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Play New Online Slots

New Online Slots

Some of the most popular slots on Slot Boss are as old as they come but they’re classics that you would find in Vegas Casinos and it’s very likely that at least some of those players simply prefer those slots because they’re used to them. However, there are some aspects that older slots like the Starburst slot and Rainbow Riches simply don’t have. In 2020 alone, we have seen a plethora of new slots that have simply changed the way that we play them. With new bonus rounds, some new providers and a lot of dynamic changes to the world of slots gaming, there have been a lot of changes from the retro days of slot machines gaming but we here at Slot Boss will be including the newest and very best updates from the world of slots, every single week.

## Seven Best New Slots In 2020

The year of 2020 has seen the release of hundreds of online slots in the casino industry but not all of them have had the quality of some of our best online slots. That’s why at Slot Boss, we aim to provide our players with the best slots released every single year and we always make sure that we have a slot for every type of player. So far this year, we’re spoilt for choice in choosing our best new slots, but our first selection has to be:

## Slingo Rainbow Riches

Play Slingo Rainbow Riches

When Slingo slot games arrived at Slot Boss, we knew there was one slot that we needed to have on site and that game was Slingo Rainbow Riches, as the original Rainbow Riches has been one of Slot Boss’ best performing games since we began our quest to become the best online casino back in 2012. However, sentimentality aside, Slingo Rainbow Riches also provides one of the best gameplay experiences out of the Slingo games due to the fantastic range of bonus features that have been taken from the original slot.

Perhaps, the element that players enjoy most about the Slingo Rainbow Riches slot other than the unique style is the winning potential on show here. If players manage to land a full house, they will activate the Pots of Gold feature which can provide players with 1000x their stake.

Deadwood Slot

Play the Deadwood Slot

The Deadwood slot is the first of our No Limit City releases and it was a fantastic choice for our first release. The western theme revolves around the fantastic and frantic ‘train robbery’ theme that can be seen in a select few Slot Boss slots; however, Deadwood takes our online casino games to a new level. How does it do this? There are multiple fantastic bonus rounds for players to progress through such as the Shoot Out Bonus which turns low paying symbols on the third reel into wilds, turning a potentially winless board into a board with big wins.

Free Spins Bonus Rounds

There are two bonus rounds in the Deadwood slot and they are the Gunslinger Spins which is the more volatile of the two Free Spins rounds and the Hunters Free Spins. Both features are based around multipliers; the Hunters Free Spins introduces Hunter Wilds which have multipliers attached while the Gunslinger Spins has an unlimited multiplier that remains on the reels for the entire bonus.

Razor Shark

Play Razor Shark slot

Push Gaming are a fantastic provider of some of our best new slots. However, they are one of the newer providers to Slot Boss, but Razor Shark is just one of the best games of 2020 due to the several unique features that are available in-game. The theme is also one that we rarely see on Slot Boss after the brilliant success of Fishin Frenzy, but Razor Shark is one of the few slots that could potentially surpass this fantastic game. One of the features that we believe makes this game a standout slot of 2020 is the brilliant nudge and reveal feature which brings stacked wild symbols onto the reels in the form of Shark symbols which will manoeuvre down the reels gradually until all of the seaweed symbols have fallen off the reels. Look out for the Golden Shark symbol which can provide players with massive wins and multiplier coins.

Free Spins Bonus Round

Yet another one of our fantastic slots of 2020 contains the Free Spins bonus round which players can activate by landing 3 bonus symbols on the reels within a singular spin. During the bonus round, mystery stacked symbols appear on reels 2 and 4 leading to an increase in multipliers and a potential payout of up to 2,500x the player’s stake. Can’t get enough of Free Spins? This bonus round will continue until the mystery stacked symbols are removed from the reels.

## Dragon's Fire Megaways

Play Dragon’s Fire Megaways slot

All of the slots on this list are completely unique and that is one of the many fantastic factors you will find in Slot Boss slots. However, the fourth slot in our list is the brilliant Dragon’s Fire Megaways, as one of the best Megaways slots online it was inevitable that the popular Red Tiger slot would make its way into this list. This slot contains many of the typical conventions of a Megaways slot with a few additional changes in regards to additional paylines and the bonus features available. As a sequel to the original Dragon’s Fire slot, this is a game that had tonnes of potential and that was matched primarily due to the fantastic features from the first game being adapted to suit modern day slot players.

