Auto Live Roulette

Auto Live Roulette


What is Live Auto Roulette?

All our other live roulette games are played with a croupier who manages the action. You place your wagers and the croupier spins the wheel. You can interact with the croupier throughout as well. In Live Auto Roulette, the croupier has been replaced by a technologically-advanced and fully-automated wheel that spins without any human intervention. Everything else about the game remains the same.

So what's the advantage of an automated wheel? Speed. The roulette wheel in Live Auto Roulette is capable of making between 60 and 80 spins per hour depending on how fast players place their wagers. There is no waiting about because the wheel is always ready to go. If you are the only player at the table and you are content to stick with the same wagers for multiple spins, you can get Live Auto Roulette going almost as fast as a video slot!

You are still connected with the studio via a live video feed, so you can watch all the action as it unfolds. The camera is aimed squarely at the automatic wheel on every spin. As with our other live roulette games, computer-generated graphics overlay the video image in the lower portion of the screen. This is where you place your bets, clear the table, edit your favourite bets list, etc.

All of this is made possible thanks to a combination of computer gaming technology and high-speed internet. Regardless of where you are, a high-speed internet connection gives you access to Live Auto Roulette on a computer or mobile device. Play anywhere, anytime you like. Live Auto Roulette is the most convenient way to play because it never closes. The automated wheel never needs a break or time to sleep. You do though, so please play responsibly.

How to Play Live Auto Roulette

You play Live Auto Roulette the same way you play any other roulette game. European rules apply, so that means there are only 37 pockets – including the single zero. You also do not have access to the 'basket bet'; that wager is only available in the American game.

After logging in to your account and navigating to Live Auto Roulette, you are ready to play. Make your bets by dragging chips onto the betting table as you see fit. Choose inside bets, outside bets, or a combination of both. You can bet up to the limit of the table as long as you have the chips to do so. When you are ready, click the 'Spin' button to get the wheel going.

The roulette wheel spins in one direction while the white marble moves around the rim in the opposite direction. Once the marble drops into the wheel, it will eventually make its way to one of the pockets. A wager on the correct pocket makes you a winner. Roulette is just that simple.

The challenge of this wildly popular game is developing a betting strategy. Roulette offers dozens of different wagers, and you are not limited to just one wager per spin. You can place as many wagers as you like. You can wager on colours, even/odd numbers, or groups of numbers in different variations. We advise you learn the different wagers in order to maximise your chances of winning.

Special Features and Bonus Play

The selling point of Live Auto Roulette is the speed of the game. In other words, its best special feature is the automated wheel that requires no human croupier to operate. That wheel is what makes Live Auto Roulette one of the most fast-paced, action-packed roulette games online.

There is another special feature you'll enjoy as a Live Auto Roulette player: you can create your own customised list of favourite bets for more streamlined play. That list travels with you throughout the live roulette environment. That means you can use the same customised bets in all our live roulette games.

There is no better place than our casino to play Live Auto Roulette. We invite you to step up and give it a try today. And to show our appreciation, we offer regular bonuses to our most loyal players. Bonuses change frequently, so you need to check back as often as you can to see what we have going. At any rate, bonus play is better play from our point of view. We think you'll agree.

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