Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal Live is Evolution’s multi-layered game which combines qualifying and prize top up rounds with a live hosted game show inspired by the TV hit Deal or No Deal. Here you will try to predict whether the amount of money left in the briefcases is higher than the banker's offer.




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Bonus: Qualification, Top Up, Main Game Show

About Deal or No Deal Live

Evolution’s Deal or No Deal Live is a multi-layered game where you will aim to qualify for the live round. First, you will have to qualify for the live show by getting through the vault wheel. Each spin will set the money in the biggest briefcase to between 75x and 500x the players bet. After this players will be able to top up this briefcase by 5x to 50x their bet. Once this has been completed the action will start with the live game show. Once the show has started the host opens boxes with deal or no deal payout opportunities coming during the game.

How to Play Deal or No Deal

Qualification and Top up Rounds

Before the main game you will have to make it through the qualification round. To do this you need to spin the bank vault wheel and align the golden segments in the upper central sector of the wheel. If you would like to increase your chances of qualification you can buy one or two rings with the “easy” and “very easy” buy options. There will be a timer in the centre of the screen; the aim is to qualify by spinning the wheel before this timer expires. If you do not manage to qualify you will be offered the opportunity during the next round. You can spin the wheel as many times as you would like with each spin costing your selected bet amount. The larger the bet, the larger the value within the briefcases when qualified. At any time during the qualification round, you will be able to select any briefcase to be the biggest-prized box.

Once you have qualified for this you will be taken to the Top Up wheel. Here you will have the opportunity to top up the biggest prize briefcase by 5x-50x your bet. This can be done by spinning the wheel as many times as wished in the time provided. Every spin will cost the selected bet amount.

Main Game Show

Once qualified you will enter the main game show as the contestant. Here you will find your briefcase at the front of the table with the host and a phone to the banker. The other 15 briefcases will be seen behind. Each case contains a number between 1 and 16 with the amounts of money relating to them shown on either side of the screen. During the show the assistant will open briefcases at random, revealing the amount of money they contain. Once a case has been opened it will be removed from both the game show and the display on the screen.

There will be different offers during the game where you will have the opportunity to accept a deal from the banker. The first opening and offer will come after three of the briefcases are opened. After four more have been opened the second opening and offer will come. When another four have been opened the third opening and offer will come. When there are only two briefcases left the fourth opening and final offer will arrive. Here the player will be given the deal and no deal options as well as the opportunity to switch cases. During the last opening, both briefcases will be opened, if the player has switched cases they will open the one they switched for. If they have kept the same case, this will be opened. A message displaying winnings will appear on the screen and the game will end.

Slot Boss Says

Deal or No Deal Live is a great new twist on the classic television game show. A number of different rounds keep the game interesting and the live hosts and assistants come second to none. They ensure the game runs professionally and smoothly throughout. Don’t worry about the device you’re playing on as the game is optimised to be enjoyed on market-leading tablets and smartphones via WiFi or mobile connection. The casino game really shines with the huge multipliers that can be applied to the boxes. If you like the live casino experience here at Slot Boss you may also want to check out Live Lightning Roulette where numbers can have multipliers of up to 500x.