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12 Slots of Christmas - Day 6 - Thundercats: Reels of Thundera

Welcome back to our 12 slots of Christmas. On the fifth day of Christmas, Slot Boss reviewed Super Graphics Lucky Cats. We’re officially one week away from Christmas, but we’re nowhere near done on our adventure through the year of online slots as we pull up into the month of June, ready to review a very special and a very thunderous slot based off a very popular TV show from the 80’s. However, if you’ve entered our blog at the halfway point on the drive through to Christmas, we recommend heading in reverse momentarily and going back to read our other slots of Christmas.

If you’re all caught up on our journey through to Christmas then let’s drive through to the month of June as we review Thundercats: Reels of Thundera.

Thundercats: Reels of Thundera - Slot Review

Now, if you haven’t heard of the Thundercats, it was a very unique TV show back in the 1980s, which set the standard for some of the classics we saw in the 1990s and 2000s. You may have seen a brief remake on your screens around 2011-12, but unfortunately, that TV show failed to match the original. What didn’t fail to match the original show was the first slot of this series: Thundercats. It was so well received that in June this year a remake was released. When you look at the Reels of Thundera and see the sheer amount of bonus features, and then mix that up with the playability of the slot due to its impressive graphics and incredible gameplay, you get a combination that we think most people look for if they’re looking to play slots online.

If you were a fan of the show, then you may just see some of your favourite characters in high-octane slots action as the Thundercats take on the deadly Ancient Spirits of Evil across massive modifiers and brilliant bonuses.

Our Experience with Thundercats: Reels of Thundera

Before we get started on our 100 spins feature, we would like to remind all our players that no two gaming experiences are the same, which means no matter what we get here, your experience will likely be different to ours. The only guarantee is that there are no guarantees.

To play this game we will be using the demo feature which is available to all registered players on Slot Boss. The demo feature allows players to test out any of our online casino games to see if they’re definitely the slot they wish to play.

Spins 1-10

We start off with a high paying win of £8.30, but it is only followed up by multiple low paying wins, which give us a total of £11.10 to start things off.

Total Deposited: £10

Total Returned: £11.10

Spins 11-20

This is a slightly more disappointing round as we fail to land a combination with any of the major symbols in the game, however we do activate our first Thundercats multiplier as Panthro showed up to combine 3 symbols together, unfortunately they were our Queen symbol. A total of £3.70 won here.

Total Deposited: £20

Total Returned: £14.80

Spins 21-30

BONUS! We land the three Thundercat symbols on the reels and spin for a bonus. We receive Hear the Roar Free Spins but we gamble for the HOOO! Free Spins. We land 9 sticky wilds on the reels and end up with a total win of £28.40. A truly great start to our Thundercats experience.

Total Deposited: £30

Total Returned: £43.20

Spins 31-40

We land another bonus modifier in this round as Lion-O adds Wilds to the reels. This helps provide a win of £3.80 but all in all, we still only win a total of £5.50 here.

Total Deposited: £40

Total Returned: £48.70

Spins 41-50

The Christmas spirit may be dwindling with this one as we see our early fortune coming to an end here. We have just two low paying wins and a total win of just £1.20.

Total Deposited: £50

Total Returned: £49.90

Spins 51-60

The curse of the commentator isn’t quite true in this case, but we do have a significant win of £8 thanks to Cheetara from the Thundercats’ modifier, as she gives us a five winning combination. There are also some small wins on that spin but we manage to get a total of £13.40 altogether on these fantastic spins.

Total Deposited: £60

Total Returned: £63.30

Spins 61-70

We’re not usually one to say a slot has been a great experience but with the amount of modifiers on show, this has been one of the most unique 100 spins we’ve ever had on Slot Boss. Once again, we activate the bonus feature and land the Black Pyramid. We decide not to gamble and we upgrade our bonus twice and move along the Pyramid three times before the feature ends, giving us a win of £14. Altogether, we have a total win of £21.20

Total Deposited: £70

Total Returned: £84.50

Spins 71-80

For every good set of spins, we should realistically expect a poor set of spins. On this occasion, that is true, as we land one small win of £0.60p. The randomness of slots never ceases to amaze us, but in our opinion, the smaller wins are never anything to be sniffed at. In our experience these small wins have often been the difference between passing and falling short of our £100 target.

Total Deposited: £80

Total Returned: £85.10

Spins 81-90

Once again, we just land small wins, however, there are a lot of them. We manage to win from 8 of our 10 spins and end up with a total win of £7.90, which is quite odd when you consider our highest win was £1.20.

Total Deposited: £90

Total Returned: £93

Spins 91-100

We make it! We land a decent win of £4 during these spins alongside some smaller ones between £2 and £4 to give us a total of £11.20 and put us over the £100 target for this slot. Once again the lower paying wins provide dividends in putting our total over the target!

Total Deposited: £100

Total Returned: £104.20

As we have previously mentioned, no two slots experiences will be the same and when you consider this slot has an RTP of about 95-96%, for every win over the RTP, there will likely be a loss under the RTP.

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