Roulette fans, you have come to the right place for exciting online roulette play. Slot Boss has plenty of different games for you to choose from. Best of all, you can play whenever and wherever you want.

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Play both live and video roulette using your computer or mobile device wherever you have an internet connection. And because we offer a choice of different options, there is bound to be at least one roulette game that suits your preferences as a player. Try just one, or try them all – it is your choice.

Video Roulette

Slot Boss offers a number of video roulette titles for you to choose from. Video roulette is all software generated, just like our slot games. Slot Boss titles come from some of the industry’s best game designers, so you are guaranteed a quality experience every time you play. As for your odds of winning, there's no need to worry. Game designers are required by law to use the latest technologies to ensure totally fair outcomes. Your odds of winning at video roulette are identical to those of playing a live game.

Live Roulette

Live roulette is a completely different experience. Rather than being a software simulation, you get to play a real game controlled by a human croupier you interact with by way of video and chat. A live game lets you see the spinning wheel, hear the rattling of the marble, and place your wages in real time. We have multiple live roulette games for you to choose from.

Online vs Live Roulette

Video roulette is a pure video game simulation based on standard roulette rules and practices. We currently have eight video games on offer for your gaming pleasure. The software powering these games is built around leading-edge graphics that look about as realistic as you can get without actually playing a live game. Outcomes are based on gaming algorithms and random number generators just as with our video slot games, so you can be sure the games are completely fair and offer the same odds as you'd find if you were to visit a land-based casino.

Live roulette is a completely different experience inasmuch as you are playing a live game with a human croupier managing things in a real casino setting. You are connected to your croupier by way of a video feed and text-based chat. Computer software is used to create the user interface and provide the controls you need to facilitate play. We have two live games on offer right now.

Online Roulette: How to Play

Playing online roulette is as easy as playing any other video game. Simply navigate to either our 'Live Casino' or 'Table Games' section and search for a roulette game you want to try. Click or tap on a thumbnail to open a new window with a complete description of the game.

Video roulette can be played in demo mode before you wager. Live roulette cannot. In either case, you will need to register for a Slot Boss membership before you can begin wagering. When you are ready to play for real money, just choose your game and click 'Play'. You will then be redirected to a virtual or live table to begin play.

Though there are a few exceptions, most of our roulette games follow European rules. Players unfamiliar with how roulette works should probably familiarise themselves with those rules prior to playing. As for the objective of roulette, it is fairly simple: place your wagers based on where you think the marble will drop once the wheel stops spinning. Correct guesses equal wins.

You can place both inside and outside wagers in roulette. Inside wagers have higher odds thus higher payouts; outside wagers are just the opposite. As you can see, roulette has a fairly wide spectrum of betting options. That is one of the reasons so many people love this game. Who knows? It might become your favourite game as well.

Start Playing Roulette Today

You cannot truly have a genuine casino experience without playing roulette at least once. We invite you to try either video or live roulette today by signing up for a Slot Boss membership. To make it easier, we will make a £10 deposit for you, free of charge, just for becoming a member. You can start playing 

For more information, take a look at our Guide To Online Roulette. When you're ready to play, we'll give you£10 free just for registering!

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