A Decade of Casino Slots

mobile casino slots

Mobile Casino Slots

The Rise of Mobile Casino Slots

As the world of slots progresses into the new decade, we feel it’s appropriate to look back on the previous decade as one of progress. Now, in 2010 there was no such thing as Slot Boss, it was just a dream, a dream that soon became a reality as a new platform for online slots was born. But enough about us, in regards to the online casino community as a whole there are now new ways to play, more players playing and with new regulations and licenced providers, it has never been easier to play online casino games. We could talk all day regarding how the world of casino has changed in the modern era but we’ve dilated it down to three sections that we think have had the most progression.

The Live Casino Era

Before the 1990s, playing online casino games seemed impossible. The rise of technology seemed inevitable, but few could have predicted exactly how strong the casino community would become. There once was a time that people could only gamble in bars and on boats but then the industry advanced to the point of today. Now, playing slots online has been available for an age, but Live Casino Games are a lot newer. The first ever Live Casino was produced in 2003, but the trend grew in popularity in this decade. Originally, the likes of Live Roulette and Blackjack were the main games to play online.

In the modern-day, we have seen tonnes of development, but the aspect that has really taken off is the Dream Catcher engine from the Live Dream Catcher game. It is based around the Dream Catcher Wheel, which is split into 54 segments, with each segment either containing 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40 - this determines what will be paid out if the player has successfully picked that win segment. There will also be two special segments, that for Live Dream Catcher contain Multipliers, but in games like Monopoly Live the special segments allow players to join the Monopoly round to collect multipliers from around the Monopoly board to create a custom win.

These features are definitely something to look out for in the next decade as we can see lots of companies taking a look at the work Evolution Gaming have done with their Live Casino Gaming and think they could replicate their success. However, as it stands, if we know Evolution Gaming, there will be a tonne of new exciting features that will be implemented into our games in the new decade.

More Casinos, More Players, More Live Competitiveness

When the world of casino went mobile, a lot of land casino players didn’t quite know what to expect, with a general feeling being that online casinos wouldn’t bring the same experience that a bricks and mortar one would. This is due to the fact that some players simply prefer playing in an actual casino for the experience and the atmosphere which would be incredibly difficult to replicate online. However, in the modern era, more and more casino companies are trying their hand, which means that no matter how you wish to play casino there is likely to be one that suits you. We’re confident that in a lot of cases, Slot Boss is that casino, but if you’re a regular player and you haven’t yet checked out our games, click the register button to make the most of our latest online casino bonus.

In regards to players, in a study constructed by the Gambling Commission, 3.95 million people registered for online casino/betting sites between April 2009 and March 2010. This is a very large figure, until you compare it to the stats from March 2018, where 36.59 million people in Great Britain registered for an online casino/betting site between April 2017 and March 2018, which shows a staggering increase of 867%. That being said, with the huge increase there is another section which is vitally important that casino sites improve.

Safer Gambling

One thing that has always been especially important to us at Slot Boss is safer gambling. Before this decade, safer gambling was still a priority, but the number of ways that casinos can improve the safety of their players improves year-on-year. For example, Slot Boss offers a number of different ways for players to give themselves the safest possible experience - some of the ways we have done this include:

Support Groups & Organisations


Live Advice

Deposit Limits

Reality Checks

Time Outs


Parental Controls

However, that’s not all, as our customer service team work around the clock and are specifically trained to recognise signs of problem gambling and addiction with the guarantee of being there to listen and support any players in controlling their gambling.

