Cop the Lot Review

Cop the Lot Slot Review

Cop the Lot Review

Here at Slot Boss we offer a large variety of slots, so many in-fact that it’s hard to pick one particular slot to play. This is why we’ve picked out one of our favourites and decided to do a review on Cop the Lot

About Cop the Lot

Here at Slot Boss, we have a love for almost every slot on our site and those packed with unique bonus features are the ones that go above and beyond to stand out amongst the pack. Cop the Lot is a slot that specialises in fantastic bonus features which ensure there is rarely a dull round. It’s well documented here at Slot Boss that we are big fans of the work that Blueprint Gaming put out, so much so that we did a Wish Upon A Jackpot Review not too long ago, and now we’re back with another fantastic slot.

The reels in Cop the Lot are, as you can probably guess, based around the Cops and Robbers theme and gives the player the opportunity to play as both the cop and the robbers. However, neither of the characters are particularly bright and need your assistance to one-up the other.

Cop the Lot Bonus Features

Cops and Robbers

3 or more Cops and Robbers bonus symbols initiates the Cops and Robbers Bonus. Roll the dice to move around the board and collect multipliers and Keys. 3 Keys will allow players to enter the Millionaire’s Row where the multipliers are substantially higher but beware, the cops are behind you and if you are caught, you’ll go to court and receive one of four verdicts: Case Dismissed: Carry on your rolls. Do A Runner - Run around the board collecting extra multipliers and keys. Wrongful Arrest - Our robbers are compensated with a bonus mystery multiplier before carrying on. Banged Up - Go to Jail and the feature ends.

Usual Suspects

Choose the criminal that you believe committed the crime and they will reveal a mystery multiplier. This multiplies your total bet to give you a bigger bonus win. Who was it? Masked Mike, Skinny Steve, Tiny Tony or Burglar Bill, it’s up to you to see if you can bring the right criminal to justice.

Smash and Grab Bonus

If players can land three or more Smash N Grab symbols on your reels you will enter the free spins bonus round. Where you will break into a bank and effectively reenact a game of Deal or No Deal with the safes to see exactly how many Free Spins you receive. You will have the option to take or leave the Free Spins that have been offered. Players can win up to 50 free spins and activate other bonus features whilst in the free spins bonus round.

Our Experience with Cop the Lot

To play Cop the Lot, we utilised the demo features that we contain in all our slots for registered players. So if you haven’t registered yet, you can’t use the demo. But we put this slot to the test in 100 spins, Here was our experience:

Spins 1-10

We admittedly had a very slow start to the slot picking up just two wins in our first ten spins. We had two Cops and Robbers symbols twice, so we’ve started off quite unlucky and are £6.80 down to begin with.

Spins 11-20

We started off here with a big win of 10x our stake and immediately set ourselves up for a much better set of spins. We won multiple times with the small symbols which kept us in profit going into round 20. At this point, we have 3 bonus wins teased but so far nothing has come to fruition. At this point, we are £2.75 up.

Spins 21-30

The Super Wild x2 was our lifesaver in this section, we had no wins for 6 spins before the Super Wild came in and provided us with 12x our stake which ensured that we would again make a profit from these 10 spins but on our last spin we were given the opportunity to play our first bonus, the Smash and Grab. We lost 6 and 50 free spins straight away and were offered 13 free spins. We decided to reject and continue. We then lost 18 and 10 free spins and were once again offered 13, but we stuck to our guns and rejected. Unfortunately, we then lost 20 and 25 free spins and found ourselves stuck with the lowest three options and 15 free spins. By the final round it came down to two boxes, 7 and 15, and we were offered 11. We said no deal and won 7 Free Spins.

In the free spins round we failed to hit any big wins but did manage to win 13 times our stake. Putting us up by £23.

Spins 31-40

Nothing much happened here. We were teased with the usual suspects round but just won with small symbols to finish £17 up.

Spins 41-50

Another slow set of rounds, we have nearly broken even for the round with the Super Wilds keeping us 16 up.

Spins 51-60

A massive x15 stake win came from 2 Cop the Lot symbols, 4 Super Wilds and the special cash symbol and we saw the Jackpot King symbols for the first time with 3 / 5 arriving on the reels. We then had another 4x stake win to have us finish our 60th spin up by 29x our chosen stake, which in our case was £29.

Spins 61-70

Honestly, we won 0.40p from £10 here. Not one of our finest sets of spins. £19 up.

Spins 71-80

This wasn’t much better either. £4 back from £10, £13 up.

Spins 81-90

Some solid wins in here with two 4x winnings ensuring we made back what we spent in these rounds £15 up! It’s been a long time since we entered one of the bonus rounds. Can you guess why we’ve said that?

Spins 91-100

COPS AND ROBBERS! Finally, In spin 94 we get the biggest moment of the game with this bonus feature. We went around the board twice and managed a 20x multiplier before being caught by the policeman and going to court only for the case to be dismissed! Our band of thieves survived, We managed to get a x73 multiplier before we were caught again and unfortunately we found ourselves banged up this time around. The next five spins gave us nothing and we ended on a win of 0.30p!. Meaning that we finished £72 up.

Please bear in mind that as all casino games are created using a random number generator, that no two experiences are the same. You will not replicate our experience, your experience could be a lot worse or a lot better, we hope it is the latter but most importantly always remember to follow safer gambling guidelines when you play with us. 18+.

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