Cash Train

Get on board the Cash Train

This week we are giving you that chance to earn £25 CASH on the cash train.

Opt in via the "My Promotions" page and start spinning any slot of your choice.

Once you've completed each "Stop", you'll be instantly rewarded with the cash amount stated below. You'll be automatically opted in the next "Stop", so as along as you keep playing, you'll stay aboard the Cash Train!

Stop Qualifying Stake Cash Reward
1 £10 £1
2 £20 £2
3 £100 £5
4 £150 £7
5 £220 £10

Keep an eye on your progress from the "Bonus History" section of your account, and enjoy your journey to cash rewards!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Cash Cart has limit usage of 1 per promotion per player between 15:00 Monday 14th January - 23:59 Thursday 17th January 2019.
  2. This promotion consists of five separate cashback on stake bonuses.
  3. Players must opt in to the “Cash Train” from the My Promotions page to begin.
  4. All cash stakes made on slots games will contribute towards progress of the current bonus.
  5. Once the qualifying amount has been met the bonus will be paid into your account.
  6. The bonus will be paid into your cash wallet.
  7. Once a bonus has been completed, players will be automatically opted in to the next bonus, and all qualifying cash stakes will be reset to £0.00.
  8. Players can keep track of their progress from the Bonus History section of their account.
  9. Maximum cash amount awarded will be £25 per player.
  10. The site has the right to cancel the bonus at any time.
  11. All dates and times are displayed in United Kingdom Time - London time zone.
  12. Bonuses must be completed in consecutive order and cannot be skipped to complete a later bonus first. ie: players staking £20 cash will not automatically complete "Stop 2". "Stop 1" must be first completed which will then qualify players to partake in "Stop 2".

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