New Online Slots

On Slot Boss, we have a tonne of new releases every month, some of our most recent online slots have included new, interesting features that we have never seen before. We won’t just be including new slot games in this section however, we’ll also be keeping you up to date with all the latest information regarding our Live Casino Games which feature some of our very best games including the likes of Roulette, Blackjack and even Monopoly!

New Slots: What to expect

In this section, we’ll be including articles on the newest online slots from each month and will include a game grid featuring all of the most recent slots from the last month. The grid will be updated on the first Monday of every month, so don’t be alarmed if the very latest casino games haven’t been added yet.

New Bonus Slots

Now, as well as our best new slots, we also have a blog dedicated to our best Bonus slots which will highlight the best bonus features, the most unique bonus rounds and what games to play if you’re looking for certain bonuses. Out of our most popular bonus slots, we would recommend Royal Mint Megaways which is one of the best new games that we have released on Slot Boss.

New Types of Bonus Slots

Megaways slots - Megaways are a completely different style to some slots you may be used to. The engine usually guarantees that the maximum number of paylines available is 117,649 which is a massive number of ways to win for our online slots. There is also often a guarantee that the reels will cascade, meaning that once a win has been achieved, the winning symbols will be removed from the reels and there is a chance that players will land even more wins using the new symbols. But that’s not all, as the cascading reels also add a +1 multiplier during the bonus round.

Jackpot King - Jackpot King slots from the outside looking in are very similar to slots that you would already be used to. The base game of these slots is often slightly tweaked but aren’t too different to most other slots. However, the main change is the bonus feature, the infamous Jackpot King. When players land five of the symbols on the reels, they will enter the round where they have to land as many crowns on the reels as possible to win. This also coincides with Progressive Jackpot slots, which can provide players with a bronze, silver or golden jackpot.


Q. Is it safe to play at new slots sites?

A. It is safe to play at any online slots site that contains the proper licensing. If you're playing slot games in the United Kingdom on a website like Slot Boss, then any slots website must be have a licence that is provided from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, there is a strict criteria and a lot of safety measures in place to ensure those that have a UKGC are as safe to use as possible.

Q. What kind of bonuses can I get on new slots sites?

A. If you're looking to play the newest slots on a registered slots provider. Then you can often find Free Spins and no deposit bonuses available on sites, on Slot Boss there are two offers for new customers a no deposit and first deposit offer up to £200. The no deposit offer means that players will be given £10 to spend on slots on site. The first deposit offer allows players to deposit up to £200 and have it matched. T&Cs apply.

Q. What progressive jackpots are available at these sites?

A. Progressive Jackpots aren't solely available at certain sites. They can be found in online slots which can be found on a number of sites. You can often find in game descriptions whether a slot game has a progressive jackpots and every spin that you take on the slot will add to the eventual jackpot, the jackpot will roll over until someone wins it.

Q. Why should I play new slots?

A. As technology grows, the possibility of slots grows. The older the slot, it is likely that you've seen all the bonus features before and that can change with a newer slot. It provides a new experience which is important to a lot of players, slots like Starburst and Rainbow Riches will always be the favourites to some but they are very basic, newer slots such as Monopoly Megaways are most up to date, fresh and are preferred by some players.