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Each month the Slot Boss reviews the best new slot releases available to play. Choose from some of the top new online slots on the market. Want to know more? Find out about about New Online Slots below.

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Some of the most popular slots on Slot Boss are as old as they come, but they’re classics that you would find in Vegas casinos and it’s very likely that at least some of those players simply prefer those slots because they’re used to them. However, there are some aspects that older slots like the Starburst slot and Rainbow Riches simply don’t have. In recent years, we have seen a plethora of new slots that have simply changed the way that we play them. With new bonus rounds, some new providers and a lot of dynamic changes to the world of slots gaming, there have been a lot of changes from the retro days of slot machines gaming but we here at Slot Boss will be including the newest and very best updates from the world of slots, as soon as we have them.

Slot Boss Slots

When you’re looking for new online slots to play on Slot Boss, the best place to check is this page as it is constantly updated with our very best new slot games of the new year. With over 600 slots and casino games available for players to play online today, you may be wondering how Slot Boss chooses the slots that appear on site. As a licensed UK casino, we must provide our players with the best and safest gaming experience possible, meaning that all games are thoroughly tested and match the quality criteria set by industry professionals. In short, we ensure that we have the very best games possible from a range of different trusted providers such as IGT, Red Tiger Gaming, Blueprint Gaming and more! With all of our providers releasing fantastic slots, you can guarantee that you will always find the very best games right here on Slot Boss.

Why play New Slots over Older Slots?

A number of players on Slot Boss prefer older slots because they know exactly what to expect from each game. This is perfectly fine if you’re a player that prefers either the retro style of gaming or there is an older slot that particularly stands out to you. However, we recommend checking out our newest slots because of the array of unique features that can be found within. Recent developments have seen many providers test out new, unique methods of winning as each provider looks to find their alternative to the Megaways engine which has swept the casino world off its feet in recent years since the release of the Bonanza slot. Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why you should check out some of our newest slots.

1. Technological Advances

The latest technology can be scary when you think of its possibilities; however, one guaranteed impact of updated technology is significant improvements to casino gaming. It has reached the point where a slot could be at the height of casino aesthetics in 2019 but be made to look ordinary a year later. Suppose you told someone in the 20th century that in 2021 we would be able to play live casino games by using a 5x2 inch combination of metal, glass and wiring. They’d never believe you. The rising of technology in gaming is inevitable. Could we even see Virtual Reality incorporated into online slots in 2021?

2. Unique Gameplay

One thing that is guaranteed to come with the rising of technology is innovation and creativity. The most creative providers will be rewarded this decade with a new wave of unique gameplay. After Big Time Gaming’s Megaways engine has taken them to new heights, many providers will look to provide unique spins on casino gameplay to replicate their success. Will any have the success of Big Time Gaming? That remains to be seen, but the best way to find out is to check out our newest online slots and decide for yourself.

3. The ultimate casino experience

Here at Slot Boss, our objective is to provide our players with the greatest gaming experience. A large part of that objective is having all of the best games from past and present available for all of our players to experience. We always try to provide unique gameplay, which is why we introduced our players to Slingo slots as soon as they were available in the UK. If you were to play every slot - past and present - and decide which games are worth your time, it would take a very long time, which is why we do it for you. We know that each player’s definition of the ‘ultimate casino experience’ will differ, which is why we have one of the broadest casino libraries available online. If you’ve already found your slot, there’s a good chance there will be a sequel in our new slots. If you haven’t found your slot yet, keep checking our new slots page, and we’re sure that you’ll eventually find the game for you.

At this time, we remind all of our players that they do not have to play these games for real money.

New Online Slots

On Slot Boss, we have a tonne of new releases every month, some of our most recent online slots have included new, interesting features that we have never seen before. We won’t just be including new slot games in this section however, we’ll also be keeping you up to date with all the latest information regarding our live casino games which feature some of our very best games including the likes of Roulette, Blackjack and even Monopoly!

New Slots: What to Expect

In this section, we’ll be including articles on the newest online slots from each month and will include a game grid featuring all of the most recent slots from the last month. The grid will be updated on the first Monday of every month, so don’t be alarmed if the very latest casino games haven’t been added yet.

New Bonus Slots

Now, as well as our best new slots, we also have a blog dedicated to our best Bonus slots which will highlight the best bonus features, the most unique bonus rounds and what games to play if you’re looking for certain bonuses. Out of our most popular bonus slots.

New Slots FAQ

Q. Is it safe to play at new slots sites?

A. It is safe to play at any online slots site that contains the proper licensing. If you're playing slot games in the United Kingdom on a website like Slot Boss, there is strict criteria and a lot of measures in place to ensure your safety.

Q. What kind of bonuses can I get on new slots sites?

A. If you're looking to play the newest slots on a registered slots provider, then you can often find Free Spins and no deposit bonuses available on sites. On Slot Boss, you can view our offers on our slot promotions page.

Q. Why should I play new slots?

A. As technology grows, the possibility of slots grows. The older the slot, it is likely that you've seen all the bonus features before and that can change with a newer slot. It provides a new experience which is important to a lot of players, slots like Starburst and Rainbow Riches will always be the favourites to some but they are very basic, newer slots are most up-to-date, fresh, and are preferred by some players.