Cupid Wild At Heart

Fall head over heels in Cupid Wild At Heart slot, the valentines-themed Blueprint gaming slot. Will the powers of love be on your side in this 5 reel slot, 20 slot? Experience the love in the 3 Bonus Features and game modifiers that can be activated by Cupid at any point.




Min Bet


Max Bet



Bonus: Cupids Golden Hearts, Mystery Cash Bonus , Cupids Trail , Cupid Free Spins , Cupid Cashpot

Cupid Wild at Heart is a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines.


Total Bet
Use the Total Bet button to increase or decrease the amount you wish to bet on each spin.

After you have decided on the amount you would like to bet, click on the Spin button. This will cause the reels to spin and your bet will be placed.

Like many slot games, Cupid Wild At Heart has an Autoplay feature, where you select the amount of spins and the game will automatically play those spins for you.

Special Features

Wild symbols substitute for all symbols (other than Scatter symbols) to help to form winning lines.

Golden Hearts
Cupid can be activated on any spin in the base game. When Cupid initially appears, he will wink and fire his bow and arrow. When he fires his bow and arrow, there will be three Golden Hearts on the screen, causing one of the following modifiers to be awarded.

Cupid Wilds
This feature will cause Cupid to fire Wilds at the reel, whilst it is spinning. This will help to form winning combinations.The Wilds will either be usual Cupid Wilds, Wilds with Respins or Wilds that double wins.

Love Streak
The Love Streak modifier features 3 mystery symbols that are held for each spin, until they are no longer held and then the mystery symbols will be revealed. This potentially create winning combinations.

Colossal Spin
This feature causes a 3x3 colossal symbol to appear on the reels in one of three positions. After the reels have stopped spinning and the symbol is in position it should result in a winning combination, which will be a colossal win.

5 of a Kind
As the name suggest, this feature will guarantee you with a 5 of a kind win.

Love Struck
The Love Struck modifier features a lightning bolt, which will strike the reels and reveal a winning combination.

If you select the bonus, then you will be guaranteed a player bonus.

Cupid’s Cashpot

If you pick the Cupid’s cashpot, then you will be awarded the entire cashpot amount.

Bonus Features

If 3 bonus symbols land on reels 1, 3 and 5 in the base game, then you will enter the bonus feature. The bonus that is activated is dependant upon the bonus symbols that landed in reel 5.

Mystery Cash Bonus
This bonus features Cupid flying around a chest of money. You have to select a heart, which will reveal whether you will Fire or Collect. If you reveal the Fire, then this will result in Cupid firing his arrow at the chest and a random amount of money will be awarded. You will continue this bonus round until you reveal a Collect.

Cupid’s Trail Bonus
For this Bonus feature, you will experience a screen transition. You will be taken to a bonus screen where Cupid will be at the bottom of the Mount Olympus Trail. The initial stage of this bonus is the multiplier trail which leads up to the gates of Olympus. In order to advance up the mountain, you have to select hearts. However, you have to make sure you don’t pick a Collect heart, as this will cause the game to come to an end. If you reach the Big Money end game, then Cupid will reveal the Big Money multiplier by selecting hearts from the sky.

Cupid Free Spins
On the new bonus screen, you will be directed to choose one of three hearts, which will either award Multiply Wilds, Sticky Wilds or Expanding Wilds. On top of this, you will also be awarded 10 Free Spins.

Jackpot King

Jackpot King feature found in this game and in many other Blueprint games. It is a multi-stage game that gives you the opportunity to play for the progressive jackpot.

How does this Jackpot get this big? Well, 0.13% of each stake is added to a reserve pot. When the Jackpot King is dropped it will reset using the reserve pot. The Jackpot begins with a seed fund , which means the Jackpot ends up being funded by the initial seed with an added 0.86% of each stake. Then the final drips of that is the equivalent to 0.13% which is given to the reserve pot.