Free Spins Bonus Round

A classic example of the earlier point is the Dragon Fire Free Spins bonus round which can provide players with massive cascades and multiplier wins as each cascade increases the multiplier attached. Land three of the game’s bonus scatter symbols on the reels at any time to initiate the bonus, any Dragon’s Egg multipliers will continue over into this round of the game meaning that players can begin the round with a high multiplier and watch it increase over the round. This means that Dragon’s Fire Megaways can provide players with multipliers higher than most Megaways slots.

## More Slots

Our online slots repertoire is growing every single day here at Slot Boss, meaning unfortunately some of our favourite games haven’t made this list, but they are far too impressive to leave out. So here are eight slots that are honorary mentions in the best slot games of 2020 so far.

Rick And Morty Megaways

Play Rick and Morty Megaways slot

We’ve gone for back-to-back Megaways slots here as the fifth slot on our list, which is from the brilliant Blueprint Gaming where we join Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez on their journey through the universe. Their latest conquest has put them in another troublesome situation and they need our slot players to play through four bonus rounds and collect a maximum win of up to 50,000x their stake to get them out of it. Following the traditional format of Megaways slots, Rick and Morty Megaways utilises the Free Spins and cascading reels which wonderfully combine to create one of the best casino bonuses on Slot Boss.

Free Spins Bonus Rounds

There are four different bonus rounds available for players in the Rick and Morty Megaways slot. If players land four bonus symbols on the reels at one time, it will take players through to the Feature Picker where these four Free Spins rounds are available:

- Pickle Rick Free Spins - Offers massive multipliers in the typical Megaways fashion. - Federation Wild Free Spins - Contains many scatter symbols and multipliers with massive wild symbols. - Vindicator Free Spins - Land special symbols with cash values attached. - Mystery Free Spins - With up to 50 Free Spins available, this gives players the biggest number of Free Spins in the game.

Jammin’ Jars

Play Jammin’ Jars

Jammin’ Jars is without a doubt one of Push Gaming’s greatest creations as it expertly combines some of the best elements of modern day slots but also contains some features that have made our retro slots popular. We have a wide range of the most intriguing online slot games, but Jammin’ Jars is very unique. The fast paced game is available for all players on a multitude of platforms such as mobile, iPad and desktop.

With cascading reels, cluster wins and giant fruit symbols, there are a number of fantastic features that make the Jammin’ Jars slot unique. We believe that the standard spins of Jammin’ Jars play out similarly to bonus rounds of other slots due to the fantastic number of bonus features that can combine together in this game.

Free Spins

With all the innovative features in the standard spins section of the slot, you would expect the Jammin’ Jars bonus round to be extravagant - and you wouldn’t be wrong. This bonus round contains all of the brilliant features in the standard spins but also adds sticky multipliers that remain on the reels for the entirety of the bonus round. These multipliers can tally up to give our players the biggest wins possible in the Jammin’ Jars slot.

Fishin Frenzy Jackpot King

Play Fishin Frenzy Jackpot King

Very few slots manage to last the test of time as well as Fishin Frenzy. Since its release, we’ve seen a Megaways and a Jackpot King feature; however, our favourite aspect of the Fishin Frenzy slot is the fact that it sticks to a purely unique theme, layout and gameplay. This Blueprint Gaming slot contains the majority of the aspects that made Fishin Frenzy one of our best slots alongside the likes of the Starburst slot and Rainbow Riches. This version obviously contains the brilliant Jackpot King feature alongside many of the brilliant features that made the original a success, such as the Free Spins feature which allows players to cast their hook into the ocean and go fishing. The bigger the fish, the bigger the win!

Fishin Frenzy: Jackpot King Round

The Jackpot King is a bonus round that has been created by Blueprint Gaming. Popular in many casino games around the world, the Progressive Jackpot King provides players with the biggest win potential in casino gaming. How do I win a Jackpot King, we hear you ask. Simple! Spin the reels and land five Jackpot King Deluxe symbols on reels 1 through 5 and this will advance you through to the feature. However, this is just step one, step two requires players to accumulate 15+ Crown symbols to progress through to the Wheel King feature. After each spin, players will be given three crowns to choose from. Look to avoid the collect crown and accumulate ‘spin’ or ‘wheel king’ crowns to progress.

