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The Money Matrix is a classic three-reel, single payline slot machine that harkens back to the old days of slot gaming. You will not find any fantasy characters here or mysterious storylines with unimaginable plot twists. What you will get is slot machine action the way it was originally intended to be. No fuss or fancy – just spins.

Game Play

Game play in the Money Matrix is very straightforward and easy to understand. With a single pay line to deal with, your only goal is to get three matching symbols on each of your three reels. It's as simple as that. You place your wager using the up or down arrow key at the bottom of the screen before pressing the START button to begin play. The reels will spin until they are ready to stop and reveal your symbols.

You can increase your chances of winning by using the NUDGE feature. What does this feature do for you? It applies a gentle lunch at the end of a spin to encourage reels to move just enough to create winning combinations. There is only one catch: you can nudge a maximum of three times at the end of a single spin. Furthermore, you can only nudge randomly – when the game gives you the option. Be sure to pay attention for the offer to nudge if you are spinning manually.

Bonus Rounds

Super Spin Feature

Every now and again, the Money Matrix likes to make up for failed nudges. It does so through the Super Spin feature that guarantees a winning spin. Like the Nudge feature, Super Spin occurs randomly. After a failed nudge, you'll know super Spin has been activated because the hold buttons light up and the game spins automatically.

Win Streak Feature

The Money Matrix is not heavy on special symbols or bonus games. However, the dollar sign symbol is extra special in this game. If you get three gold dollar signs on a standard spin, they will trigger the Gold Series Win Streak bonus. If three silver dollar signs appear, the Silver Series Win Streak bonus is triggered. A mixture of both triggers the standard Win Streak bonus. Regardless of which Win Streak feature is triggered, the reels will keep spinning as long as you win. Only after a non-winning combination appears are you returned to standard play.

If you prefer an older, arcade style slot game that is still innovative and easy to play, the Money Matrix is one you should try. You don't need a lot of bells and whistles to win big!

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