Players Suite Blackjack

Player's Suite Blackjack, the game where you play head to head to beat the dealer. Get 21 and you'll be a winner, the question is: Stick or Twist? you decide. Play now!




Min Bet


Max Bet



You’ll be dealt two cards and the dealer will be dealt one. Yours will be face up. Remember, all face cards equal 10 and just like classic Blackjack, 1 or 11 is your Ace score. You pick! The first two hands of your play must equal 21. To get a Blackjack your first cards will be a 10 value card plus an ace! You’ll win your bet back if the dealer gets a Blackjack too. If you don’t get a Blackjack first try, you’ve got some chances to improve the play of your hand. STAND if you’re done and you don’t want to play more cards. You’re ready to face the Dealer’s hand and see what fate has in store! Not ready to end your play? HIT for another card. If you’ve got 2 cards of equal value, SPLIT them into two and be prepared to increase your wager. Remember, in European Blackjack, there are no limitations on split Aces which increases the excitement of the play. DOUBLE DOWN to double your chance at earnings, based on your original wager. You’ll also receive an extra card. Bets will be void if the Dealer’s hand show a Blackjack.

Player's Suite Blackjack Game Controls


Draw another card to your hand


Finishes your hand, no further cards will be dealt to you, moving the next hand to the dealer, depending on the state of play.

Double down

This is offered once per hand and is offered after the first two cards have been dealt to the player. This gives you the opportunity to double the initial bet made, the chips will be placed on the original bet to signify the increase.


If the first two cards drawn are of the same value and type for example 8,8 or two King's then the split option is available. If this option is chosen the cards will separate and a further bet equal to the initiating bet is made. More cards can be added to these hands after the event of a split, except in the case of split Aces where only one card is dealt per split hand. A split can only be offered once per hand. A split hand does not enhance the Player's Suite Blackjack payouts.


At the end of a completed game you have the option of mimicing the same bet and dealing the cards automatically.


At the end of a completed game you also have the option of repeating your bet without cards being dealt. This places the games initial bet on the table but also allows for modifications to be made before pressing deal button to start the game.

Clear All

Clear all clears all bets made on the table.