Slot Boss Slots

When you’re looking for new online slots to play on Slot Boss, the best place to check is this page as it is constantly updated with our very best new slot games of the new year. With over 600 slots and casino games available for players to play online today, you may be wondering how Slot Boss chooses the slots that appear on site. As a licenced UKGC casino, we must provide our players with the best and safest gaming experience possible, meaning that all games are thoroughly tested and match the quality criteria set by industry professionals. In short, we ensure that we have the very best games possible from a range of different trusted providers such as IGT, Red Tiger Gaming, Blueprint Gaming and more! With all of our providers releasing fantastic slots, you can guarantee that you will always find the very best games right here on Slot Boss.

Why play New Slots over Older Slots?

A number of players on Slot Boss prefer older slots because they know exactly what to expect from each game. This is perfectly fine if you’re a player that prefers either the retro style of gaming or there is an older slot that particularly stands out to you. However, we recommend checking out our newest slots because of the array of unique features that can be found within. 2020 has seen many providers test out new, unique methods of winning as each provider looks to find their alternative to the Megaways engine which has swept the casino world off its feet in recent years since the release of the Bonanza slot. Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why you should check out some of our newest slots.

  1. Technological Advances

The latest technology can be scary when you think of its possibilities; however, one guaranteed impact of updated technology is significant improvements to casino gaming. It has reached the point where a slot could be at the height of casino aesthetics in 2019 but be made to look ordinary a year later. Suppose you told someone in the 20th century that in 2021 we would be able to play live casino games by using a 5x2 inch combination of metal, glass and wiring. They’d never believe you. The rising of technology in gaming is inevitable. Could we even see Virtual Reality incorporated into online slots in 2021?

  1. Unique Gameplay

One thing that is guaranteed to come with the rising of technology is innovation and creativity. The most creative providers will be rewarded this decade with a new wave of unique gameplay. After Big Time Gaming’s Megaways engine has taken them to new heights, many providers will look to provide unique spins on casino gameplay to replicate their success. Will any have the success of Big Time Gaming? That remains to be seen, but the best way to find out is to check out our newest online slots and decide for yourself.

  1. The ultimate casino experience

Here at Slot Boss, our objective is to provide our players with the greatest gaming experience. A large part of that objective is having all of the best games from past and present available for all of our players to experience. We always try to provide unique gameplay, which is why we introduced our players to Slingo slots in 2020. If you were to play every slot - past and present - and decide which games are worth your time, it would take a very long time, which is why we do it for you. We know that each player’s definition of the ‘ultimate casino experience’ will differ, which is why we have one of the broadest casino libraries available online. If you’ve already found your slot, there’s a good chance there will be a sequel in our new slots. If you haven’t found your slot yet, keep checking our new slots page, and we’re sure that you’ll eventually find the game for you.

At this time, we remind all of our players that they do not have to play these games for real money. If you’re a player at Slot Boss who wishes to try something new as a test run, utilise our demo feature to play for FREE.

Newest Slot Game

Our newest online slot game is the fantastic Cash Eruption by IGT. This game is one of the fastest-paced, most action-packed slots in the world today and a brilliant addition to the Slot Boss library. This game begins with 20 fixed paylines on a 3x5 reel and contains some brilliant features from expanding Wild Symbols, Jackpots, Free Spins and the Cash Eruption bonus.

This is a game that we believe will suit all of our players. Experienced players will play this game due to the five impressive Jackpots on show; meanwhile, our newer players will be impressed by the brilliant gameplay and graphics available here.

Cash Eruption Details

Reels - 5 Reel

RTP - 96%

Volatility - V. High

Max Win - 10,000x

Newest Live Casino Game

When it comes to a game where you can say you won’t find anything like this elsewhere, look no further than the newest live casino game: Live Crazy Time. This game, created by Evolution, combines the brilliance of the Monopoly Live and Live Dream Catcher by using the Live Dream Catcher wheel, but incorporating bonus features into the game like Monopoly Live. The wheel is cut into 54 segments, and players must pick which segment they believe the wheel will land on. There are also four bonus features which are:

Cash Hunt

A larger wheel will appear with a wide variety of multipliers. Choose a segment that you wish to utilise and whatever multipliers land in that segment will be won by the player.

