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Michael Jackson - King of Pop Slot Review

Last Updated: 11/05/2020

Michael Jackson - King of Pop - Slot Review

One of the most significant cultural figures in the 20th century was Michael Jackson, the singer/songwriter was one of the greatest entertainers of his generation and is the third best selling artist of all time. Whether people were a fan of his music or not, they recognised the massive impact the man had on the pop industry. Bally Technologies brought one of the top music influencers to the world of slots with King of Pop slot.

About Michael Jackson - King of Pop

The Michael Jackson - King of Pop slot is a 5-reel, 25 payline slot that has a max bet of £80, while there are five massive bonuses that players can use to boost their winning potential. The slot contains clips of Michael Jackson’s hit songs such as Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Bad and more!

The in-depth audio and video additions make this a truly fantastic online slots experience for new and experienced players. The slot contains standard symbols from a pack of cards but the advanced symbols are Michael Jackson’s typical attire, such as the Diamond Gloves and Boots, the slick shades and lastly the signature Jackson hat.

Michael Jackson - King of Pop - Bonus Features

Moonwalking Wilds

Shamone! During the base game, 2-5 random Moonwalk Wilds may appear anywhere on the reels. These substitute for all symbols except the bonus and jackpot, of course, the player isn’t punished if the two land in the same place, in fact the player receives both symbols together! If one or more Moonwalk Wilds appear in a winning combination then that active payline is also doubled!

Stacked Wilds

During the base game spin, two reels may become wilds. These substitute for all symbols except the bonus and the jackpot. Once again if they land in the same place, the player gets both!

Our Experience With Michael Jackson - King of Pop

To fully grasp how good or bad a slot may be, we feel like Slot Boss must go through each game we review using our fantastic demo option and tell our readers exactly how our spins went. Now, in the past, we’ve been on the right side of the RTP more often than not but beware because there are a few slots that have taught our writers a few lessons. Nevertheless, here is the action from our 100 spins of Michael Jackson - King of Pop.

Spins 1-10

A steady start to our spins as we put in £20 and received £18.30 back mainly through the Diamond Boots and the Wild symbol, which has been constant so far.

Spins 11-20

Again, a steady return of £12.80 from our £20 but we haven’t activated any major bonuses. We’ve seen the symbols but nothing has activated just yet.

Spins 21-30

The main aspect of these spins was the activation of the Moonwalking Wilds which unfortunately didn’t match with any significant symbols but we did hit two Jackpot symbol wins which meant we finished these spins in a profit at £22!

Spin 31-40

Disaster. 3 small wins from £20 gave us a total of £2.25 back.

Spin 41-50

Retribution! Spin 41 gave us the Platinum Bonus Spin when we hit 400, which gave us a win of £20 to start off. The rest of our spins gave us £9.85 which meant for these 10 spins we were back in profit.

Spin 51-60

It’s happened again! The Moonwalking Wilds return and this time around they produce a win! Five Double Wilds match with the Diamond Boots and the Jackson Hat to provide us with a win of £26.50, we also had two wins of £5 and £7.50 as the rest of our spins gave us a total of £14.30. Leaving us exactly £6 up after spin 60.

Spin 61-70

Hee Hee! Another big win with the Stacked Wilds feature this time around. We were even quite unlucky with 5 of the remaining symbols being standard symbols. Here we won £21 and then an additional £6.80 from the rest of our spins. Meaning in total we’re £13.80 up!

Spins 71-80

Diamond Gloves and three wild symbols gave us a win of £12 and the two Jackpots gave us another £4, three small wins gave us a total of £17.75.

Spins 81-90

We start off with a quick £5.50 from two jackpots and three hat symbols, other than that we won a total of £3.50. £9 from £20 here.

Spins 91-100

Just when you thought the King of Pop was set to knock us down, we get our biggest win yet. We had nothing between spins 91-97 then on Spin 98 the stacked wilds land in our favour with special symbols in between them, giving us a win of £42.25. This was followed by a £3 win on the final spin to give us a profit of £25.25 on these ten spins and winnings of £24.25 in total from our 100 spins.

Please bear in mind that as all casino games are created using a random number generator, no two experiences are the same. You will not replicate our experience, your experience could be a lot worse or a lot better, we hope it is the latter but most importantly always remember to follow safer gambling guidelines when you play with us. 18+.

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