Our Top 10 Slots From 2010-19

Slot Slot Provider Play at Slot Boss
Rainbow Riches Barcrest Play Rainbow Riches
Starburst NetEnt Play Starburst slot
Monopoly Megaways Big Time Gaming Play Monopoly Megaways
100k Drop Red Tiger Play 100K Drop slot
Bonanza Big Time Gaming Play Bonanza slot
Genie Jackpots Blueprint Gaming Play Genie Jackpots
Ted: Jackpot King Blueprint Gaming Play Ted Jackpot King
Narcos NetEnt Play Narcos slot
Top Cat Blueprint Gaming Play Top Cat slot
Rocket Men Red Tiger Play Rocket Men slot

What's next for Casino on Mobile

The world of gaming has been turned upside down in the 2010s thanks to the incredible uprising of technology. To some, this may be scary, to others exciting. We can see it both ways and if we see a repeat in levels of progression who knows exactly where we will be in ten years time. In regards to slots, we have a fairly good idea of what we are expecting to see in the next ten years, but before we get onto that we’d like to have a quick recap of the last decade.

Casino on mobile - The last decade

If you’re a Slot Boss regular you may have noticed a blog we posted at the beginning of 2020 where we looked back on the last decade of casino gaming and picked three specific areas where we thought that the casino industry had massively improved in the 2010s. You can check out the full Decade of Casino blog and if you already have, you’ll know that our three sections were the ‘Live Casino Era’, ‘More Casinos, More Players, More Live Competitiveness’ and finally ‘Safer Gambling’. We also gave a list of our top ten slots from the era which included the likes of the Slingo Centurion and Slingo Deal or No Deal.

What’s next for slots?

VR Slots

Towards the end of the last decade, there has been chatter of implementing Virtual Reality into slot games, you may remember that we asked the question of are VR slots the future of gaming? Well, as it goes, it’s the first aspect on this list. During that article, we discussed the rise of casino games, how effectively Virtual Reality has been used in other areas of life and entertainment and simply how we could see VR being used in the future.

Now, in some areas Virtual Reality slots already exist, players can play fantastic games like the Starburst slot using a Virtual Reality headset. It would appear the industry has the basics all worked out. However, could you imagine playing games like or Piggy Riches Megaways in VR? Put on the headset and there you have a mansion with upper-class pigs in the background - it would be a bizarre turn of events! Although we don’t think we’ll reach the level of being able to sit in your chair and be transported to a casino and spin on slots as if you’re in a land casino, we do believe that there will be a number of ways that online casinos will begin to develop their playing experience.


If you haven’t tried out our Live Casino Games, we recommend that you do so. What we mean by this is that while Monopoly Live and Live Roulette are both fantastic games that a lot of people play, when you look at, for example, the chatroom, although a lot of our players are well-behaved the level of competitiveness is definitely increasing. We also think that there may be a number of tournaments or draws across the next decade to improve the player experiences for certain games. Of course, nothing is confirmed as of yet but in our experience, if audiences like something, they tend to get more of it and that’s exactly what we think will push casino slots to another level. Could you imagine multiplayer Monopoly Megaways, players spinning the reels together with Mr. Monopoly on the bottom moving around like the pieces on the board game? We think that would be brilliant.

The Mobile Future part 2?

Now, we know that during the last decade the number of brilliant mobile casino slots has increased massively, to the point where our players can play at any time and anywhere. Obviously, there are times and places where you shouldn’t play online slots, although outside of those moments, you can simply grab your phone, check out the local Slot Boss best casino app and play slots. In the next few years, we can see a number of providers focusing on the ways that mobile gaming can improve. If you’re looking for some of the top mobile slots already on Slot Boss, here are a few of our favourites:

Slot Provider Play the Slot
Cleopatra IGT Play Cleopatra slot
Book of Dead Play N’ Go Play Book of Dead
Eye Of Horus Blueprint Play Eye of Horus slot
Rainbow Riches Barcrest Play Rainbow Riches

Slot Machines to Mobile Slots

no deposit Slots were known as poker machines, pokies and slot machines in America, fruit machines in the UK and Puggy in Scotland. Some of you might even have heard the name one-armed bandit? This is due to the lever on the side you had to pull to spin your reels and the fact that the machines could leave a player without money or in debt in the olden days the word bandit was coined as another name for thief.

So have you ever wondered how slots came about? How did slot game start? Why are we playing slots? Why are slots taking up 70 percent of a modern casino usage?

