Winstar is all about simplicity. However, simple does not mean unexciting. Quite the contrary, Winstar is one of the most exciting slot games on the market, offering a progressive jackpot and a comfortable minimum line bet.

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Game Information


All ten paylines on this 5-reel game are active for each spin. The player sets his or her line bet using the + and - buttons to adjust up or down. The minimum bet is one credit, represented by the player's chosen currency. Once the line bet has been placed, the game commences by clicking either the 'Spin' button or the 'Auto Play' button. Any combinations of three or more identical symbols on adjacent reels registers a win.


Winstar offers a Mystery symbol that looks like a gold star. It will spin to reveal a new symbol that can be used to complete a winning combination. Mystery symbols appear randomly throughout the game.


When five Gold Reel symbols appear on a payline, the player wins a progressive jackpot that could be worth a lot. The Progressive Jackpot is available on any stake, with 1% of the stake being added to the Progressive Pot and 0.1% added to a hidden Reserve Pot.. You could win loads if luck is on your side.

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