Coin Flip

Flip a coin; a multiplier will be on either side. Whichever multiplier is landed on is won by the player.

Crazy Time

Similar to the Cash Hunt bonus, a larger wheel will contain different multipliers of higher value or double & triple values. Select a flapper to use and watch the wheel spin. Players can land up to 20,000x their stake here.


Similar to the popular arcade coin machine, the dealer will drop a coin down the machines, and it will land in a multiplier section to determine the player’s winnings.

Crazy Time Details

Reels - 54 Segment Wheel

RTP - 96.8% (Will vary depending on selection)

Volatility - V. High

Max Win - 20,000x (Without multipliers, activate multipliers for the biggest wins available)

Newest Jackpot Slot

Our newest entry into our brilliant jackpot slots comes in the form of Eye of Horus Jackpot King by Blueprint Gaming who are responsible for some of the best online slots on Slot Boss. However, the original Eye of Horus slot is one of the most popular slots of the last decade, and Eye of Horus Megaways was also a classic slot that was massively popular amongst our players upon its release.

So is it any surprise that Eye of Horus Jackpot King has been met with the same reception? Absolutely not, as the Eye of Horus series is notorious for fantastic gameplay and the tremendously unique experience that comes with each slot.

This particular online slot introduces the brilliant Jackpot King which contains three progressive jackpots of a large, medium and small variety. If you’re looking for the biggest wins available in Eye of Horus and the games mentioned in this blog, Eye of Horus Jackpot King might be right up your street.

Eye of Horus Jackpot King Details Reels - 5 Reels RTP - 95.46% Volatility - High Max Win - 10,000x

Newest Megaways Slot

We’ve had three new Megaways slots introduced to our site in November 2020, the most recent of which is Twin Spin Megaways, which is a brilliant sequel of the Twin Spin slot from NetEnt. The popular provider has grasped the Megaways licence with both hands and created a truly unique slot in the form of Twin Spin Megaways. This slot contains all the conventions found in the original slot but upgrades them by increasing the number of paylines and adding multipliers and a fantastic Free Spins bonus round.

How does this impact Twin Spin? To begin, the new Cascading Reels feature allows players to combine wins together and is the centrepiece of this online slot and essential to all big wins. As the Twin Reels feature allows two reels to be identical to each other, these two features combine beautifully with the Free Spins bonus round. This means we have cascading reels, twin reels, multipliers and Free Spins all rolling at the same time, creating an astounding bonus round.

Twin Spin Megaways Details

Reels - 6 Reels

RTP - 96.04%

Volatility - High

Max Win - 38,000x

Newest Slingo Game

In our Slingo category, our players may already be aware of our newest slot, which is Fluffy Favourites Slingo. As one of the many sequel slots of the Fluffy Favourites game, players may be aware of what to expect from the game, but if not, four bonus rounds can be won. They are:

Toy Picker - This is a picker bonus where players pick one of the toys in the machine to receive a multiplier.

Hook a Fluffy Toys float around the screen, players select to unveil prizes of up to x100 their stake.

Coin Pusher - Players put two to five coins into the machine for prizes up to x100 their stake.

Free Spins - Slingo Free Spins are different to the Free Spins you see in this slot. Land three or more Pink Elephants on the reel and you will receive five, seven or ten Free Spins on typical slot reels.

Where Can I Find New Slots

There are three places where Slot Boss players can find all of the new online slots available at Slot Boss. They are:

Our homepage, where you can find a section entitled - New Slots.

The Slots page, where you can find all our slots, with a banner stating “NEW” over all of the slots that have been released within the last 30 days.

Finally, you can find a games grid featuring all of our newest slot games at the top of the new slots page you are currently on. We recommend bookmarking this page for future use.

All New Slots 2020

The game grid found below, will be updated every fortnight with the newest slots of the month which means just one thing: Slot Boss is without a singular doubt the best place to find all the newest releases of the gaming world. Who knows, you might just discover the new Starburst or Rainbow Riches.