We will take you on a journey back to the late 18th century where the first slot machine was born. Then we’ll find out about the history of slots all the way to the present day. As you already know slots are available to play anywhere, from our phones to our tablets, which is all thanks to the emergence of online casinos like Slot Boss.

Past: Slot Machines

So where did it all start? The first modern slot machine was made in Brooklyn New York in 1891. It contained five drums and was holding 50 cards, the machine was based on the game, poker. The machine was extremely popular and soon many bars in the city had one. You would insert a nickel and pull a lever, if you were a winner a prize could be a beer from the bar or a cigar - not like the huge cash prizes of today.

Slot machines have been around for over 100 years, originating in San Francisco, California. The machines were originally known as slots until they were banned in many American states. They then evolved into “fruit machines”, from which players could win prizes such as chewing gum. Slots were originally mechanical and featured a lever on the side which activated them. If you’ve ever heard the name ‘one armed bandit’’ then this is where it originated from. The lever was the ‘one arm’ whilst the machine itself was the bandit.

Eventually, slot machines moved with the times, as most things have done over the course of history. Random Number Generators were eventually added to these machines meaning they evolved into the slots you see today. Developers could create pretty much any theme they wanted with different symbols and multiple paylines but it is no surprised to see that Cleopatra online casino games are still some of the biggest on Slot Boss.

Before the year of 1895 a simpler automatic machine was invented in San Francisco, California. The machine had three spinning reels with five different symbols, similar to what we know as slots today. Three bells in a row gave you the biggest payout, ten nickels! This popular slot machine was soon copied by many slots manufactures and by 1908 these slots were available in most stores, saloons and bars.

For a long time food and drinks became very common as a winning prize. The popular slots symbols cherry and melon came from the fruit-flavoured chewing gums you could win from a slot machine. The food prizes were often used to avoid laws against gambling.

Let’s fast forward to 1963 when Bally Manufacturing developed the first fully electronic slots machine called ‘Money Honey’. This slot had an automatic payout feature and could payout up to 500 coins!

So when was the first video slot developed? Take a few steps forward in the history books and we will land on the year 1976. A fully functioning video slots machine was presented in California and was first released to the public in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. The machine was approved by the Nevada State Gaming Commission and the very successful journey of video slots took its first steps on the Las Vegas strip. Who would have thought on that day we would progress through to Live Casino Games where players can simply play at their computer screens.

We had to wait until 1996 for the first slots machines that could offer a second screen bonus round. The first game offering such a remarkable feature was called Reel ‘Em and was developed in America by WMS Industries Inc. The Reel ‘Em slots could change its display to offer a different game where additional payouts could be won or you could accumulate your winnings!

Present: Mobile Casino slot games

These days there are thousands of different video slots available all over the world. Video slots can be played both on a slots and of course on an online casino such as Slot Boss. Even though the slots were very popular in the late 18th century and through the 1900’s it is nothing compared to their popularity today.

So what’s the difference between a slot machine from the 1900’s and online slots today?

First comes first, modern day slots can be played anywhere you want, you can play popular slots such as the Starburst slot, Cleopatra slot, Rainbow Jackpots and Golden Goddess anywhere, anytime. Slot Boss has put a modern twist on slot sites, each month Slot Boss releases new games from top gaming developers. The range of slots to choose from is huge, with over 300 on the books.

Modern slots often contain 50 or more symbols making your odds of winning higher due to more possible winning combinations over the reel. Today's have more frequent payouts due to more paylines and creative bonus rounds.

We haven’t talked about the graphics and the quality of modern slots yet and that’s one of the biggest differences! The graphics and the interactive elements offered in modern online slots is something completely different than what was offered years ago. With colorful backgrounds, catchy soundtracks and special symbols designed for each and every game, playing modern slots today gives you a completely different experience.

If you are looking to play some of Slot Boss' finest slots, then we suggest taking a look at our promotions page to see if you can qualify for an online slots bonus. T&C's Apply. 18+ Begambleaware.org