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12 Slots of Christmas: Day 10 - The Goonies: Jackpot King

We’re reaching the end of our countdown to Christmas here at Slot Boss, but the quality of the entries in our 12 Slots of Christmas is only getting better. Today we’re looking at our favourite slot of October: The Goonies Jackpot King. This slot is based on the popular film and is one of our top TV Slots, alongside the likes of the Top Cat slot, Anchorman slot and 100k Drop. Now, if you haven’t checked out our previous Christmas slots we recommend heading to the bottom of the Christmas slots blog and checking out all of the previous ones we’ve reviewed in the build-up to December 25th. If you have checked out these blogs, then this is our newest review - Goonies: Jackpot King.

The Goonies: Jackpot King - Slot Review

When you take a look at some of the most popular online slots on Slot Boss, they often come from themes that already exist such as TV, Film and Games. Some classic examples of this are Monopoly Megaways, the Oliver Twist slot and of course, the Goonies Jackpot King. Now, the aspect that we believe has the biggest impact is the Jackpot King jackpots, which allows our players to win one of three Jackpots which grow as all our players spin on the same game. Meanwhile, with a feature gamble and three unique Free Spins features alongside four more bonus features, there is so much to look through when you play this slot. Here is a brief description of all the bonus features available.

Fratelli Hideout Bonus - If the Goonie Wheel lands on the Fratelli Hideout bonus, players will have one of three keys to pick from. Each key has a different outcome behind it. Outcomes are: Collect, Cash Add and Hidden Tunnel. Collect ends the feature, Cash Add continues it with additional cash and the Hidden Tunnel sends players through to a new bonus.

Goonies Go Wild - If players land on the Goonies Go Wild Free Spins, they will have to pick between three Copperpot Doubloons and they will either: Collect, receive extra Free Spins or activate the One-Eyed Willy Treasure bonus.

Inferno Free Spins - Landing on the Inferno symbol engulfs the reels from right to left, turning a random number of symbols on each row into Wilds. Once completed, there are three options that players can receive; Collect, Extra Spins and One-Eyed Willy.

Skeleton Organ - The Skeleton Organ requests players pick up organ keys that appear during the spins. Each character on the reels matches up with a multiplier and an upgrade icon. This increases the multiplier and the number of key features which will unlock even more bonuses! Watch out for Skull and Crossbones, however, as they end the bonus.

Super Sloth Free Spins - This bonus pushes Fratelli symbols to the top of the reels for the Free Spins. This will give players three options after the spins; Collect, Super Sloth (which re-triggers the spins) and the One-Eyed Willy bonus.

One-Eyed Willy’s Riches - This can be randomly triggered on any spin. Once the bonus is activated Willy can provide players with one of these six bonuses:

Data’s Colossal Symbols - which turns 3 reels into a Colossal Reel.

Mikey’s Hidden Riches - where Mikey makes all symbols on a reel Wild.

Mouth’s Lucky Coins - where a symbol is chosen at random to be displayed inside the golden coin.

Willy’s Bonus Boost - which adds bonus symbols to the reels.

Sloth’s Win Spin - which guarantees the player a big winning spin.

Truffle Shuffle Wilds - which joins up the Wild symbols and converts positions into Wilds.

Our Experience With Goonies Jackpot King

Spins 1-10

Well, we don’t start this slot exactly how we wanted. We have a number of small wins and we are teased by the bonus round three times. A total win of £3.10 here.

Total Deposited: £10 Total Returned: £3.10

Spins 11-20

We’ve got Deja Vu. We have more small wins and we are once again teased twice by the bonus round. A total of £2.60 here.

Total Deposited: £20 Total Returned: £5.70

Spins 21-30

We land three treasure chest symbols twice, as well as the two combinations of Wilds, to land a total of £12.90 from our spins. It’s not the best we’ve ever had but we’ll take it.

Total Deposited: £30 Total Returned: £18.60

Spins 31-40

In perhaps the biggest tease of the day we land four Jackpot King symbols on the reels. Around that spin, we have wins of £3, £2.80 and other small wins totalling to £7.80.

Total Deposited: £40 Total Returned: £26.20

Spins 41-50

HEY YOU GUYS! Our first spin lets us pick a key and we get Data’s Colossal Symbols which ends as a treasure chest symbol and a 10-way win! This gives us a fantastic win of £44. We also get a win of £5.80 thanks to two Wild symbols connecting 4 Aces and 3 Kings.

Total Deposited: £50 Total Returned: £76.10

Spins 51-60

We land a big win of £5 here, thanks to the King and Wild symbols. Other small wins, unfortunately, give us a win of only £2.80. We were teased once again with another bonus round, but unfortunately it didn’t come off.

Total Deposited: £60 Total Returned: £83.90

Spins 61-70

This was a strange set of spins as we didn’t actually land a win of over £1, but somehow managed to get £5 back from our £10. As we always say, never count out the small victories.

Total Deposited: £70 Total Returned: £88.90

Spins 71-80

We get Chunk’s Truffle Shuffle which leaves us with £10.10 in wins. We also gain £3.60 from Wild symbols. Unfortunately, these were our only wins, but do guarantee us a profit.

Total Deposited: £80 Total Returned: £102.60

Spins 81-90 We were waiting for a low paying round and here we get one. One 40p win for the entire spins.

Total Deposited: £90 Total Returned: £103

Spins 91-100

We finish without a bonus, but we do end on a positive note. We land £9.50 from our wins which means we’ve made £12.50 profit from our spins.

Total Deposited: £100 Total Returned: £112.50

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