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About Slingo Reel King Slot

Slingo Reel King slot is an impressive mix of entertainment with a blend of bingo and slot games. The game has a neat and smooth outlook. It plays at an incredible speed on the desktop and the mobile phone version.

Slingo Reel King slot is an unique and pretty straightforward game. The game comes with different bonuses with a full blend of luck. It springs up from a blend of Gaming Realms and Inspired Gaming to bring up the king feature. The collaboration has given rise to other high-quality and fantastic casino games. The best part of this game is its theme. As the name suggests, the Slingo Reel King slot. It welcomes you to gameplay full of numbers and allows you to share a royal good time. On the side, you’ll see a different number of lines to be completed on a climbing scale. At the top of the list is a full house with clear markings and a house to the right. The theme ends in a beautiful backdrop of ‘fleur-de-lis-flock’ wallpaper.

How to Play Slingo Reel King Slot

Slingo Reel King slot won't be a challenge if you’ve played bingo games before. Each game starts with 11 spins. The game seeks to match numbers on the reels with the numbers on the grid. It comes with a cash prize award depending on the number of lines completed.

Set Your Stakes

Slingo Reel King slot has a bet size ranging from $0.20 to $25. The reward starts from matching one line, receiving 0.1x your stake to full house matching, acquiring 500x your stake.

How to Spin the Reels

  1. Discover possible lines. Slingo Reel King slot doesn't have particular paylines. The game features 12 Slingo lines. You must understand what they win to land on a top win.
  2. Choose your bet. Set the amount you wish to wager, focusing on the minimum and maximum bet. The bet size is $0.25 to $25 and is adjustable below the reels.
  3. Playing Slingo Reel King slot is pretty straightforward. Click the green ‘start’ button to spin the wheels.

Slingo Reel King Slot Bonus Features

Typically, Slingo games don’t have bonuses but this game has the Reel King bonus feature is triggered from the original Reel King slot. The bonus trail can appear at any stage, though with different multipliers.

Reel King Bonus

Different king bonuses depend on the segments lit on the bonus bar. Lit segments help you win different king bonuses. Reel King characters spin their 3x1 setups to increase wins until you land on a losing spin.

Reel King Bonus: requires five lit segments to win up to three Reel King characters

Great King Bonus: requires six lit segments to win up to four Reel King characters

Super King Bonus: requires seven lit segments to win up to five Reel King characters

Mega King Bonus: requires eight lit segments to win up to six Reel King characters

Ultra King Bonus: requires nine lit segments to win up to seven Reel King characters

Slingo Reel King Additional Features

Other than the Reel King feature, Slingo Reel King slot players benefit from the standard Slingo extra features. Slingo Reel King slot allows players to buy extra spins once the initial game is over. Additional features include:

Wild: will enable you to mark off numbers on rows above the reel.

Super Wild: marks off numbers on the entire grid.

Free Spin: awards you an additional spin from the total tally.

Blocker: Diamond icons act as a blocker. It blocks potential matches on the grid.

Jackpot: There’s no specific jackpot in Slingo Reel King slot. However, there are impressive wins and offers that benefit players more. The maximum payout here is 500x your wagered amount. The higher the amount wagered, the bigger the bonus. For larger Jackpots check out our jackpot slots page

Slingo Reel King Slot Review

Slingo Reel King slot is an extemporal casino game.The combination of the two mechanics is a unique attribute of the game. It features simple rules and vast amounts on the reels. It’s easy to trail the game's bonuses from 1x to 500x.

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