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Deal or No Deal Slingo

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About Slingo Deal or No Deal

When you mix one of the greatest television shows of all time with one of the best slot variations of all time, you should produce one of the best casino games on Slot Boss. That is the case here with Slingo Originals and Slingo Deal or No Deal which takes the classic Deal or No Deal theme and mixes it with Slingo. If you’ve made it to this game through some of our Deal or No Deal games then you may not be aware of what Slingo is. Slingo is the combination of slots and bingo. Players will be given a 5x5 bingo card and use the slot underneath to tick numbers off the card. Slingo games also contain small bonuses, such as multipliers, free spins and more.

In this game, players will start by picking their box number between 1 and 26. Following this, the remaining 25 boxes will be placed on the screen with random number values attached. You will have ten spins to clear at least four lines, anything less than four lines and players will not be able to win. Each spin will provide players with five values which will subsequently be crossed off your bingo card if you have them, each box will have a blue or red number inside of it. These are the multipliers that can be won depending on the number of lines acquired by players.

One to Three - Nothing: If players land four or fewer lines in Slingo Deal or No Deal, they will not receive any multipliers or wins.

Four - Banker’s Call: You will receive a phone call from the banker with an estimated value of your box. You can choose whether to continue spinning, open your box or accept the banker’s offer.

Five - 2x: If you land five lines on the card, you will notice all blue and red totals have been doubled.

Six - 3x: Landing 6 lines on the card will triple all totals.

Seven - 4x: Landing 7 lines on the card will quadruple all totals.

Eight - 5x: Landing 8 lines on the card will multiply all original totals by 5x.

Nine - 6x: Landing 9 lines on the card will multiply all original totals by 6x.

Ten - 7x: Landing 10 lines on the card will multiply all original totals by 7x.

Full House - 20x: The biggest win players can receive is in the Full House, land 11 lines on the card and you will receive a whopping 20x the original totals. Meaning in a £1 game your maximum win is £1000!

How to Play Slingo Deal or No Deal

How to set your stake

Set your stake underneath the lines and their win values on the left side of the screen. Using the - and + symbols will alternate your stake, and if you have the option to use an extra spin at the end of the game, you will find the required stake on the spin button.

How to spin

Click the start button to begin your first spin. Any winning values in your spins will be automatically crossed off the bingo card, the only time where players may tick off a value themselves is if they land the joker symbols. The green joker allows players to tick off any value within the same line, and the white joker will enable players to tick off any symbol. Landing the casino free spins symbol provides players with an additional spin at the end of the game.

The Boss Believes: Slingo Deal or No Deal review

Deal or No Deal games are always fantastic, but Slingo Originals have taken the game to an entirely new level with their Slingo version. The multipliers on show provide players with some massive winning value, and the game show theme means that players are likely to be familiar with the game before they enter their first stake. This is something that you may not find in our new slots 2020 list as games like Bonanza slot

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