Genie Jackpots Big wins at Slot Boss

Player Wins £576,000 From 20p On Genie Jackpots

A Slot Boss player deposited £10 and left with over £500,000 from a 20p spin on Genie Jackpots slot.

Every online slot and online casino player dreams of cashing in on a big win, and for one lucky Slot Boss member, this dream came true! At the beginning of the month, one player (whose name can’t be revealed for obvious reasons) managed to win a whopping £576,000 from a 20p spin on the fan favourite Genie Jackpot slot game.

As this was such a momentous occasion for us here at Slot Boss we thought we would catch up with them to see how their life has changed since the win. Here we lift the lid on what it feels like to become a big winner here at Slot Boss.

So, it’s been just over a week since you placed that very fortunate 20p spin on Genie Jackpots slot game, how has your life changed since then?

“It’s changed big time, it’s going to be nice to live comfortably. I’m looking at buying some property and investing. I’ve not had a chance to think or to speak to many people about what I could do with it. I will also look to sort the family out as well. But I’m going to buy my own house first.

I’m going to take my little boy, who is disabled, to Disneyland. I’ve told him about the win and we are going to go down and I’m going to buy him a PC or laptop.”

Now, £576,000 is a huge amount to win, how did you feel when you realised how much you’d won?

“It felt so good, I was more worried about not getting the money. I have seen adverts for Slot Boss a few years ago. All I was trying to do was double my deposit, so I put £10 in and just wanted to double it. I was more than happy with £50 that I made.

Genie Jackpot was just flying, I hit the mystery winning bonus and it gave me 10 goes at it. I nearly got the Jackpot King as well in the same game_.I_ had 4 or 5 symbols spinning.”

Is Genie Jackpots a favorite game of yours, or were you just on it randomly at the time?

“I only had a couple of pounds left so I thought I would play Genie Jackpots because I like the Mystery Winning Bonus. There was also a few random bonuses that kept appearing too, I really liked that. It was a bit similar to the Pig Wizard slot, with all the random bonuses. I always do pretty good on Genie Jackpots though.”

Now we know you’re favorable to Genie Jackpots (and who wouldn’t be) do you enjoy playing any other games on Slot Boss?

“I like playing the cascading reel slot games.”

Do you play online slots on Slot Boss often? Or was this a once in a blue moon game?

“I only have a little dabble every now and again when I’m bored.”

What an amazing story and it is great to hear that the win truly has changed the player's life. It also proves that it doesn’t matter how much money you have at stake, playing online slots is completely down to chance.

Boss Fact

All slot machines use Random Number Generators (RNG’s), this is a microchip, much like a computer that randomly generates numbers at a constant basis, even when no one is playing. When a player presses the spin button, a set of these randomly generated numbers are sent to the machine. These numbers correspond to the symbols that are on each of the machine's reels. This means that the outcome of the machine is already predetermined before you even press the spin button.

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