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Relax - Roulette


About Roulette

Roulette was reportedly created in 18th century France. However, it is also believed that Blaise Pascal put the wheels in motion for the Roulette wheel in the 17th century when he searched for a perpetual motion machine. However, the actual Roulette game was created in 1720 and since that year, dozens of new ways to play the popular casino game have come and gone but all have left the same question - red or black?

As one of the most popular casino games in history, Relax Gaming’s Roulette takes place using the European Roulette format which is arguably the most popular, especially in the United Kingdom. There are 37 numbers on the wheel and 80 different ways to bet which means that our players can always find a variety on their bets.

Bet Types

There are 10 different styles of bets that can be taken on the Roulette wheel with the maximum paying out at a price of 35/1 and the minimum paying out at evens.

The bets that players can make on Roulette are:

Three Line11/1
Six Line5/1

How to Play

The black bar on the bottom of the table has all the information that players need to set their bets. There are 6 chips ranging from 10p all the way to £100, which means that the Purple and Yellow chips you may find in a land casino are unavailable here. The chips that are available are:

10p - Grey and White

0.50p - Aqua and White

£1 - Blue and White

£5 - Green and White

£25 - Red & White

£100 - Black and White

Once you’ve gotten to grips with the chips and set out a gameplan, place your stake on your desired bet and click on the spin button in the bottom right corner to begin your spins. After your first spin, you will have the option to double or rebet. For a full in-depth guide on How to play Roulette why not check out our blog with all the latest information and strategies for the 13 different ways to play Roulette.

The Boss Believes: Roulette Review

The Relax Gaming doubleheader of Roulette and Blackjack can be taken as proof to providers looking to create the best new slots that new isn’t always better. With this game, they have used one of the best casino games in history and added a few tweaks to make it better which is exactly what providers should do with the fantastic game known as Roulette.

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