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12 Slots of Christmas - Day 5 - Super Graphics Lucky Cats

Welcome back to our 12 slots of Christmas. On the fourth day of Christmas, Slot Boss reviewed Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways. As we’re writing this, we’re eight days away from Christmas and we’re very excited here at Slot Boss. However, we aren’t as excited as we were to release certain online slots in May. We’ll introduce which game we’re talking about soon, but if you haven’t seen any of the four previous slots of Christmas, then we recommend checking out all of the blogs prior to this one in order to see the fantastic slots we’ve reviewed for January, February, March and April. We also recommend checking out our Christmas slots to put you in the Christmas spirit before reading Day 5 of our 12 Slots of Christmas.

Now, you’re up to date, we hope you’re ready for some Super Graphics and some Lucky Cats as our slot for the month of May is Super Graphics Lucky Cats.

Super Graphics Lucky Cats - Slot Review

The Super Graphics series from Realistic Gaming is one of the most popular series on Slot Boss. Honestly, in our opinion, it’s up there with the likes of Rainbow Riches and Book of Ra as one of the top groups in slots. You very rarely see any games delve into the anime side of Japanese culture, so when you see online slots make the effort to try and push into the unknown, it can either end fantastically or awfully. Thankfully for Realistic, it ended on the correct end of the spectrum.

In regards to the graphics, the slot contains the typical fruit symbols that you would otherwise see in traditional slot machines, alongside the anime characters set in a rich Japanese tapestry. We haven’t forgotten about the Lucky Cats who pop up as the bonus feature in this slot, which is a Free Spins round that provides players with a set number of Free Spins and a multiplier.

During the Free Spins round, there will be three coins, if there are two on the top row and one on the bottom then the Free Spins total with be X multiplied by Y and the Multiplier will be Z. If there is one on the top and two on the bottom, it will be X number of Free Spins and the Multiplier will be Y multiplied by Z.

All in all, this slot is truly unique and we believe that it is one of the top slots on Slot Boss due to the range of fantastic bonus features available, grand graphics and the ability to provide massive wins of up to 10,000x their stake.

Our Experience with Super Graphics Lucky Cats

Now, we’re playing this slot using the fantastic demo play feature that comes with being a registered player at Slot Boss. This allows players to test out casino games that they’re fairly interested in but aren’t 100% sure about playing.

Our 100 Spins

A feature that we’re doing on all of our 12 slots of Christmas is the 100 spins feature, where we open up the demo of the slot and set our autoplay to spin 10 times and then repeat that again 10 times, so we can spend £100 and give our players a little indication of what to expect from the slot. In order to play a demo version of the game, players will have to register at Slot Boss before playing.

Spins 1-10

What a start, we kick off our spins in grand fashion! As we activate the Free Spins round we get a whopping 120 Free Spins with a x1 multiplier and finish the spins with a massive £68.40. In total, we win £70.45 from our first ten spins. Now, in contrast to day four - the Kittens are in the Christmas Spirit!

Total Deposited: £10

Total Returned: £70.45

Spins 11-20

It’s CHRISTMAS! On our 11th spin, we land the bonus once again, earning 4 Free Spins with a x9 multiplier. This win isn’t as emphatic but we take £27 from our spins alongside £3.65 in smaller wins which ensures that we’ve made a profit from just 20 spins!

Total Deposited: £20

Total Returned: £101.10

Spins 21-30

Ah, normality resumes but we can’t complain! We take £1.35 from these ten spins.

Total Deposited: £30

Total Returned: £102.45

Spins 31-40

BONUS! 18 spins at a x6 multiplier! Meow! This gives us a win of £36.30 which means we’re well on track for the biggest win in the history of our slot reviews. From our other eight spins we land £5.60 which gives us a total win of £41.90.

Total Deposited: £40

Total Returned: £144.35

Spins 41-50

Alright, this is a little less satisfying. We have some juicy wins from the fruit symbols but nothing concrete as we only win £2.25 from this £10.

Total Deposited: £50

Total Returned: £146.60

Spins 51-60

Our longest run without a bonus now as we land just £1.70 from our £10. We feel like we might have used up our nine lives very early on here.

Total Deposited: £60

Total Returned: £146.60

Spins 61-70

Are we playing the same slot?! 0.90p here from three 0.30p wins. Things are taking a turn for the worst here.

Total Deposited: £70

Total Returned: £147.50

Spins 71-80

Slightly better, but not by much, our total here ends with a smooth £8. Although, we’re slightly annoyed the adorable cat bonus symbol didn’t land on that fifth and final symbol multiple times!

Total Deposited: £80

Total Returned: £155.50

Spins 81-90

Nothing. Legitimately nothing. After a wonderful start, we might have sucked all of the Christmas cheer out of the Super Graphics Lucky Cats.

Total Deposited: £90

Total Returned: £155.50

Spins 91-100

We finish up with a slightly unimpressive rally for £4.80. However, as we used up all our fortune in the early rounds, these smaller wins are always helpful in casino games as we end our playthrough £60.30 up! That’s gotten this writer in the Christmas spirit!

Total Deposited: £100

Total Returned: £160.30

Please note that as our slots are created using random equations, no two experiences of this slot will be the same. In this case, we beat the average RTP but for every game over the RTP there has to be a game under the RTP.

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