Slots of Christmas

12 Slots of Christmas - Day Seven - Rainbow Riches Megaways

Ho Ho Ho! We’re officially halfway through our 12 Slots of Christmas. Now, if you haven’t already, check out our alternative 12 Slots of Christmas promotions and see if you can grab yourself an online casino bonus from one of our featured games! We know we started this series with a rendition of the popular Rainbow Riches slot, however, when a top gaming provider releases a Megaways version of one of the most popular casino games of all time, then we all simply sit down and watch the magic of casino unwrap itself.

Now, before we get into our review of the fantastic slot, if you haven’t already checked out some of our fantastic slots of Christmas then we recommend checking out our Christmas slots to find out our top releases from 2019 and all of the previous games included in our 12 Slots of Christmas.

Slot Review

When you create a sequel to one of the greatest casino games ever to exist, you can only imagine the pressure on that sequel to succeed and overtake the original. Now, Rainbow Riches Megaways hasn’t quite surpassed the original in terms of global popularity, but it still holds its own against the very best. With gameplay very similar to the original slot, it brings additional bonus features due to the Megaways engine and there is also a major boost to the graphics, which gives the slot a more modern theme that we think helps bring the brilliance of Rainbow Riches to those who perhaps aren’t as familiar with the game as they could be.

Irish themed slots have left their mark on the casino gaming world and the one that really broke through the ranks and stood out amongst the pack was the original Rainbow Riches, and this is arguably even better! With Cascading Reels, a Super Gem Bonus and a Free Spins round with unlimited win multipliers, we think that Rainbow Riches Megaways may be one of the top slots of 2019.

Our Experience With Rainbow Riches Megaways

Before we get started with our spins, we would like to remind all our players that due to the randomness of slots, your experience could end up completely different from ours. The only guarantee is that nothing is guaranteed.

Spins 1-10

Our first spin gives us a win of £2.40 but the following nine only give us a total of £3.80. So we started off poorly.

Total Deposited: £10

Total Returned: £6.20

Spins 11-20

Our reels cascade eight times to give us a win of £8.95 on a singular spin. Unfortunately, the rest of our spins only land us a total of £1.85.

Total Deposited: £20

Total Returned: £17

Spins 21-30

We land the Super Gem on the top reels and it combines with our Sapphire Gem to give us a total win of £5. Our remaining spins give us a total of £7.60 meaning we collect £12.60 from our £10 here.

Total Deposited: £30

Total Returned: £29.60

Spins 31-40

This time around we get a big win of £9 from a singular spin, as we land 8 King symbols on the reels and follow it up with three cascades. We also win £2.40 from Silver Gems and £1.20 from small symbols.

Total Deposited: £40

Total Returned: £42.20

Spins 41-50

After a good run, we have our first return of under £5, which we can’t really complain about here given the RTP of the slot. We have £1.75 from six aces and another £1.30 from other small symbols across the reels.

Total Deposited: £50

Total Returned: £45.25

Spins 51-60

Wow! We get our first massive win of the slot and it comes from the standard reels, as we start off with just £5 from three Silver Gems before getting 21 aces for £22 and then follow it up with Blue Gems for an extra £5. We also get £6 from Purple Gems and £2 off another Silver Gem. An absolutely astounding round as we win £40.40 in total from our 10 spins.

Total Deposited: £60

Total Returned: £85.65

Spins 61-70

Well, in very anticlimactic fashion, we win a grand total of £3.40 after the brilliant £40 win.

Total Deposited: £70

Total Returned: £89.05

Spins 71-80

The Super Gem gives us a big win of £6.20 from Blue Gems and we also get a big win of £10.80 from Orange Gems, alongside £2.10 from smaller wins.

Total Deposited: £80

Total Returned: £108.15

Spins 81-90

We take £4.80 in small symbol wins and £3 from 12 Kings, but unfortunately we can’t make it up to the £10 from these spins.

Total Deposited: £90

Total Returned: £115.95

Spins 91-100

60p in total. Definitely not finishing in the Christmas spirit, but at least we have an overall profit.

Total Deposited: £100

Total Returned: £116.55

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