About Blazing Bull

Blazing Bull is a fantastic online slot game from Kalamba Games. If you haven’t heard of Kalamba Games yet, you’re in for a spectacle, as Blazing Bull was the first Kalamba slot released on Slot Boss which demonstrates just how strongly we admire this slot. From the design, to the format, through to the mechanics and finally into the bonus rounds, there are very few aspects that could be deemed as flaws in this game. The design is magnificent, the mechanics are simple but interesting and the bonus round has features that make losses that would usually be infuriating, a little less so.

Now that all sounds well and good but you’re probably wondering how Kalamba have managed to accomplish this and we’ll tell you, starting with the design of the slot. Any provider looking to create one of our best casino games knows that gameplay and graphics go hand in hand. In Blazing Bull the smooth reels and low-paying symbols are complemented by the slightly harsher looking higher-paying symbols, mix this with the luscious backdrop of North American lakes and this slot wouldn’t look out of place as someone’s desktop background! This is brilliantly complemented by the gameplay of the slot, the standard spins play like the majority of slots in a lot of ways but there is one aspect that sets it apart from many others in our opinion. When you enter the game, the top of the slot will show the two Free Spins bonus rounds available in Blazing Bull - at first they can look a little underwhelming but then when you collect the Golden and Silver Bull coins, the bonuses upgrade and more Free Spins can be won. So, even if you’re in that horrible situation when two bonus symbols land on the reels and the third doesn’t drop, you’re rewarded. Very few slots manage to turn that gutting moment into a positive.

Blazing Bull Bonus Features

Free Spins

There are two Free Spins rounds in the Blazing Bull slot, the Golden Bonus and the Silver Bonus. These are activated by landing their respective scatter coins on the reels. Land three on the reels to activate their bonus, but if you land just one or two of the coins on the reels, the designated bonus meter will begin to fill. Once filled it will upgrade the bonus and reset.

However, that’s not all, you can upgrade the bonuses even more with the number of bonus symbols you land on the reels during the bonus round

  • Two bonus symbols will provide players with +2 Free Spins.
  • Three bonus symbols will provide players with +5 Free Spins.
  • Four bonus symbols will provide players with +8 Free Spins.
  • Five bonus symbols will provide players with +10 Free Spins.
  • Six bonus symbols will provide players with +15 Free Spins.

Why Play Blazing Bull?

The Full Package - We very rarely get the opportunity to say that a slot is the full package, whether that would be in our Live Casino Games, Jackpot Slots or even our standard slots. However, Blazing Bull is different with one example being that it contains opportunities to upgrade your bonus features even on losing spins. Blazing Bull is definitely a slot we recommend.

Introduction to a new provider - If you’ve solely played slots on Slot Boss, you may not have witnessed a Kalamba slot which is understandable as they were only founded in late 2016. One thing we will say is that if the provider continues to create games with the quality of Blazing Bull, you will be seeing more Kalamba games on Slot Boss in the future.