King Tut Day - Tutankhamun Slot Review

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Tutankhamun slot review

Written: November 4th 2019

Did you know that November 4th is otherwise known as King Tutankhamun Day? If not, we’re more than happy to introduce you to this special day, we’ll begin this blog by giving readers a review of the fantastic slot dedicated to him by Realistic Gaming, one of our top casino games providers, before providing a brief timeline of the life of the boy who was king for over half of his 18-year life. In order to find riches that are truly worthy of the king himself, players must collect bonus wild symbols and triumph in the Free Spins round. There is the potential to win the boy wonder’s treasure of 40,000 coins if players land five of the Pharaoh symbols on a payline.

Play Tutankhamun slot

When it comes to online slots by Realistic Games, we believe that they keep the design simplistic in order to ensure that their gameplay is as good as it possibly can be. If you’re looking for a slot with a snazzy design with top of the range 3D graphics then you’re probably in the wrong place but in regards to those slot games - we’d recommend Cop the Lot. However, the slot is as smooth as it comes and offers some fantastic prizes with a top prize of £100,000 if players land five Tutankhamun symbols whilst playing on the max bet as well as a fantastic 15 Free Spins that begins with a x3 multiplier!

Our Experience With Tutankhamun

Using the fantastic DEMO feature that is available to all of our registered users, we set out to play 100 spins of the Tutankhamun slot. Here was our experience:

Spins 1-10

We started off this slot fairly well-landing three of the Tutankhamun symbols alongside some high paying symbols, we also had a few low paying wins to boost our return. £21.30 from £10.

Amount Deposited: £10 Amount Returned: £21.30

Spins 11-20

No high paying wins this time around, however, we did have numerous low-paying wins which gave us a total of £7.30 here.

Amount Deposited: £20 Amount Returned: £28.60

Spins 21-30 Saved by the multiplier. The King Tut symbol gave us a multiplier of x3 on three vase symbols for a win here of £6 to give us a total of £8.10 from these spins.

Amount Deposited: £30 Amount Returned: £36.70

Spins 31-40

The King Tut symbol is really saving our bacon with another x3 multiplier putting the value up to £7.50 and giving us a return of £9.60 from these spins.

Amount Deposited: £40 Amount Returned: £46.30

Spins 41-50

Well, it was coming. £1 return. At least we can buy ourselves a chocolate bar.

Amount Deposited: £50 Amount Returned: £47.30

Spins 51-60

Take away the King Tut multiplier and we’ve had a horror show here. Another low win with £4.10 returned.

Amount Deposited: £60 Amount Returned: £51.40

Spins 61-70

FREE SPINS! We get the bonus round with a x3 multiplier! During the spins, we land seven wins out of 15 spins with a winning total of £54.40. Altogether we had a return of £58.80 here,

Amount Deposited: £70 Amount Returned: £113.20

Spins 71-80

BACK TO BACK! We land three more bonus symbols in our 79th spin. However, this time around we picked up significantly less as we came back with £20.20. Leaving us with a total return of £27.70

Amount Deposited: £80 Amount Returned: £140.90

Spins 81-90

We fail to make it three in a row in very unfortunate circumstances as we pick up only £0.60p from the next ten spins.

Amount Deposited: £90 Amount Returned: £141.50

Spins 91-100

In our previous experience, spins 91-100 have been kind to us but this time around - £2.10.

Amount Deposited: £100 Amount Returned: £141.50

Please note that not all user experiences will match that of our player, no games will ever be exactly the same.

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Three Facts You Likely Didn’t Know

His real name is Tutankhaten

The Boy King’s parents were believers of the Sun God - Aten and were so dedicated that they decided to name their child after the God. However, instead of worshipping Aten, he decided to worship Amun who was revered to as the King of the Gods and hence changed his name to Tutankhamun which meant “living image of Amun”.

King Tut also had five royal names, which outlined the focus on his reign. These are his five names.

Horus Name: Image of Births.

Two Ladies Name: Beautiful of laws who quells the Two Lands/who makes content all the Gods.

Golden Horus Name: Elevated of appearances for the God/his father Akhenaten.

Prenomen: Nebkheperure.

Nomen: Tutankhamun.

Tutankhamun’s Heart is Missing

If a body was preserved in lifelike conditions, Egyptians believed that it was possible for the person to live again after their death. Unfortunately, no one knows the exact reason that Tutankhamun’s heart is missing, theorists have stated that he could have been murdered whilst others believe that it was likely a combination of different diseases and disorders. If he was murdered, it is possible that the perpetrator cut his heart out to ensure he never returned or, if his death was due to disease, the King’s heart may have been too decayed by the time the body returned to his homeland. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll never know for certain.

Tutankhamun’s Trumpet Was Apparently “Cursed”

If you’re a person that believes in superstition, you’ll be saddened to hear that Tutankhamun’s trumpet is back in the UK. It is believed that the trumpet causes conflict when played, since the King’s death, as a member of an Egyptian museum in Egypt was reported to have played the trumpet before a mass revolution broke out in the country.

It is believed that similar incidents also occurred weeks before the 1967 Arab-Israeli War and the 1991 Gulf War.

The trumpet can be found at the Saatchi Gallery in London from November 2, 2019, until May 3, 2020.