12 Slots of Christmas - Day 2

Christmas Slots

Welcome back to our 12 slots of Christmas. On the first day of Christmas, Slot Boss reviewed Rainbow Riches: Leprechaun’s Gold. So if you missed the first instalment of our 12 Slots of Christmas be sure to check it out!

Also, be sure to check out our blog on our Christmas slots to see what slots are sure to get you in the Christmas Spirit.

Now we know you’re up to speed, we’ll get started on our slot from the month of February: Pixies of the Forest 2.

Pixies of the Forest 2 - Slot Review

After the success of the original Pixies of the Forest, IGT decided to create a sequel to the popular slot. Pixies of the Forest 2 is a dynamic 5 reel slot with a superb 99 pay lines, the mystical theme behind this slot remains from the original but this rendition contains a tonne of bonus features to play for that we couldn’t find in the original. Amongst the bonuses, we have Free Spins, Jackpots, Wild Features, Multipliers and much, much more. This slot also contains the illustrious Jackpot King feature that is a constant in the most popular Slot Boss online slots.

We think that this slot is up there with the Cleopatra slot as one of the very best games that IGT have created, due to the mass amount of features and the fantastic winning potential that shines throughout.

Our Experience with Pixies of the Forest 2

Now, we’re playing this slot using the fantastic demo play feature that comes with being a registered player at Slot Boss, this allows players to test out online slots that they’re fairly interested in but aren’t 100% sure about playing. Let’s get festive with our spins!

Unfortunately, this slot contains a very different layout to that of most games we review in this fashion, with the lowest total bet we can use in the demo being £33, meaning that every 10 spins will accumulate to £330. This, however, is not the case in the real-play section where players stakes begin at 0.33p.

Spins 1-10

Due to us having to play with a higher stake, wins and losses will look bigger. This time around we take £146 from our £330.

Total Deposited: £330 Total Returned: £146

Spins 11-20

BONUS! We’ve landed three of the scatter pixie queens and receive 7 Free Spins. We land our Pixie Multipliers and collect the pixie boost to earn Random Wilds, before also earning an extra spin which ends up giving us a win of £610 from the bonus alone. However, after landing just £50 from other our 9 spins, we are left thinking this could have gone better.

Total Deposited: £660 Total Returned: £806

Spins 21-30

Where do we even start? After these spins, we’re tempted to apply for Pixies to be the fairy of Christmas. Our spins create the Countdown Sticky WIlds, which gives us wins of over £300, £400 and even £600 in one spin. We end up with a total of £2134 from these spins which absolutely blew our minds.

Total Deposited: £990 Total Returned: £2940

Spins 31-40

After two mind-blowing rounds, we take a loss after failing to activate a bonus. However, big wins of over £80 give us a total of £258 returns.

Total Deposited: £1320 Total Returned: £3198

Spins 41-50

After taking £2000+ in our second round of spins, a return of £152 has very little impact. On the plus side, we’re guaranteed a profit from our 100 spins at the halfway mark, which is a Slot Boss Review first!

Total Deposited: £1650 Total Returned: £3350

Spins 51-60

Random Wilds! Our first five are disappointing but in our last spin, we hit the Random Wilds bonus which gives us a win of £719 on top of the £266 already accumulated from other spins.

Total Deposited: £1980 Total Returned: £4335

Spins 61-70

Unfortunately, we can’t continue into a streak of winning spins and receive £126 from our £330 here.

Total Deposited: £2310 Total Returned: £4461

Spins 71-80

This slot is all out of festivities it appears, as we have a return of £85 from our £330.

Total Deposited: £2670 Total Returned: £4546

Spins 81-90

Look at the previous 10 spins. The same applies but this time we have a return of simply £53.

Total Deposited: £3000 Total Returned: £4599

Spins 91-100

Thankfully after some disappointing spins, we receive a combo of three wins to earn the Countdown Sticky Wilds. During said round we won £360 which leads to a win of £649 in total, leaving us with a final total of:

Total Deposited: £3330 Total Returned: £5195

When you look at this in our standard format, if we had played this slot with 100 - £1 spins. We would have a total return of £155.

Please be aware that due to the random nature of slot games - no two games are the same, meaning that some players may end up winning the Jackpot of this slot while the majority will not

Our Advent of Slots

Now, the sharpest tools in the shed will have noticed two 12 Slots of Christmas promotions on Slot Boss; one via our blog (which is our top slot from each month of the year) and one in our promotions where players can earn a fantastic online casino bonus each day leading up to Christmas. The games on show are completely different and don’t overlap, meaning that if you aren’t aware of all the fantastic slots on Slot Boss, this is a brilliant opportunity to expand your knowledge whilst taking advantage of what we would call a “fairly tasty bonus”.

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Day Two Pixies Of The Forest 2 Reel King

Online Slots

Now, we know that Pixies of the Forest 2 might not get our readers into the most festive spirit, but if you’re looking for Christmas slots, keep an eye out on our Special Occasions slots where you can find our verdict on the top Christmas slots. There are also the likes of Winstar and Book of Ra if you’re looking for some other top games on Slot Boss.