Top Cat Slots

Top Cat Game Guide

Fans of the Top Cat animated television series will always remember that the show's main character was someone who could find trouble without looking for it.

Along with his friends, Top Cat ruled the fictional Hoagy's Alley in New York for two seasons. Follow-up films in 2011 and 2015 brought Top Cat to the big screen. And now, thanks to the very talented developers at Blueprint Gaming, Top Cat lives again in slots.

Top Cat Theme

The main theme of this slot game ought to be evident by its title. Just to be clear, it features Top Cat and his entire gang including Fancy Fancy, Spook, Benny the Ball, and Choo Choo. Even Officer Dibble makes an appearance. In keeping with the theme, all the graphics and symbols are drawn as cartoons. Moreover, they are drawn just as they would have been in the 1960s. Everything is very accurate to the television series and animated films. This is a big plus for fans of the original series.

Playing the Game

The rules of Top Cat slot game are pretty straightforward. You have 20 paylines to work with on every spin. To wager, just click the 'Total Bet' button and make your choices. Then click the 'Spin' or 'Autoplay' button to start the slot reels in motion. If you click onto the Autoplay button, this opens a separate window in which you can choose a number of automatic spins and a loss limit.

Wild, Bonus, and Scatter symbols are all in play. Experienced players do not need any explanation as to how the symbols work. However if you are new to video slots, note that Wild symbols can substitute for all others except Bonus and Scatters. The latter two symbols have special functions you will figure out as you play.

Top Cat Bonus Play

Our favourite aspect of the Top Cat slot is the sheer number of opportunities for bonus play. They are divided into four bonus features, beginning with Call or Nothing. This feature is randomly activated when you see Top Cat appear on top of the rubbish bin. When active, Top Cat calls one of his gang members who then activates one of the following seven features:

Choo's Piano Wilds
Brian's Water Wilds
Benny's Colossal TVS
Master Plan
Fancy Fancy's Hot Dog
Cash Picker Bonus.

The second feature game is a Free Spins bonus with four different options. You have to land three Bonus symbols during standard play in order to trigger one of them. The four options are:

The third bonus feature is the Gamble feature. It is only playable after a spin on which you land at least one winning combination. Gambling allows you to double your winnings by choosing correctly on a 50-50 bet. You can gamble multiple times in a single use of the feature as long as you keep winning.

The fourth and final bonus feature is the Jackpot King feature. It is tied to Blueprint Gaming's Jackpot King platform in which players all contribute to the Jackpot with every spin. The Jackpot continues to grow until a player wins it. It then resets to its default value and starts growing again. What is unusual about it is that Jackpot King is a multi-stage progressive jackpot that requires you to work your way through multiple levels in order to win it.

What We Love about Top Cat

Top Cat is a great slot game and one that is loved by video slot players all over the world. We appreciate it for two primary reasons. First, we think the theme is outstanding. Blueprint Gaming went to great lengths to be true to the original TV series in everything from their drawing of the cartoon characters to how those characters interact on the screen.

The second thing we love about the Top Cat slot game is all the bonus play involved. It certainly does take some time to fully understand everything happening on the screen, but in our opinion, if you are looking to play slots, it is worth investing the effort into playing. Once you have a good grasp of all the action, you will find Top Cat slot game to be one of the most re-playable Blueprint Gaming titles.

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