12 Slots of Christmas - Day 3 - Scudamore’s Super Stakes

Slots of Christmas

Welcome back to our 12 slots of Christmas. On the second day of Christmas, Slot Boss reviewed Pixies of the Forest 2, but if you haven’t checked out any of the 12 Slots of Christmas, we recommend going back and checking out our first blog to catch up!

Now you’re up to date, let’s get started with our slot for the month of March which is Scudamore’s Super Stakes - the Horse Racing bonanza of online slots.

Before we get started on day three, we would just like to make sure that our players have seen our Christmas slots and if you haven’t, make sure you give it a read to get yourself in the Christmas spirit for the upcoming Horse Racing slot.

Scudamore’s Super Stakes Slot Review

In our opinion, there will never be a Horse Racing Champion better than Peter Scudamore, which is why when Scudamore’s Super Stakes was announced to be released in March it was destined to be one of our top slots. Little did we know, the slot itself would defy expectations with fantastic graphics and unique bonus features alongside the typical symbols and features that you would associate with great online slots. The three top bonus features in this slot are Peter’s Classic Cup, Bet Slip and Random Wilds.

Our Experience With Scudamore’s Super Stakes

Now, we’re playing this slot using the fantastic demo play feature that comes with being a registered player at Slot Boss, this allows players to test out casino games that they’re fairly interested in but aren’t 100% sure about playing.

To play this slot we’ll be setting our level at 10 and our coin value at 0.01 to value each spin at £1.

Spins 1-10

The Scudamore Wild symbol appears regularly and we manage to get a top win of £6 with a total win of: £9.

Total Deposited: £10

Total Returned: £9

Spins 11-20

A poor start sees us only grab one win from the 10 spins and this gives us a win of £4.50.

Total Deposited: £20

Total Returned: £13.50

Spins 21-30

Golden Horse Shoes appear on the reels and convert into four Wild symbols which give us a win of £14 when combined with the J and Red Horse symbol. We also have another win of £8 to give us a good total from spins 21-30.

Total Deposited: £30

Total Returned: £35.50

Spins 31-40

We get a big combination of two 5x Queen symbols and get a win of £6 in our highest spin before Scudamore Wilds appear and give us another win of £4, taking our total for these 10 spins to £13 when mixed with our other 3 small wins.

Total Deposited: £40

Total Returned: £48.50

**We activate the Bet Slip Bonus at a price of £8 and pick the option to collect 80 Queen symbols in four spins at a price of 11/8 - this means that today’s spins will only go up to 92.

Spins 41-50

An absolutely abysmal set of spins as we have a 50p return. To make matters worse, we only collect 13 Queen symbols from the 10 spins, meaning we now need 22 in each of our next three runs.

Total Deposited: £58

Total Returned: £49

Spins 51-60

BIG WIN! Finally, something goes our way as we land four Wilds which surround 3 of the Green Horses and gives us a win of £26.50. In total we win £29.50 from these 10 spins and land another 14 Queen symbols from the 10 spins, meaning we need an average of 26.5 from each set.

Total Deposited: £68

Total Returned: £78.50

Spins 61-70

DRAMA! In regards to money returned we only have £4.50 from £10, but in the Queen quota we land 30 Queen symbols in ten spins, meaning we need just 22 to win the £19. Could we possibly do it?

Total Deposited: £78

Total Returned: £83

Spins 71-80

PETER’S CLASSIC CUP! We’ve got more drama than EastEnders at the moment, or appropriately maybe more drama than Live Roulette. We have the choice to pick one of four horses, so we pick Gonzo’s Quest, because we really do like Gonzo’s quest. Unfortunately our horse can’t hold a candle to the slot and comes last but we still win £21. As for our bet slip, we get 20 Queens in the ten so we fail. So close!

Total Deposited: £88

Total Returned: £106.50

Spins 81-90

Well, we suppose another good round would’ve been too much in the Christmas spirit. £3.50 returned from £10 but at this point, it’s all in the green.

Total Deposited: £98

Total Returned: £110

Spins 91-100

As previously mentioned, we are only doing up to spin 92, but we do actually get a win of £3.50 and 50p from our spins meaning we take £4 from £2.

Total Deposited: £100

Total Returned: £114

Please be aware that due to the random nature of slot games, no two games are the same, meaning that some players may end up winning the Jackpot of this slot while the majority will not

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Now, if you check out our promotions page or our previous blogs on the 12 Slots Of Christmas, we have two 12 Slots of Christmas running at once! That’s right, it’s so nice we had to do it twice. If you haven’t seen this before, then our blogs will be representing the slot which we think stood out in each month of the year. Meanwhile, we have used our 12 Slots of Christmas promotion to provide our players with a fantastic online casino bonus - that means that we’re pushing 24 slots that you may never play again after your first time, or one that could become your favourite slot of all time. For us, it was definitely the latter.

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