12 Slots of Christmas - Day 1

Christmas Slots

As we count down to the merriest of Christmases here at Slot Boss, we’re commencing with our 12 Slots of Christmas series. These slots won’t necessarily be Christmas themed, but we believe that in the countdown to Christmas it is important to focus on everything that has happened this year. Therefore, we’re going to start off with a slot we released in January but that's not all - for each day of our 12 slots of Christmas we'll also be adding an online casino bonus for all of our 12 days of Christmas - starting with the fantastic Jingle Bells slot.

Rainbow Riches Leprechaun’s Gold Review

If you’re a fan of the popular Rainbow Riches franchise and you haven’t already tried Rainbow Riches Leprechaun’s Gold, then we’re shocked. When it comes to the nine remakes of this popular game, we believe that Leprechaun’s Gold is the absolute best. This 7-reel, 5-row slot contains 50 pay lines, Wild Bonuses, Free Spins and even a Wishing Well bonus. However, it is the “Big Bet” games that really set this slot above and beyond those around it with Rainbow Reels being activated on £20, £30 and £50 Big Bets!

When it comes down to some of the best slots on Slot Boss, we’ve always been a fan of the Rainbow Riches franchise and there’s a reason that it’s a slot that rivals the success of the likes of Live Roulette and Live Blackjack. This truly is one to look out for if you’re looking to play slots online.

Our Experience with Rainbow Riches Leprechaun’s Gold

Now, we’re playing this slot using the fantastic demo play feature that comes with being a registered player at Slot Boss, this allows players to test out online slots that they’re fairly interested in but aren’t 100% sure about playing. Without further ado, let’s get into the spins!

Spins 1-10

We have two half-decent wins here as we land a £4.30 win and a £3 win, but finishing up with £8.10 from our first £10 was not what we had in mind.

Amount Deposited: £10

Amount Returned: £8.10

Spins 11-20

Another very poor round as we pick up two wins of £3.90 and £2.50 but absolutely nothing else. This Rainbow Riches slot isn’t feeling very festive.

Amount Deposited: £20

Amount Returned: £14.50

Spins 21-30

Four Wild symbols mixed with the four-leaf clover give us our biggest win so far of £13.20 and a few smaller wins take us up to £15.60. We’ll take it, as it brings us into profit.

Amount Deposited: £30

Amount Returned: £30.10

Spins 31-40

We’d like to tell you we got more than a singular win of 0.40p but that would be a lie.

Amount Deposited: £40

Amount Returned: £30.50

Spins 41-50

£2.70 this time. We’re going to make the most of the Big Bet feature on the next spin.

Amount Deposited: £50

Amount Returned: £33.20


We activate the £50 Big Bet option which introduces three super rainbows.We land two x10 coins, one x5 coin, a 30x coin, and two x12 coins to give us a return of £79 from our £50 investment.

Amount Deposited: £100

Amount Returned: £112.20

Spins 51-60

The standard reels of this slot aren’t festive in the slightest as we hit two wins of £2.40 and £1.90 but nothing else.

Amount Deposited: £110

Amount Returned: £116.50

Spins 61-70

A return of £3.40 from our £10 here. Back into the red.

Amount Deposited: £120

Amount Returned: £119.90

Spins 71-80

We come back with a win of £9.50, so although we’ve had a small loss, it’s still some of our better returns from this slot.

Amount Deposited: £130

Amount Returned: £129.40

Spins 81-90

Oooh! The little Leprechaun appears and we get the bonus round where we spin the Wild Rover, which adds 9 wilds to our reels and gives us a win of £47.70! Right at the depth of our spins, the Leprechaun ensures we don’t come up short! Fantastic stuff!

Amount Deposited: £140

Amount Returned: £182.40

Spins 91-100

And once again, we finish off the spins with next to nothing. However, we would’ve made over a £20 loss if it wasn’t for the Big Bet bonus and the Leprechaun intervening.

Amount Deposited: £150

Amount Returned: £185.10

Now, we’d like to remind all of our players that not all spinning experiences are the same, as all of our slots are random.

Ranking the Rainbow Riches Remakes

Rank Slot Name & Link
1 Rainbow Riches Free Spins
2 Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home
3 Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix
4 Rainbow Riches Megaways
5 Rainbow Riches Drops Of Gold

Online Slots

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