The game grid found below, will be updated every fortnight with the newest slots of the month which means just one thing: Slot Boss is without a singular doubt the best place to find all the newest releases of the gaming world. Who knows, you might just discover the new Starburst or Rainbow Riches.

New Online Slots

On Slot Boss, we have a tonne of new releases every month, some of our most recent online slots have included new, interesting features that we have never seen before. We won’t just be including new slot games in this section however, we’ll also be keeping you up to date with all the latest information regarding our Live Casino Games which feature some of our very best games including the likes of Roulette, Blackjack and even Monopoly!

New Slots: What to expect

In this section, we’ll be including articles on the newest online slots from each month and will include a game grid featuring all of the most recent slots from the last month. The grid will be updated on the first Monday of every month, so don’t be alarmed if the very latest casino games haven’t been added yet.

New Bonus Slots

Now, as well as our best new slots, we also have a blog dedicated to our best Bonus slots which will highlight the best bonus features, the most unique bonus rounds and what games to play if you’re looking for certain bonuses. Out of our most popular bonus slots, we would recommend Royal Mint Megaways which is one of the best new games that we have released on Slot Boss.

Latest New Slots 2020

In September we saw a number of fantastic slots released on Slot Boss. Here are our top three game releases with a brief overview.

Western Gold Megaways

This iSoftBet slot is one of the best releases of 2020 and is currently one of the top pick slots on Slot Boss. The game utilises the Respin feature where players can win up to 12,000x their stake.

Buffalo Rising Megaways Jackpot King

If you’ve played the original Buffalo Rising Megaways you’ll know what to expect here but be sure to check out one of the only slots to offer Megaways and the Jackpot King feature.

African Legends

If you haven’t played the African Legends slot from Microgaming yet, then we can safely say you’re yet to play one of the best gaming experiences on Slot Boss. This truly unique game is one of our exclusive slots, which means Slot Boss is one of the few places that you can play a game which is, in our opinion, one of Microgaming’s greatest ever releases.

Can you win the WOW! Major Jackpot?

New Types of Bonus Slots

Megaways slots - Megaways are a completely different style to some slots you may be used to. The engine usually guarantees that the maximum number of paylines available is 117,649 which is a massive number of ways to win for our online slots. There is also often a guarantee that the reels will cascade, meaning that once a win has been achieved, the winning symbols will be removed from the reels and there is a chance that players will land even more wins using the new symbols. But that’s not all, as the cascading reels also add a +1 multiplier during the bonus round.

Jackpot King - Jackpot King slots from the outside looking in are very similar to slots that you would already be used to. The base game of these slots is often slightly tweaked but aren’t too different to most other slots. However, the main change is the bonus feature, the infamous Jackpot King. When players land five of the symbols on the reels, they will enter the round where they have to land as many crowns on the reels as possible to win. This also coincides with Progressive Jackpot slots, which can provide players with a bronze, silver or golden jackpot.


Q. Is it safe to play at new slots sites?

A. It is safe to play at any online slots site that contains the proper licensing. If you're playing slot games in the United Kingdom on a website like Slot Boss, then any slots website must be have a licence that is provided from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, there is a strict criteria and a lot of safety measures in place to ensure those that have a UKGC are as safe to use as possible.

Q. What kind of bonuses can I get on new slots sites?

A. If you're looking to play the newest slots on a registered slots provider. Then you can often find Free Spins and no deposit bonuses available on sites, on Slot Boss there are two offers for new customers a no deposit and first deposit offer up to £200. The no deposit offer means that players will be given £10 to spend on slots on site. The first deposit offer allows players to deposit up to £200 and have it matched. T&Cs apply.

Q. What progressive jackpots are available at these sites?

A. Progressive Jackpots aren't solely available at certain sites. They can be found in online slots which can be found on a number of sites. You can often find in game descriptions whether a slot game has a progressive jackpots and every spin that you take on the slot will add to the eventual jackpot, the jackpot will roll over until someone wins it.

Q. Why should I play new slots?

A. As technology grows, the possibility of slots grows. The older the slot, it is likely that you've seen all the bonus features before and that can change with a newer slot. It provides a new experience which is important to a lot of players, slots like Starburst and Rainbow Riches will always be the favourites to some but they are very basic, newer slots such as Monopoly Megaways are most up to date, fresh and are preferred by some players.