sausage party casino game

Sausage Party

About Sausage Party

When we watched Sausage Party, we thought it was the weirdest cluster of randomness that we had ever seen and we were definitely unsure of how Blueprint Gaming would incorporate that randomness and manifest it into one of their online casino slots. One spoiler is that they have managed to do so remarkably with one of the widest ranges of bonus features that we have ever seen on Slot Boss. However, when you consider these were the brains behind the Ted online slot and The Goonies online slot game, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve seen yet another fantastic movie-themed slot from Blueprint.

The standard gameplay is very much how you would expect with retro elements complementing the movie theme. However, these food items come with a bit of spice in the form of fantastic bonus features - six of which are in the base game and six bonus rounds.

Standard Spin Bonus Features

Feature Description
Bath Boost Bonus Symbols are more accessible
Hot Dog Wilds Stacks any reel with Wild Symbols
Keen as Mustard Lands a big win on the reels
Mighty Reels Three reels combine into one Mighty Reel
Skin on Wilds Turns random symbols into Wild Symbols
Touching Tips Mystery Symbols will appear on the reels

Sausage Party: Bonus Rounds

There are six bonus rounds in the Sausage Party slot, some of which you will have seen in our online casino games before. There are three Free Spins rounds, two item pick rounds and one multiplier round. Each round has significant winning potential and each round is unique in its own way. These are all the bonus rounds in the slot and their purpose:

Feature Description
Bread Bash Free Spins round with Extra Wild symbols available
Bun In The Oven Free Spins round with Multiplier Wilds
Getting Juiced Free Spins round with rewarding Character Wilds
No So Great Beyond Pick food items which reveal cash prizes
Still Fresh Pick sausages off the shelf, surviving sausages provide wins
The Greater Beyond Main Multiplier Bonus Round