cards with three numbers which are numerically next to each other.

Flush: All three cards must be of the same suite.

Pair: Two out of the three cards the player has must be the same number.

High Card: If the player does not have any of the combinations above they will be ranked on their highest numbered card.

If players are looking for an insight into what the IGT slot will be like we recommend checking out the live version of three card poker

Why play 3 Card Poker over regular poker?

Easier to Learn for Beginners

There are a number of reasons that people decide to play 3 Card Poker over the likes of Texas Hold Em’ but the main reason is simply the fact that it is so much easier to play for a beginner. A lot of Casino players choose to play 3 Card Poker because they don’t want to jump straight into the complicated rules of Texas Hold Em’, which is something we’d definitely recommend doing if your looking to play Poker in the future in our Live Casino

A moderate House Edge

When it comes to Casino everyone knows the house has an edge, otherwise Vegas Casinos might as well just have a sign saying: “Free Money”, Casinos often have a big house edge meaning that the player has less of a chance of winning. However, with 3 Card Poker there is a moderate house edge which means that players have a much bigger chance of winning in comparison to other games.

Multiple ways to play

As mentioned earlier there are two different ways of playing the game, meaning that players can select their style of game depending on how they are feeling at the start of the game. One way has a 1 vs 1 style to it and the other allows players to win up to 40x their bet. There is even the option to play both at the same time.


Q. Is there any strategy to 3 card poker?

A. There are many different strategies that players can implement when playing 3 card poker. Most of which depend on the High Card that players have. The most basic strategy comes with the Ante Play option where players simply bet if they have a Queen-6-4 or better and fold if they have anything worse. Learning the hands to fold and bet on, is really the biggest essential to any strategy you may have in 3 Card Poker.

Q. What is 3 Card Poker called?

A. In the modern day, it is very likely that you will only see this card game named: 3 Card Poker. However, it does also go by two other names. Casino Brag due to the fact the game was inspired by 3-Card Brag. You may also see this game named Tri Poker. However, in licenced casinos in the United Kingdom, you will only see this game as Three Card Poker.

Q. What is the best hand in 3 Card Poker?

A. The best hand in 3 Card Poker is the Straight Flush which players and the dealer have a 0.22% chance of drawing. There are up to 48 ways that players can land the Flush but there are also 22,100 different combinations that players can land. Three of a Kind is the second-best hand that players can play but it has an equally minimal chance of appearing with just 52 ways and a percentage of just 0.24%

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